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January 2002

31/01/02   Nigeria

Mgr. John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja and President of Catholic Episcopal Conference, inivtes Christians and Muslims to dialogue and reiterates the appeal to save Safiya

31/01/02   California/USA

California Inmate Executed Despite Trial Lawyer's Record of Ineffectiveness 

31/01/02   USA

Time for change in death penalty (Indianapolis Star)

31/01/02   Oklahoma/USA

John Joseph Romano, 43, was executed

31/01/02   Francia

Charles Pasqua, Former Interior minister, minister announces candidacy for president and asks for reintroduction of capital punishmen

31/01/02   USA

Death Songs Vs. Death Penalty: The Pine Valley Cosmonauts sing against death penalty in Illinois and in the world

31/01/02   Florida/USA

Joaquin Martinez, who was freed last year, after 4 yeras spent on death row, will visit soon his ex-cell-freinds

31/01/02   Florida/USA

Freed man relishes his 2nd chance

31/01/02   Nigeria

Death By Stoning: the case of Safyia on the New York Times

31/01/02   Thailand

Five Nigerians Executed in Thailand for Drug Offences

31/01/02   Pennsylvania/USA

Young Italo-American  woman could get death sentence

30/01/02   Concil of Europe

Draft Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights concerning the abolition of the death penalty in all circumstances

30/01/02   Maryland/USA

Draft Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights concerning the abolition of the death penalty in all circumstances

30/01/02   Colorado/USA

Colorado death penalty misguided

30/01/02   USA

Supreme Court more and more often is called to examine capital cases. How to end quibbling about capital punishment

30/01/02   California/USA

Stephen Wayne Anderson, 48, who became famous as a writer, was executed

29/01/02   European Union

Pat Cox, new Presidente of European Parliament, talks about the new commitments of the Union for the abolition of death penalty in the world, too

29/01/02   Georgia/USA

Ronald Spivey, 62, was executed

29/01/02   China

16 people executed after a non-authorized meeting

29/01/02   Florida/USA

Supreme Court overturned the death sentence to Spanish man Julio Mora, 75 years old

28/01/02   Virginia/USA

Va. Death Row Inmate May Get Retrial

28/01/02   Iran

4 men were hanged

28/01/02   Nigeria

African newspaper talk about the case of Safiya

28/01/02   Florida/USA

Supreme Court suspends execution of Amos King

28/01/02   USA

Jesse Jackson again on death penalty and abolition

26/01/02 Nigeria

Hafsatu Abubakar, 18, was acquitted and released  Continua

26/01/02 USA

Equal justice and the death sentence (Denver Post)  Continua

25/01/02 Great Britain/USA

UK would oppose death penalty  Continua

25/01/02 USA

Improve defense in death penalty cases  Continua

25/01/02 Iran

Saved just bifore the execution: the victim family forgives him, when rope is already on his neck  Continua

24/01/02 USA

Feingold Gauging Presidential Support  Continua

24/01/02 USA

Death Penalty Flunks Fairness Test  Continua

24/01/02 Cuba

De Facto Moratorium on Executions in Cuba is a success. Now The Commission on Human Rights and Reconciliation wants the commutatipons for the 50 inmates on death row  Continua

23/01/02 Nigeria

Federal Government Chides EU Over Safiya  Continua

23/01/02 Turckey

Prime Minister Yilmaz: Turkey Sees End to Death Penalty  Continua

23/01/02 Florida/USA

Frank Valdes, inmate on death row, was beaten to death by the guards, medical examiner says  Continua

21/01/02 Japan

Some of the 98 abolitionist parliamentarians protest against the Ministerof Justice   Continua

21/01/02 France

200 years ago Victor Hugo was born. He can be considered as the “pioneer” of the struggle against capital punishment  Continua

21/01/02 USA

Amnesty International Report Condemns 25 Years of Executions in the U.S  Continua

19/01/02 Texas/USA

Texas Executes Killer for Jewelry-Store Slaughter  Continua

19/01/02 Nigeria

“Thank you for your support, now I am waiting for justice”, Safyia says  Continua

18/01/02 Florida/USA

Florida Capital City Passes Death Penalty Moratorium Resolution   Continua

18/01/02 Maryland/USA

Support for Moratorium in Maryland  Continua

17/01/02 Nigeria

Le Monde supports the appeal of the Community of Sant’Egidio to save Safiya  Continua

17/01/02 Nigeria

On the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” a comment on the postponement of the trial of Safiya  Continua

17/01/02 Cuba

Dissident Group Calls for Abolition of Death Penalty  Continua

17/01/02 Nigeria

During the hearing, the trial of Safiya was postponed to March 18th. She says the baby was conceived legally with her husband  Continua

17/01/02 China

Death sentence commuted to a Suisse man  Continua

17/01/02 European Union/Nigeria

European Parliament for Safiya Continua

16/01/02 Texas/USA

Community of Sant'Egidio - New hearing for Johnny Paul Penry  Continua

16/01/02 Texas/USA

Amnesty International Urges Texas Prosecutors to Drop Pursuit of the Death Penalty. Appeal to save the life of Melvin Hale, 74  Continua

