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April 2001

28/04/01 USA

Ashcroft Sees No Halt in Federal Executions  Continua

28/04/01 Oklahoma/USA

An article about Mc Weigh’s case and the reactions in the U.S., just some days before the date of the execution. Continua

26/04/01 Arizona/USA

David Dawson was executed by lethal injection.

26/04/01 Arizona/USA

Arizona Governor Signs Law Prohibiting the Execution of the Mentally Retarded.  Continua

26/04/01 Texas/USA

David Lee Goff, 32, was executed

25/04/01 Vatican                                                                                      

Pope John Paul II intervenes: “Do not kill Mc Weigh!”. Continua

25/04/01 Switzerland/ONU

UN approves call for the world moratorium of the death penalty.

Press release of the  Community of Sant'Egidio.(Italiano)  Continua

25/04/01 Oklahoma/USA

Mc Weigh’s story and the debate. Continua

25/04/01 Missouri/USA

Mose Young, 46, was executed by lethal injection

24/04/01 China

In China justice is a gunshot to the head.  Continua

23/04/01 Illinois/USA

Ill. Gov. Unsure of Death Penalty: “I couldn't throw the switch on convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh” Continua

22/04/01 Thailand

Amnesty International's Secretary General today wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister of Thailand urging him to use his executive powers to issue a moratorium on the use of the death penalty. Continua

22/04/01 Nevada/USA

Sebastian Bridges, 37, was executed Continua

21/04/01 Nevada/USA

Conservative Nevada Republican Supports Death Penalty Moratorium and Study. Continua

21/04/01 Virginia/USA

High Court Halts Execution in Va. Continua

21/04/01 Guinea

Three young men were executed before the firing-squad in Conakry Continua

21/04/01 Maryland/USA

Judge Rejects Execution Of Md. Killer For 3rd Time Continua

20/04/01 European Union

European Union asks to save the life of a Polish man. Continua

20/04/01 Unione Europea

L’Unione Europea chiede la grazia per un Polacco condannato a morte nel 1982 in Illinois. Continua

20/04/01 EU

President of European Parliament astonished by the recent number of executions in China. Continua

19/04/01 Idaho/USA

The case of Mark Lankford, on death row in Idaho. Continua

19/04/01 Texas/USA

Texas House OKs Moratorium Measures. Continua

19/04/01 North Carolina/USA

Study Finds a Racial Link to Death Sentences in North Carolina. Continua

19/04/01 USA

Card. McCarrick Objects To Execution Viewing. Continua

12/04/01 China

84 executions in one day. Continua

12/04/01 Oklahoma/USA

The execution of Mc Weigh on the television. Continua

10/04/01 Council of Europe

Council of Europe asks Yugoslavia to abolish the death penalty Continua

10/04/01 Oklahoma/USA

Gov. commutes death sentence. Continua

10/04/01 Maryland/USA

The moratorium has to wait. The Bill doesn't pass at the senate. Continua

10/04/01 Laos

Death penalty to the drug traffickers. Continua

09/04/01 France

Presidents of E.U. National Parliaments back the first World Congress Against the Death Penalty, which will be organized in Strasbourg, on June 21st- 23rd. Continua

05/04/01 Ukraine

Ukraine bans death penalty. Continua

04/04/01 Philippines

The president commutes all death row list to life terms. Continua

04/04/01 Chile

Chile abolisches the death penalty. Continua

04/04/01 Maryland/USA

Maryland Moratorium Bill Passes Senate Committee. Continua

04/04/01 Texas/USA

Texas Passes DNA Bill. Continua