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January 2001

31/01/01 Oman


A man from Pakistan was executed.Continua

31/01/01 Texas/USA


Alexander Caruthers, 39, was executed at Huntsville.Continua

30/01/01 Botswana


Commonwealth judges uphold Botswana death sentence.Continua

30/01/01 Thailand


The Thai Cabinet on Tuesday approved a proposal to execute criminals by lethal injection rather than by machine gun..Continua

30/01/01 Oklahoma/USA


Victims' Kin Asked If They Want to See McVeigh Die.Continua

27/01/01 Tennesee/USA


Federal Court  Grants Philip Workman a Stay of Execution.Continua

26/01/01 U.N


U.N. Rebukes Saudi Arabia on Rights (death penalty for the juveniles, public execution, etc.).Continua

26/01/01 Maryland/USA


Blacks, Catholics Lobby For Halt to Md. Executions.Continua

26/01/01 Oklahoma/USA


Billy Ray Fox, 35, was executed. Only 2 days ago Mark Andrew Fowle, 35, was executed too.

25/01/01 Virginia/USA


Conservative Virginia Republicans Propose Death Penalty Moratorium and Abolition Legislation.Continua

25/01/01 USA


The Secretary-general of the Council of Europe says that the death penalty in U.S. must be rethought, in view of a total abolition.Continua

25/01/01 Saudi Arabia


A man executed

24/01/01 Illinois/USA


Illinois Supreme Court Sets Death Penalty Rules. Continua

24/01/01 Italy


Italian President Ciampi declares: In a civilized country death penalty cannot be kept".Continua

24/01/01 Italy


“Death penlaty is not compatible with democracy”, says the Italian Senate.Continua

23/01/01 France


Deneuve Wants To End Death Penalty.Continua

23/01/01 Texas/USA


New Trial Is Sought for Inmate Whose Lawyer Slept in Court. Continua

22/01/01 Virginia/USA


The case of Barnabei: The Catholic Church of Richmond asks for the evidences to be examined again with DNA test.Continua

21/01/01 Saudi Arabia


Wazir bin Zarif Shinwari, an Afghan man convicted of drug trafficking, was beheaded in Jiddah.

20/01/01 Fhilippine


Former President Etsrada was under investigation for economic plunder, a charge which can carry the death sentence, as a spokesman of the new President reported

20/01/01 China


China executed 11 people.Continua

20/01/01 France


Some hundreds abolitionists march in Paris against the death penalty in the United States.Continua

19/01/01 USA


Clinton commutes the death penalty of David Ronald Chandle.Continua

19/01/01 Texas - Oklahoma/USA


Alvin Goodwin (Texas), 37 anni e Diom Athanasius Smallwood (Oklahoma), 31 anni, sono stati messi a morte tramite iniezione letale.Continua

18/01/01 Texas/USA


Texas Legislator Introduces Death Penalty Moratorium Bill.Continua

18/01/01 Texas/USA


Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday it's time state lawmakers seriously consider letting juries choose life without parole as an alternative to the death penalty. He refused to lend support, however, for a proposed ban on executions of the mentally retarded, pending the case of Johnny Paul Penry.Continua

18/01/01 Iran


Hamid Heidari, 21 years old, was hanged in Teheran.Continua

18/01/01 North Carolina/USA


The N.C. Supreme Court suspends the execution of  Bobby Lee Harris.Continua

17/01/01 Oklahoma/USA


Floyd Allen Medlock, di 29 anni, è stato messo a morte.

16/01/01 Texas/USA


Christopher Ochoa, 34, freed after DNA test, declares``It is my wish that the death penalty be abolished in the state of Texas so that it can no longer be used as a threat to coerce confessions from the innocent.”.Continua

15/01/01 Saudi Arabia


Two women executed (A mother and her daughter)

13/01/01 Libano


Chouf MP George Deeb Neameh called on Thursday for "completely abolishing" capital punishment and for examining the true social and economic causes of crime.Continua

13/01/01 USA


On Clinton’s final Editorial the recommendation to  pass legislation to provide greater access to DNA testing in death penalty cases

13/01/01 China


China Executes Six Men for Theft.Continua

13/01/01 Palestinian Squads


Palestinian Squads Execute Two Men.Continua

12/01/01 Russia


An article published on the Italian magazine “Panorama”, describes Beloe Ozero (White Lake) the old death row in Russia.Continua

12/01/01 Oklahoma/USA


Oklahoma executes black woman. Continua
11/01/01 Florida/USA


Robert Glock, 39, was executed.Continua

11/01/01 Oklahoma/USA


Jesse Jackson arrested in execution protest.Continua

10/01/01 Florida/USA


A Former Supreme Court Judge joins the abolitionist organizations, asking Governor Jeb Bush for a moratorium of the executions.

10/01/01 Texas/USA - Oklahoma/USA


The first two executions of year are in Texas and Oklahoma.Continua

10/01/01 Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka To Resume Death Penalty.Continua

08/01/01 California/USA


California Inmate Wants To Die.Continua

08/01/01 Afganistan


Taliban rulers imposed the death penalty for anyone who converts from Islam to another religion.Continua

08/01/01 USA


Legislator seeks to curb death penalty for the mentally disabled.Continua

07/01/01 Iran


A man hanged in front of thousands of people.Continua

05/01/01 Oklahoma/USA


The Rev. Jesse Jackson called for a moratorium on the death penalty in Oklahoma.Continua

05/01/01  California/USA


Aiding inmates facing death. California's first university-run clinic to represent death row inmates.Continua

04/01/01  Bahrein


Three commutations into life-sentences.Continua

04/01/01  Saudi Arabia


2 Saudi men convicted of murder were beheaded.Continua

04/01/01  Louisiana/USA


Second Exonerated Inmate Released from Louisiana's Death Row.Continua

04/01/01  Oklahoma/USA


8 executions scheduled in Oklahoma.Continua

03/01/01  Oklahoma/USA


Death-Row Inmate Gets Reprieve.Continua

03/01/01  Illinois/USA


After one year of moratorium in the State.Continua