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NO to the Death Penalty
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       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

April 2004

29/04/04  Afghanistan

Abdullah Shah was executed. First execution after the fall of taleban regime. (EN) 

29/04/04  USA

Rosalynn Carter Calls for End to Juvenile Death Penalty.   (EN) 

27/04/04  Uzbekistan

Evgenij Gugnin, already sentenced to death, was given 20 years of prison (see our urgent appeal).  (IT) 

27/04/04  Sud Carolina/USA

Jerry McWee, 51, was executed  (EN) 

27/04/04  China

18 vans used as 'death on wheels' .  (EN) 

25/04/04  ONU - Ginevra

U.N. Human Rights Commission Calls for International Death Penalty Moratorium.  (EN-IT) 

25/04/04  Italy

On April 28th public meeting in Salerno with Tamara Chicunova, founder of the Association “Mothers against the Death Penalty and Torture, from Uzbekistan. (IT) 

25/04/04  Sud Carolina/USA

Jason Scott Byram, 38, was executed.  (EN) 

23/04/04  Sri Lanka

Amnesty protests Sri Lanka death penalty (at present it is considered as abolitionist in practice).  (EN) 

23/04/04  Illinois/USA

Community of Sant'Egidio - Our interview with Rev. D. Kantzavelos, President of Illinois Coalition Against The Death Penalty.  (EN-IT) 

21/04/04  Vaticano-Filippine

The Pope urges Filipino Govt., by means of the new ambassador, to avoid to resort to capital punishment. (EN-IT) 

21/04/04  New Mexico/USA

Bill Pelke, with Friends of Journey of Hope and some former inmates on death row: "When the state kills, it kills in your name and it kills in my name, and I don't won't anybody killed in my name".  (EN) 

19/04/04  Alabama/USA

Esther Brown has pushed for death penalty moratorium forr many years. At the beginning she was alone.  (EN) 

19/04/04  USA

Is Lethal injection uncostitutional? High Court examines the most commonly used method of execution.  (EN) 

17/04/04  Amnesty International

Report of Amnesty International: The death penalty worldwide, developments in 2003.  (EN) 

17/04/04  Arizona/USA

An interview with Richard Rossi, on death row in Arizona.  (EN) 

15/04/04  Florida/USA

Florida one step closer to halt the execution of minors.  (EN) 

15/04/04  Mexico

Fox wants death penalty cases reviewed. Will U.S. follow the order of the High Court?  (EN) 

15/04/04  USA

Over 900 executions carried out in US since 1976.  (EN) 

13/04/04  Malawi

President Muluzi commuted the death sentences of 79 prisoners as Easter pardons.  (EN) 

13/04/04  Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Ha, 48, was executed by firing squad for drug trafficking.  (EN) 

12/04/04  Texas/USA

Federal appeals court overturns death sentence to Victor Saldano, Argentine laborer sentenced to death, "because he was hispanic". The Community of Sant'Egidio in Argentina had supported the case several times. Now a new (and fair) trial is expected.  (EN-ES) 

12/04/04  Cina

Rahmutulla Islayil and Arken Yakuf were executed.  (EN) 

11/04/04  Zambia

Zambian Church Seeks Total Ban on Death Penalty.  (EN) 

11/04/04  Mexico

The International Court of Justice at The Hague has ruled that the US violated the rights of 51 Mexicans on death row.  (EN) 

11/04/04  Sud Africa

'No single party can reinstate death penalty - said South African Human Rights Commissioner - and it would be necessary a two-thirds majority in the national assembly to amend the constitution.  (EN) 

10/04/04  USA

Bishop Masters: Demonstration, Prayer Vigil to Highlight Issue of Juvenile Death Penalty Before U.S. Supreme Court.  (EN) 

10/04/04  Oklahoma/USA

Hung Tranh Le, 37, Vietnamese refugee man, was executed.  (EN) 

10/04/04  Sud Africa

Some parties ask for re-introduction of the death penalty. In the meanwhile 4 death-row inmates ask Court to free them because their detention is unconstitutional.  (EN) 

08/04/04  India

Four secret agents from Pakistan were sentenced to death.  (EN) 

08/04/04  USA

Amnesty launches an appeal to save Kelsey Patterson, a mentally ill man whose esecution is planned on May 18th..  (EN) 

08/04/04  USA

US Presidential Elections: Kerry, a firm foe of death penalty.  (EN) 

05/04/04  Pakistan

President stays execution of four prisoners on death row. (EN) 

05/04/04  USA

Supreme Court to Consider Death Penalty for Teens.  (EN) 

05/04/04  Singapore

2 Thai drug traffickers nabbed, face death penalty.  (EN) 

05/04/04  Cina

Amnesty calls for moratorium on death penalty in China.   (EN) 

02/04/04  Comunità di Sant'Egidio

The speech of Tamara Chicunova, founder of the Uzbek Association "Mothers against the death penalty and torture", during the evening prayer of the Sant'Egidio Community in Brussels.   (IT) 

02/04/04  Vietnam

2 Vietnamese men were executed.  (FR) 

02/04/04  Philippines

Archbishop F. Capalla to discuss with President Arroyo about the death penalty.   (EN) 

01/04/04  Bhutan

Capital punishment abolished.  (EN) 

01/04/04  Nevada/USA

Lawrence Colwell Junior, 35, was executed. (IT-EN) 

01/04/04  Ohio/USA

William Wickline, 52, was executed.  (IT-EN)