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NO to the Death Penalty
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       ComunitÓ di Sant'Egidio

February 2003

27/02/03  Vaticano/USA

Pope has met members of the U.S. group with Rev. Thomas Masters and mothers of juveniles on death row.  (EN)

27/02/03  Texas/USA

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of T. Miller El Claiming Racial Bias. (appeal(IT-EN-ES)

26/02/03  Kenya

Kenyan president orders release of 28 death row prisoners and commutes death sentences of another 195. (IT-EN-ES)

26/02/03  Misissipi/USA

William Holly: violence and inhumane conditions on death row. (EN)

25/02/03  Gran Bretagna/Cina

UK repeats call for abolition of death penalty in China. (EN)

25/02/03  USA

If movies moves against the death penalty. (EN)

24/02/03  Mexico

The reactions of Government and President Fox after the poll of the opponents. (ES)

24/02/03  USA

A Step Toward Nationalizing Death Penalty? Reactions to Ashcroft. (EN)

24/02/03  Florida/USA

Letter from Amos King. His execution is scheduled on next Feb. 26th. (EN)

23/02/03  China

He Jiahong of the People's University:Death penalty still favoured by Chinese. (EN)

23/02/03  Spain-Florida/USA

Spanish Senate want to save Pablo Ibar, a Spanish man on death row. (ES)

22/02/03  Iran

Supreme Court overturns the death sentence, but Aghajari could be sentenced again. (IT-EN)

21/02/03  Oklahoma/USA

Bobby Joe Fields, 39, was executed. (IT-EN)

20/02/03  Idaho/USA

Many want executions deferred.Moratorium would allow time to study changes in process. (EN)

20/02/03  Maryland/USA

Md. Court orders stay of execution. Ruling may shield death row inmates. (EN)

19/02/03  Japan

Council of Europe asks Japan to abolish the death penalty. (ES)

19/02/03  Arkansas/USA

Inmate faces deadly drugs cure.Taking drugs may mean the prisoners can be executed. (IT-EN)

18/02/03  Uganda

Prison officers urge government to abolish death penalty.  (IT-EN)

18/02/03  USA

ABA (Lawyers) Push for Death Penalty Changes.  (IT-EN)

18/02/03  Ohio/USA

Richard Fox, 47, was executed.  (IT-EN)

17/02/03  USA-Mexico

World Court Tells U.S. to Delay Executing 3 Mexicans.  (IT-EN-ES)

16/02/03  Texas/USA

Gregory Van Alstyne's execution was stayed for his mental retard to be monitored.  (appeal (EN)

15/02/03  Texas/USA       Urgent Appeal

Keith Bernard Clay - 35 years old - Sentenced to death Execution set on March, 20th 2003.  (IT)

15/02/03  European Union/Iran

EU expects concrete actions as to human rights.  (FR)

14/02/03  USA

Ashcroft pushes for more death sentences US attorney general overrules prosecution deals.  (IT-EN)

14/02/03  France

Executioner's diaries make killing at auction.   (IT-FR-EN)

13/02/03  Indonesia

Indonesia to execute Indian drug trafficker, 5 murder convicts.   (EN)

13/02/03  Idaho/USA

Idaho Poised to Restore Death Penalty.  (EN)

12/02/03  Brazil

Sant'Egidio at the Forum of Porto Alegre: "Peace, abolition of the death penalty, development for the benefit of man, are inalienable targets."  (IT)

12/02/03  Pennsylvania/USA

Penn. Death Row Inmates End Hunger Strike.   (EN)

12/02/03  Germany

Hollywood Fights Death Penalty at Berlin Film Fest..   (IT-EN)

11/02/03  Vatican

The Pope re-proposes the Gospel of Life and reiterates his opposition to the death penalty (World Day of the Seek).   (IT-EN-ES)

11/02/03  Japan

Death-row inmate wins right to buy book.   (EN)

11/02/03  Florida/USA

J. Bush lifts stay, reschedules execution of A. King.J.   (IT-EN)

10/02/03  Iran

Military court revokes death penalty of three former intelligence agents.   (EN)

09/02/03  Uzbekistan       Urgent Appeal

Azamat Uteev - 21 anni  - Sentenced to death  (EN)

09/02/03  Texas/USA

Henry Earl Dunn, 27, was executed.    (IT-EN-ES)

08/02/03  Unione Europea-Iran

Government confirms to EU Commissioner that stoning is suspended.   (IT)

08/02/03  Utha/USA

Judge Nixes Death Penalty for Utah Inmate.   (EN)

07/02/03  Jamaica

Former US death row inmate against death penalty in Jamaica.   (EN)

07/02/03  Missouri/USA

Kenneth Kenley, 42, was executed.   (EN)

06/02/03  Texas/USA

Jackie Elliott, 42 anni, cittadino inglese, Ŕ stato messo a morte, nonostante le proteste britanniche.   (IT-EN)

06/02/03  Maryland/USA

Maryland attorney general calls for end to executions.  (EN)

05/02/03  Japan

Hopefully the death sentence of T. Tomiyama, aged 85, 35 years spent on death row, will be commuted.  (EN)

05/02/03  Indiana/USA

Justice Stevens (Supreme Court) stops execution of 70 year-old man.  (IT)

05/02/03  USA

Authorities Look at Wrongful Convictions.  (EN)

04/02/03  Dem.Rep.of Congo        Appello Urgente

Urgent appeal to save 30 people sentenced to death.  (EN)

04/02/03  Texas/USA

Death row chaplain asks moratorium. (EN)

03/02/03  Ohio/USA

Ohio law students call for moratorium on executions. (EN)

03/02/03  Illinois/USA

US Bishops applaud Ryan's commutation and hope others will follow. (EN)

02/02/03  Texas/USA

Granville Riddle, 33, was executed. (the 7th execution in the US, the 7th in Texas). (IT-EN)

02/02/03  USA

The Exonerated: The story of a Former death row inmate arrives to the stage. (EN)

02/02/03  USA

Death Penalty Symposium Examines Religion and the Death Penalty. (EN)

01/02/03  California/USA

The death sentence given to Fred Berre Douglas, 74, was overturned. (EN)

01/02/03  UE-USA

UE appreciates the decision of Ryan in Illinois. (IT)

01/02/03  Oklahoma/USA

Daniel Juan Revilla, 34 anni, Ŕ stato messo a morte. (EN)