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Do not kill

Many countries of the world still have the death penalty. They are 85. Among the biggest countries that still have the death penalty are the United States, China, Japan, Indonesia, Iran and many countries of Africa.

The application of the death penalty throughout the world

Green They don't have the death penalty
Rose They use the death penalty only for serious crimes
Yellow They have the death penalty but don't apply it
Blue They have recently abolished the death penalty,
applied moratoria or commuted capital punishment into life sentences
Red Have the death penalty


Some countries apply the death penalty even for minor offences such as robbery, tax evasion etc.

"The Friends" movement is against the death penalty.

  • No one , not even the state, can condemn to the death penalty an other person.
    Even if he or she is guilty.
  • Everyone must be given a chance to change and to become a better person especially if he or she is guilty.
  • The death penalty doesn't do justice, it is vengeance and doesn't teach forgiveness.
  • Jesus, the righteous, forgave those who put him to death. The death penalty is a cruel and inhuman instrument that causes terrible pain.
  • There are alternative methods to protect the society from criminals which are effective and don't take people's lives.
  • The death penalty, in the countries where it is applied, does not reduce violence, on the contrary, it increase it.
  • Often, innocent people were killed. Many countries of the world still have the death penalty.
  • This world that too often sentences people to death is a world without mercy and compassion.
  • We can overcome evil by good and forgiving is the first thing to do .

The movement of "The Friends" supports the campaign of the Community of Sant'Egidio
for the moratorium on the death penalty, in order to stop this unjust penalty all over the world. Everybody is invited to collect signatures.

We made friends with Johnny Paul Penry, a 42 years old disable sentenced to death in Texas. We are in contact with him by mail and exchange of drawings.
We presented to the U.S. high court a legal declaration in his favour called "Amicus brief" .


Johnny Paul Penry

Collective painting sent to johnny and made by some friends of rome-italy

Collective painting sent to Johnny and made by some friends of Rome - Italy

It is a legal instrument used by lawyers on appeal.
Anyone and any organization can participate in the criminal process expressing their competent opinion.
In Johnny's case the issue is that mentally disabled people cannot be sentenced to death because it would be a violation both of the U.S. Constitution (8th amendment) and of the international law.

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