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NO to the Death Penalty
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       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

April 2002

30/04/02  Iran     
Six men were hanged in Teheran. (IT)

30/04/02  Texas/USA     
Judge sets May 28 execution date for  Beazley. (EN)

30/04/02  USA     
Alabama abolishes electric chair: Nebraska Only State which uses it. (EN)

29/04/02  Texas/USA      Urgent Appeal
Henry Earl Dunn - (Texas) – 27 years old - is scheduled for execution on  may 14, 2002  (EN)

29/04/02  Ohio/USA  
Alton Coleman, 46, was executed.  (IT-EN)

29/04/02  New York/USA  
Andrew Cuomo, the son of Mario Cuomo, who was famous for his opposition to death penalty, is the new Democrat  candidate to be Governor of New York.  (IT)

28/04/02  USA  
Supreme Court Looks at Death Penalty: death sentences passed by one judge and then the mentally retarded. (EN)

28/04/02  Cuba  
The President of Human Rights Commission in Cuba, Elizardo Sanchez said that  Fidel Castro’s Government took many steps forward and  imposed a de-facto moratorium of executions lasting 2 years.  (IT)

28/04/02  Caribbean states 
Amnesty condemns death penalty in English-speaking Caribbean states. (EN)

27/04/02  Arizona/USA    
Ariz. Case Could Affect Death Penalty.  (EN)

27/04/02  USA    
The System Dances With Death (New York Times). (EN)

26/04/02  Texas/USA     Urgent Appeal
Johnny Joe Martinez - 29 years old (EN)

26/04/02  Pakistan
Stoning sentence for Zafran Bibi, convicted for adultery in Pakistan.  (IT-EN)

26/04/02  Community of Sant'Egidio
Belgian Newspaper “De staandard” reports: “4 millions signatures for hte moratorium of death penalty”.  

25/04/02  Uganda/Francia
France Wants Death Sentence Abolished. (EN)

25/04/02  Nigeria
The Community of Sant'Egidio invites again to sign the appeal to save Amina (now available in French too).It can be sent to several Nigerian Embassies in the world. (IT-EN-FR)

24/04/02  California/USA
State, U.S. courts at odds on death penalty sentences. (EN)

24/04/02  USA
Death Penalty Shpwdown. U.S. Supreme Court to decide several cases that raise fundamental questions about the constitutionality of the death penalty as it was imposed.  (EN)

23/04/02  Amnesty International
Amnesty International Report Shows Decline in Use of Death Penalty Internationally.  (EN)

23/04/02  California/USA
Mentally ill on death row pose quandary for the law.  (EN)

22/04/02  Oklahoma/USA
Senate passes ban on executing the mentally retarded.  (EN)

22/04/02  Turkey
Government sent a draft law to parliament that would abolish the death penalty except in cases of terrorism and treason.  (EN)

22/04/02  China
China sentences notorious gang kingpin to death.  (EN)

21/04/02  Texas/USA
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rejected the appeal of Napoleon Beazley, who committed murder  before the age of 18. The same Court had granted a stay of the execution just a few hours before the time scheduled.  (EN)

21/04/02  Belgium/Community of Sant'Egidio
Belgian newspaper Kerknet: 4 millions signatures collected by Sant’Egidio against death penalty. The case of Dominique Green.  

21/04/02  Missouri/USA
Chris Simmons, one of the 83 juveniles now on death row, could be executed on May 1st.  (EN)

21/04/02  Germany
Any possibility to use death penalty soon could disappear from German Constitution.  (EN)

20/04/02  Texas/USA
AG, court dispute still simmering  The case of V. Saldano is in limbo; federal showdown is likely.  (EN)

20/04/02  Iran
Saeed Hanai was executed by hanging.  (EN)

20/04/02  Switzeland
Geneva - Mario Marazziti of the Community of Sant'Egidio speaks out against death penalty for juveniles.  (EN)

19/04/02  Illinois/USA
After 2 years of study, Illinois panel says death penalty has to be refromed, not abolished.  (EN-IT)

19/04/02  Singapore
Singapore death penalty shrouded in silence.  (EN)

19/04/02  Arizona/USA
Free at last: Death Penalty Foes Mark a Milestone.  (EN)

18/04/02  Tanzania
Mkapa Commutes 100 Death Sentences to Life.  (EN)

18/04/02  China
China's foreign ministry has dismissed as baseless a complaint by the human rights group Amnesty International about what it called China's excessive and arbitrary use of the death penalty.  (EN)

18/04/02  Ethiopia
Death sentence to Ethiopia bombersAn Ethiopian court has sentenced 5 members of a Somali Islamic group to be publicly hanged for killing 27 civilians in bomb attacks during the mid-1990s.  (EN)

18/04/02  USA
Death penalty errors can't be corrected A few words about 100 people who were not killed.  (EN)

17/04/02  Texas/USA
Jose Santellan, 40, was executed.  (IT)

17/04/02  Delaware/USA
Bill Pelke and George White, members and founders of the Journey of Hope ... From Violence to Healing, started their tour around the U.S.  (EN)

16/04/02  Vietnam
Vietnam considering reduction in death penalties and alternative to firing squads.  (EN)

