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February 2002

28/02/02   Serbia
Serb Parliament abolishes death penalty.

27/02/02   China
Amnesty International Reports: China Prepares to Execute 5 Christians.

26/02/02   Georgia/USA
Georgia Spares Life and commutes death sentence of Alexander Williams, Condemned Mentally Ill Man.

26/02/02   Italy/Nigeria
March 8th  2002, Women Day for Safiya.

26/02/02   Turkey
Turkish government divided over lifting death penalty.

26/02/02   Lebanon
Rights body signs Strasbourg anti-death penalty declaration.

26/02/02   USA
Indecent Executions - Considering death row's mentally retarded inmates.

25/02/02   Turkey
Turks Consider Lifting Death Penalty.

25/02/02   USA
Killing costs.

24/02/02   Italy/Nigeria
Italian football champions play for Safiya.

24/02/02   Texas/USA
Texan newspapers and the case of Andrea Yates: From maternal instincts to killer impulses: Hallucinations, delusions, despair may torment mentally ill mothers who murder.

24/02/02   USA
National consensus may decide Atkins' fate.

23/02/02   Arizona/USA
Arizona Newspaper Urges Suspension of the Death Penalty.

23/02/02   Texas/USA
According to the Prosecutor Andrea Yates, was sick, but sane enough to know that she had done wrong.

23/02/02   Virginia/USA
A House of Delegates panel voted stop the executions of mentally retarded until the U.S. Supreme Court decides.

23/02/02   Libya
2 Islamic leaders sentenced to death.

23/02/02   Fiji
Fiji Leader Commutes Death Sentence.

22/02/02   Texas/USA
Thomas Miller El was granted a stay by Supreme Court.

22/02/02   Council of Europe
Ministers of Council of Europe sign a new proptocol for the abolition of death penalty in any circumstance.

22/02/02   Russia
President Putin says death penalty is useless.

22/02/02   Turkey
4 men sentenced to death for marxism.

22/02/02   European Union
EU Ministers in search of an agreement with US about extradition of terrorists.

22/02/02   USA
The O'Connor Factor - Justice Plays Pivotal Role on High Court (The Washington Post)

22/02/02   Nigeria
President Obasanjo looks with confidence to the future of Safyia.

21/02/02   Georgia/USA
Mentally Ill Juvenile Offender Receives Stay of Execution.

21/02/02   Virginia/ USA
Earl Washington was freed from death row, just one year ago.

21/02/02   Illinois/ USA
Two candidates running for the governor against death penalty.

21/02/02   USA
Follow-up of Major Death Penalty Study Examines Causes of Error in Capital Cases (the whole text is available on internet).

21/02/02   Ohio/USA
John Byrd was executed

20/02/02   Nigeria
The hope for Safyia: her voice alive – RadioRai, available on internet:

20/02/02   Georgia/USA
Alexander Williams, chronic paranoid schizophrenic, will be executed in a few days.

20/02/02   Texas/USA
Race Is Key in Death Penalty Appeal, says Jim Marcus, Miller’s lawyer.

20/02/02   Ohio/USA
Upcoming Execution of John Byrd Raises Troubling Questions.

20/02/02   Georgia/USA
Prominent Organizations Oppose Execution of Alexander Williams, Mentally Ill Juvenile Offender (scheduled on Feb. 20th)

18/02/02   Russia
 Russia Lawmakers Urge Death Penalty

18/02/02   Ohio/USA
 Judges confirm death sentence: the real killer confesses but it is too late to save an innocent man.

16/02/02   Texas/USA
 Thomas Miller EL - Inmate facing execution may get a reprieve.

16/02/02   Sudan
International Newspapapers talk about the the incredible story of the woman sentenced to be stoned to death and the happy end repoted by the Community of Sant’Egidio.

16/02/02   Fiji
The government has said it wants to abolish the death penalty. 

15/02/02   Texas/USA
Texas Prepares for Execution of Thomas Miller El, Despite Claims of Racial Discrimination.

15/02/02   Florida/USA
The crisis of system: U.S. Supreme Court could overturn about 800 death sentences.

15/02/02   Illinois/USA
A federal appeals court  overturned the  death sentence  David Ghent, who spent 23 years on death row and whose execution was scheduled in some days.

