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Cessation of Hostilities Agreement

Cessation of Hostilities Agreement - Addendum 1



This Agreement (herein referred to as the “Agreement”) signed BETWEEN the Government of the Republic of Uganda (GoU) and the Lord’s Resistance Army/Movement (LRA/M); both parties hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”; witnesseth that:

WHEREAS the GoU and the LRA/M are currently engaged in peace negotiations in Juba, Southern Sudan, being mediated by the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS).

DETERMINED to bring back peace to Northern Uganda and the conflict affected areas in Eastern Uganda thereby consolidating peace throughout the country;

CONVINCED of the urgent need for reconciliation at the individual, community and national levels;

COMMITTED to finding comprehensive and durable solutions to the conflict by peaceful means and through dialogue;

DETERMINED to end the effects of the conflict on the peoples of Uganda, Sudan and the Region;

RECOGNISING the progress we have made in our negotiations so far;

COGNISANT of the need to create a conducive environment for the successful completion of the peace talks.

NOW THEREFORE, the Parties hereto agree to a Cessation of Hostilities as follows:

  1. Declaration of Cessation of Hostilities

 The Parties agree to cease all hostile military action aimed at each other and any other action that may undermine the Peace Talks.

  1. Hostile Propaganda

The Parties agree to cease hostile media and other propaganda campaigns, including any action that undermines the standing of the other.

  1. Surfacing of LRA Forces

The Parties agree that the forces of the LRA shall surface wherever they may be present.

  1. Assembly Process of the LRA in the Sudan

 a) The Parties agree that places of worship in Uganda, designated in consultation with religious leaders, may serve as sanctuary for the LRA forces, if they so choose, from which they will proceed to Assembly Areas.

 b) The Parties agree that all LRA forces in Uganda and Sudan will assemble at Owiny-ki-Bul in Eastern Equatoria State on the eastern side of the River Nile and those in the DRC at Ri-Kwangba in Western Equatoria State on the western side of River Nile.

  1. Safe Passage for LRA Forces

On commencement of the Cessation of Hostilities, the Government of Uganda shall order its Armed Forces to guarantee safe passage to the LRA within Uganda to enable them to move to the designated Assembly Areas. 

  1. Monitoring and Protection at the Assembly Areas

 a) The Sudan People’s Liberation Army shall monitor and protect the LRA at the Assembly Areas.

 b) In the event of failure of the peace talks, the LRA shall be allowed to leave the Assembly Areas peacefully.

  1. Communication of the Declaration of Cessation of Hostilities

 The Parties shall ensure that the terms of this Agreement are widely communicated to their forces and all concerned, through, but not necessarily limited to;

  1. Normal military communication,

  2. Media Houses, both local and international,

  3. Messages through places of worship and local councils,

  4. Non-governmental, community and faith-based organisations.

  1. Completion of Movement of LRA to Assembly Areas

The LRA shall complete their movement to the designated Assembly Areas within three (3) weeks of the declaration of the Cessation of Hostilities. In the event the assembly process is not completed within three (3) weeks, the Parties shall review the situation.

  1. Supervision/Monitoring of the Implementation

 a) There shall be a Cessation of Hostilities Monitoring Team (CHMT) that shall report to the Mediator and shall be composed of:

  1. Team leader who shall be a senior SPLA military officer appointed by GoSS in consultation with the Parties,

  2. Two representatives, each of the two parties.

  3. Two senior military officers appointed by the African Union (AU),

b)      In the implementation of its functions, the CHMT shall be in regular contact with the civil and political leaders and the Mediator.

c)      The Terms of Reference for the Team shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  1. Monitoring the implementation of this Agreement,

  2. Investigation and verification of any allegation of violations,

  3. Amicable resolution of any disagreement arising out of the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement,

  4. Analyzing and reporting events and trends to the Mediator, who will brief the Parties and the public on the progress,

  5. Reporting violations to the Mediator and cases which could not be amicably resolved,

  6. When necessary, drafting joint statements to be approved by the Mediator,

  7. Arranging security and escort to ensure safe arrival of LRA forces to the agreed upon Assembly Areas,

  8. Determination of sanctuary referred to in point 4(a), above,

  9. Monitoring the delivery of basic assistance to the LRA in the Assembly Areas.

  10. Recommending any additional Assembly Areas, if need arises.

  1. Provision of Basic Services

a)      The Government of Southern Sudan shall provide food and service support to the LRA at the Assembly Areas.

b)      In the course of assembling the forces of the LRA, the GoSS may, in collaboration with the LRA and specialized humanitarian agencies, assist the LRA in its declared intention to re-locate and make separate provisions for any non-essential members of the LRA in the care of specialized humanitarian agencies.

  1. Renewal of Terms of the Agreement

After the assembly of the LRA in the Assembly Areas, the Agreement shall be renewed bi-weekly upon review of the progress of the negotiation and compliance by the parties.

  1. Commencement of the Agreement

This Agreement shall come into force at 0600 hrs on Tuesday, 29th August 2006 upon declaration thereof by the Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda Armed Forces and the Leader of the LRA/M.

  1. Dispute Resolution

Any dispute arising from the implementation and/or interpretation of this Agreement raised by the CHMT shall be resolved by the Mediation Team.



In witness of the above, the duly authorized representatives of the Parties have signed this Agreement on the 26th day of August, 2006.


Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda (Dr)
Minister of Internal Affairs and
Head of GoU Delegation

Mr. Martin Ojul
Leader of the LRA/M Delegation


Dated the 26th August, 2006.