16/01/02 Iraq

8 men of opposition-party were executed  Continua

16/01/02 Texas/USA

Penry case is put on fast track, again  Continua

16/01/02 USA

High Court to Rule on Challenge to Death Penalties in 9 States and 800 death sentences  Continua

15/01/02 Texas/USA

This is the letter sent by Jemarr Arnold (whose execution is scheduled on Jan. 16th) to Rick Halperin (Amnesty International-USA) Continua

15/01/02 Florida/USA

Death penalty moratorium has victory. bJeb Bush urged to impose a moratorium  Continua

15/01/02 Nigeria

The case of Safiya on the international newspapers Continua

15/01/02 Nigeria

Safiya - News BBC –report: Family history can be key factor in defense Continua

15/01/02 New York/USA

In a letter to the New York Times, Orlando and Phyllis Rodriguez, whose son Greg died in the terrorist attacks on September 11, expressed their opposition to the death penalty Continua

14/01/02 Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe to Face EU Censure as New Laws Passed Continua

14/01/02 Thailand

Lethal injections next year Continua

14/01/02 South Carolina/USA

Supreme Court Overturns a South Carolina Death Penalty Continua

14/01/02 Vietnam

Four Vietnamese were sentenced to death for drugs by firing squad Continua

14/01/02 North Carolina/USA

N.C. Gov. Commutes Death Sentence Continua

14/01/02 Pennsylvania/USA

No Bias Ruled in Death Penalty Case Continua

13/01/02 USA

The Wall Street Journal:The High Cost of the Death Penalty Continua

13/01/02 Spain/European Union

Spain takes up UE presidency: Aznar speaks of struggle to terrorists, but repeats Europe is against death penalty Continua

13/01/02 USA

According to Amnesty International the number of  the “dropping appeals”  (inmates on death rwo who give up with every appeal) is increasing Continua

13/01/02 North Carolina/USA

North Carolina Prepares for Execution Despite Doubts of Guilt Continua

12/01/02 Missouri/USA

James Johnson, 50, was executed Continua

12/01/02 Nigeria

Safiya Tudu Must Not Die: Nigerians  debate and plead for her Continua

12/01/02 Palestinian Authority

Ex policeman sentenced to death for murder Continua

12/01/02 Nigeria

Forum and other Nigerian organizations  Plead for Safiya Continua

12/01/02 Iran

Iran hangs three men in public for murder, rape Continua

11/01/02 Nigeria

Safiya, taking the stock of situation: in February the sentence of appeal Continua

11/01/02 Nigeria

Another Woman Faces Trial for Adultery in Sokoto, like Safiya Continua

11/01/02 USA

Death penalty may be key in elections (Daily Herald) Continua

10/01/02 Florida/USA

Interview of the Community of Sant’Egdio with Juan Roberto Melendez, released only a few days ago from death row in Florida: “it was the hard work of dedicated lawyers and investigators and most of all the work of God.” Continua

10/01/02 Taiwan

Legislature abolished a law that required the death penalty some violent crimes Continua

10/01/02 Texas/USA

Inmate Says Texas Death Row Is a Living Hell Continua

08/01/02 Florida/USA

Another Death Row Mistake: J.R. Melendez (The Washington Post) Continua

07/01/02 China

Amnesty International has condemned authorities in China for failing to openly declare the suspected execution of dozens of people over the last 10 days Continua

07/01/02 Indonesia

Police Chief hails death sentence for drug traffickers Continua

07/01/02 Nigeria

First execution ordered by an Islamic Court Continua

05/01/02 China

A Protestant Church founder was sentenced to death, with a 2 years suspension Continua

05/01/02 USA

Juries backing away from death penalty Continua

05/01/02 Saudi Arabia

Three Saudi Men Beheaded Continua

05/01/02 Florida/USA

Death row inmate dies on death row Continua

05/01/02 Louisiana/USA

In Louisiana in 2001 no executions Continua

05/01/02 USA

American newspapers debate about the decline of the death penalty in America Continua

04/01/02 Florida/USA

Juan Roberto Melendez  was Freed After 18 Years on Death Row. He is the 99th person to be exonerated from death row since 1973 Continua

04/01/02 Texas/USA

The state asks the U.S. Supreme Court to review a murder case reversed because the lawyer slept in court Continua

04/01/02 USA

The Chicago Tribune calls for an extension on the moratorium on executions Continua

04/01/02 USA

Lemak case and the  debate over capital punishment Continua

04/01/02 Virginia/USA

Virginia executed two men this year, the fewest since 1984 Continua

03/01/02 Italy/Nigeria

Italian Foreign  Minitser Ruggiero committed himself to save Safya, even asking for within for E.U. intervention. In the mean while he called Nigerian Ambassador Continua

03/01/02 USA

Keep U.S. on path to end death penalty (Editorial, The Virginian-Pilot) Continua

03/01/02 Japan

Justice minister says Japan will keep death penalty Continua

03/01/02 Indonesia

Female gets death sentence Continua

03/01/02 Uganda

Churches of Uganda ask for commutations of all death sentences Continua