14/02/02   California/USA
A federal appeals court  overturned the  death sentence  David Ghent, who spent 23 years on death row and whose execution was scheduled in some days

14/02/02   USA
Can Catholics Decree Death? - Justice Antonin Scalia has let the cat loose

14/02/02   Louisiana/USA
The execution of Leslie Dale Martin was called off by the U.S. Supreme Court less than half an hour before he was scheduled to die

14/02/02   Jordan
Other three executions

13/02/02   Virginia/USA
 Panel rejects ban on executing mentally retarded

13/02/02   USA
 Controversy On Death Penalty - Can judges decide to never impose it? Judges and Capital Punishment

13/02/02   Texas/USA
 Texan newspapers on the case of Johnny Paul Penry

13/02/02   Italia - Florida/USA
Our interview with Dale Recinella, the lay Catholic chaplain for Florida’s death-row and spiritual advisor to several inmates

13/02/02   Maryland/USA
Md. court delays Oken's execution

12/02/02   Malaysia
Drug trafficker gets death penalty

12/02/02   Florida/USA
Justices' review of death penalty met with shock

12/02/02   France
Le Pen wants the re-introduction of death penalty

11/02/02  Texas/USA
Updates about the case of Thomas Miller El , whose execution is scheduled on Feb. 21st - (see our appeal)

11/02/02   Florida/USA
Florida Death Penalty Under Scrutiny

11/02/02    Jordan
2 men, a Jordanian and an Egyptian national, were hanged

11/02/02   Bangladesh
Government proposes capital punishment for the men found guilty of disfiguring women with acid

11/02/02   USA
Scalia again on death penalty

10/02/02   Florida/USA

Another Florida Execution Stayed by Supreme Court

10/02/02   Louisiana/USA

Ex-guard: Death Row inmates 'have no remorse'

09/02/02   Sudan/Italia

Abok Alfa Akok. Governement of Sudan to the Community of Sant'Egidio: “Death penalty has been reversed by the Upper Court"

09/02/02   Florida/USA

“This is a judicially imposed moratorium on the death penalty in Florida," said death penalty opponent Michael Radelet, a sociology professor and leading authority on capital punishment in Florida

09/02/02   Missouri/USA

Michael Owsley, 40, was executed

08/02/02   Sudan        Urgent Appeal

Abok Alfa Akok, 18, a Sudanese Dinka woman is pregnant and she was sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery

08/02/02   USA

2 cases, 2 races, 2 decisions on death penalty (the black voices

08/02/02   Yemen

Two Yemeni men have been executed by firing squad

08/02/02   USA

Scalia Questions Church's Position

08/02/02   Japan

On Japan's death row, any day could be the last

08/02/02   Russia

“Russia would be committing a grave mistake if it reintroduced the death penalty”, said Anatloj Pristavkin, an adviser to President Vladimir Putin and the former head of a pardons commission 

07/02/02   Italia/Nigeria

192 inmates in the prison of Rome sign the appeal of the Community of Sant’Egidio to save Safiya

07/02/02   Virginia/USA

Virginia needs a moratorium on the death penalty. A famous legislator and death penalty supporter explains why

07/02/02   Kuwait

Kuwaiti Cop Sentenced to Death

07/02/02   USA

Legislative updates in some States

07/02/02   Oklahoma/USA

David Wayne Woodruff, 42, was executed

07/02/02   California/USA

The killing routine:The unusual report of a journalist who witnessed the execution of Stephen Wayne Anderson at San Quentin

07/02/02   China

12 executions in few days

06/02/02   Russia

Pravda: death penalty in Russia: for and against

06/02/02   Sudan

Abok Alfa Akok, 18, was convicted to be stoned to death

06/02/02   Illinois/USA

Illinois to Reform Death Penalty

05/02/02   California/USA

Federal Appeals Court commuted death sentence of Benjamin Wai Silva

05/02/02   Texas/USA

Randal Hafdahl was executed

05/02/02   Saudi Arabia

Saudi man was beheaded

05/02/02   USA

Death penalty opposition seen in keeping with church tradition

04/02/02   Russia

“Death penalty has to be abolished, as life sentence is enough, even for those who committed the most heinous crimes”, said Minister of Justice Iuri Chiaka

04/02/02   USA

US Supreme Court Justice Scalia rejects church view on death penalty

02/02/02   Texas/USA     Urgent Appeal

On Feb. 21st the execution of Thomas Miller El is scheduled. By Feb. 15th the Supreme Court will take a decision.We invite all to send an urgent appeal to save Thomas, to Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

02/02/02   Oklahoma/USA

David Wayne Woodruff, 42, was executed

02/02/02   California/USA

California Gubernatorial Candidate Open to Moratorium

01/02/02   Nigeria

Father Emmanuel Ade Badejo explains some details about the official position of Catholic Church about the case of Safiya

01/02/02   Texas/USA

Windell Broussard, 41, was executed

01/02/02   Russia

Last Russian executioner has not worked since 1996 and has no regrets about his job