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December 2000

31/12/00  Texas/USA


The Washington Post on Johnny Paul Penry’s case.Continua

30/12/00  USA


The Year in Death: 2000, An artcile on the Washington Post.Continua

30/12/00  Louisiana/USA


A death row inmate freed after 13 years.Continua

26/12/00  Philippine


Philippine President Makes Moves to Modify the Death Penalty.Continua

 23/12/00  India


A total of 52 Indians were awarded death penalty in different countries during the last 3 years. 25 are on death row in Saudi Arabia.Continua

 23/12/00  China


2 esecutions.Continua
 23/12/00  USA


A Journalist of the New York Times meets Mario Marzziti, just after the presentation of the signatures to Kofi Annan.Continua
 23/12/00  Texas/USA


Man Facing Execution Gets Retrial.Continua
 22/12/00  Death Penalty Information Center


The Death Penalty in 2000: Year End Report - Death Penalty Information Center.Continua

 22/12/00  South Carolina/USA


No new trial, in spite of the DNA test.Continua
 21/12/00  Italy


Rome - The University of Tor Vergata 2nd International Day for the Moratorium of the Death Penalty.Continua
 18/12/00  UN


Secretary-General Kofi Annan lent his support to a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty Monday after receiving a petition signed by 3.2 million people seeking an end to state-sponsored executions.Continua
 18/12/00  Ethiopia


Campaign to stop execution of Ethiopian in Bahrain.Continua
 18/12/00  Belgium


The Community of Sant’Egidio in Belgium organized a conference on the death penalty and the moratorium
 18/12/00  Italy


The Colosseum will be lit up this evening, just while 3 million signatures to the appeal asking for a world moratorium will be presented to Kofi Annan at the U.N. by Mario Marazziti of the Community of Sant’Egidio, Amnesty International and Sr. Helen Prejean.
The Colosseum will be lit up for one week, until Dec. 24th night, just to feast this important event

 16/12/00 USA


Death Row and DNA. Continua

 16/12/00 Cina


Due esecuzioniContinua

 16/12/00  Arabia Saudita


Secondo fonti non ufficiali nove indiani sarebbero stati decapitati, con l’accusa di traffico di droga.Continua

 15/12/00  Phlippine


Enlightened stand on death penalty in the Philippines.Continua

 15/12/00  Oklaoma/USA


The Oklahoma Board of Pardons and Parole rejected Wanda Jean Allen's clemency request. She could become the first woman to be executed in Oklahoma.Continua

 15/12/00  Philippine - Colosseum lights up life


For the decision of the Philippino  President Estrada to commute  105 death-sentences into  life sentences.

 14/12/00  Vatican


On the occasion of the World Day for Peace, the Pope launches an appeal stressingthat all civilizations must protect the value of life and condemns the "unnecessary recourse'' to the death penalty.Continua

 14/12/00 Thailand


Thailand Proposes Ban on Juvenile Death Penalty.Continua

 14/12/00  ONU


During a ceremony in New York, on Dec. 18th a delegation of the Community of Sant’Egidio – with Amnesty International and Sr. Helen Prejean, will be received by the Secretary General of the U.N.-On this occasion the appeal and the 3 million signatures collected will be handed over to Kofi Annan.Continua

 08/12/00  Amnesty International


Amnesty International denounces the recent executions in Japan.Continua

 08/12/00  USA


Clinton Grants 6 months  Reprieve in Federal Death Penalty Case.Continua

 07/12/00  European Union


EU signs charter of rights. The art. 2 forbidding the death penalty.Continua

 07/12/00  Florida/USA


Edward Castro, 50, was executed by lethal injection.

 07/12/00  Texas/USA


Claude Howard, 36, was executed by lethal injection.

 07/12/00  Germany


Bundestag (the German Parliament) has officially asked the United States to abooish the death penalty, which is “inhuman and scarcely effective".Continua

 06/12/00  Virginia/USA


Christopher Goins,  27, was executed by lethal injection

 06/12/00  Texas/USA


Daniel Joe Hittle, 50 anni, è stato messo a morte mediante iniezione letale.

 06/12/00  Texas/USA


Texas Death Sentence Thrown Out.Continua

 06/12/00  Texas/USA


Garry Miller, 33, was executed by lethal injection. Texas Breaks Own Execution Record: 38 executions in one year.Continua

 05/12/00  Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyz president moves on death penalty.Continua
 05/12/00  Catalogna/Spagna


On Dec. 5-7 Sr. Helen Prejean, invited by the Catalan Generalitat and  will have several meetings, organized by the Community of Sant’Egidio.Continua
 04/12/00  Argentina


On Dec. 18th In BuenosAires the Community of Sant’Egidio will organize a prayer vigil for Victor Hugo Saldaño, on death row in Texas. 
 03/12/00  USA  


According to the Justice Department  17 men have been executed in the United States for crimes committed as juveniles. Continua
 01/12/00  Texas/USA  


New York Times on Johnny Paul Penry. Continua
 01/12/00  Florida/USA  


An article published by  “The Guardian” on the refusal of the Supreme Court to overturn the death sentence of . Continua