16/04/02  Nigeria/European Union
Some European newspapers emphasize the appeal of the European Parliament to save Amina in Nigeria.  (DE)

15/04/02  Texas/USA
Jury decides that Johnny Paul Penry  is competent for sentencing hearing, despite claims of mental retardation.  (IT-EN)

15/04/02  Texas/USA
William Burns, 43, was executed.  (IT-EN)

15/04/02  European Union/Nigeria
The European Parliament to hold an emergency debate on Human Rights in Nigeria and the case of Amina Lawal.  (EN)

15/04/02  Italy
All the political parties agree: the word “death penalty” to disappear from the Italian Constitution.  (IT)

15/04/02  USA
Clarity sought from court on executing the retarded.  (EN)

15/04/02   India
Hindus, Muslims divided over India's new anti-terrorism law and death penalty.  (EN)

14/04/02   Tennessee/USA - Alabama/USA
US Supreme Court stayer the execution of Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman, (Tennessee), scheduled on April 10 and Gary Leon Brown, just a few hours before he was scheduled to be executed.  (EN)

14/04/02   Arizona/USA
Ray Krone. 1st full day of freedom for the ex death row inmate.  (EN)

14/04/02   Texas/USA
Jose Santellan was executed.  (EN)

13/04/02   Amnesty International
Amnesty: : Executions in 2001 (3,048) doubled in comparison with 2000 (1,457). China led (2,468 ex.).  (IT - EN)

13/04/02   United Arab Emirated
Ukranian Seefred Andre, 28, and 24-year-old Russian Sergei Doboni were convicted to death.  (EN)

13/04/02   Philippines
In August 1st execution in 3 years. (EN)

12/04/02   European Parliament/Nigeria
European Parliament launches an appeal to save Amina. (IT)

11/04/02   Switzeland
Genève - Briefing with Mario Marazziti Community of Sant'Egidio - A Universal Moratorium on Death Penalty.  (FR - EN)

11/04/02   Community of Sant'Egidio
4 million signatures collected by the Community of Sant'Egidio to stop the death penalty in the world.

11/04/02   Arizona/USA
Ray Krone is the 100th Death Row Inmate Exonerated. (IT - EN)

11/04/02   Missouri/USA
Pual Kreutzer, 36, was executed. (IT - EN)

11/04/02   Florida/USA
Judges decide: Aileen Wuomos, 46,  can drop appeals and now execution is impending. (EN)

11/04/02   Russia
Supreme Court chairman said that the country should not revive the death penalty. (EN)

10/04/02   China
Five people were executed. (IT)

10/04/02   USA
Death Penalty Symposium:Scalia and Dulles Comment on the Church's teaching on the death penalty. (EN)

09/04/02   Fiji
Parliament votes to abolish death penalty. (EN)

09/04/02   China/European Union
EU's Patten hails China ties, calls for candor in dealing with differences about human rights and death penalty. (EN)

09/04/02   Philippines
17 convicts to be executed in Philippines this year. (EN)

08/04/02   USA
ABA Launches Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project. (EN)

08/04/02   Virginia/USA
He wanted to die and had dropped appeals: Daniel Lee Zirkle, 33, was executed. (IT - EN)

08/04/02   Philippines
Philippine prisons chief says death-row convicts cannot be executed in August. (EN)

08/04/02   Texas/USA
Johnny Paul Penry: the resumption of the trial. (EN)

08/04/02   Amnesty International
Women stoned in the world (Amnesty International). (IT)

08/04/02   USA
Too many poor people sentenced to death without a good legal help. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said it may be time to require minimum standards for lawyers. (IT - EN)

07/04/02   Alabama/USA
Supreme Court Halts Ala. Execution: electric chair is too cruel. (IT - EN)

07/04/02   Uganda
Robber Handed Death Sentence. (EN)

07/04/02   Nigeria
Safiya: Obasanjo Hails Judgment. (EN)

07/04/02   Philippines
Pope's upcoming visit may abolish death penalty. (EN)

06/04/02   European Union
European Commissioner for Human Rights Alvaro Gil Robles expressed his deep concern because some western democratic countries use death penalty in the struggle against terrorism. (ES)

06/04/02   Nigeria
Death Penalty Awaits Any Striking Soldier, Says Army. (EN)

06/04/02   Saudi Arabia
Jordanian beheaded for armed robbery. (EN)

05/04/02   Singapore/Germania
German woman has drug-trafficking charges reduced; avoids death penalty. (EN)

05/04/02   Ireland/Uganda
Ireland protests execution of Ugandan soldiers. (EN)

05/04/02   Usa/Great Britain
Krishna Maharaj, British millionaire, after 15 years spent on death row, was sentenced to life in prison. (EN)

04/04/02   Sudan
Justice Minister defended the use of  Islamic punishments, but  criticized the Court which sentenced to death by stoning Abok A. Abok: It was a cruel and excessive” sentence. (EN)

02/04/02   Nigeria                                                             Urgent Appeal
Urgent Appeal presented by the Community of Sant'Egidio to save the life of Amina Lawal  Kurami, sentenced to death by stoning. (EN)