Comunitą di S.Egidio

La Comunitą di Sant'Egidio e la Pace





Since some years now, the educational system of Kosovo - from elementary schooling to university - does not work in a normal way. 

By mutual consent the undersigned, Mr. Slobodan Milosevic, President of the Republic of Serbia and Dr. Ibrahim Rugova have decided to proceed to the normalisation of the educational system of Kosovo for Albanian youth (at all levels).

On this line the agreement reached foresees the retum of the Albanian students and teachers back to schools (and Faculties).

The present agreement, because of its social and humanitarian value, takes its place bey'ond political debate. Thc concern for the future of the Albanian youth of Kosovo, a concern that both undersigned feel very strongly, has lead them to reach such an agreement. 

Both undersigned thank their joint friends of the Community of S. Egidio for the generous commitment and the valid help and support they have given to dialogue. 

Both undersigned are furthermore certain about the commitment of all those who are in charge in the implementation of the agreement for the normalisation of the educa- tional system. There wil1 be a mixed group (3+3) established for the realisation of this agreement. 

When young people do commit themselves with serenity to their cu1tural formation so to become responsible citizens, we face a victory of civilisation itself, not the victory of one side on the other. 


Prishtina, September 1, 1996 
Dr. Ibrahim Rugova 
Belgrade, September 1, 1996
Mr. Slobodan Milosevic

President of the Republic of Serbia