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June 2001

29/06/01 El Salvador

Will President of Salvador support re-introduction of capital punishment? Continua

28/06/01 China

Thousands at the Stadium for the execution. Continua

28/06/01 USA

US found guilty of flouting law on death penalty Continua

27/06/01 Saudi Arabia

Young man from Yemen escapes execution,at the very last moment. Continua

27/06/01 USA

Miguel Richardson, 46, (Texas) and  Jim Lowery (Indian) were executed by lethal injection. Continua

26/06/01 Leban

House committee approves law to scrap death penalty Continua

26/06/01 China

China Executes 43 for Drug Crimes. Continua

25/06/01 USA

Death Penalty Reforms Gather New Momentum  (Los Angeles Times).  Continua

25/06/01 Texas/USA

Pace of Texas Executions Slows  Continua

21/06/01 Europe

First  wordl congress against the death penalty opened, looking at recent executions in China and United States.Continua

20/06/01 Italy

Joaquin Jose Martinez, who after spendine 3 years on death row in Florida, was freed,  because he was found not guilty.Continua

20/06/01 Italy

Menda, spendine 34 years on death row in Japan and then released, in Italy, on the invitation of Sant’Egidio.Continua

20/06/01 Italy

Sant’Egidio: Colosseum Lights Are Gold for abolition in  Chile, For 

Joaquin Jose Martinez, who after spendine 3 years on death row in Florida, was freed,  because he was found not guilty; for the decision of US Supreme Court which has overturned the death sentence of Johnny Paul Penry.Continua

19/06/01 USA

I bracci della morte sono affollate di persone provenienti dale minoranze (BBC-News).Continua
19/06/01 Indiana/USA

U.S. executes Garza,  2nd  Fed.Death Row inmate.Continua
14/06/01 USA

Community ofi Sant'Egidio: signs of hope from death row. 10 friends of ourssaved from death sentence


13/06/01 USA

The World's View of Executions.Continua

13/06/01 Italia

Carol Beebe Tarantelli,  widow of the economist killed by Brigate Rosse, opposes to death penalty as an instrument of justice.Continua

12/06/01 Florida/USA

Jeb Bush Signs Bill Barring Executing the Retarded.Continua

12/06/01 USA

Death Penalty for Retarded Convicts?.Continua

12/06/01 USA

Jury Rejects Death for Embassy Bomber.Continua

12/06/01 USA

Lawyers Trying to Stop Execution Cite Flaws in Bias Report.Continua

11/06/01 USA

President Says the Retarded Should Never Be Executed.Continua

11/06/01 USA

American Catholic Church against Mc Weigh’s execution.Continua

10/06/01 USA

What sways US views on death penalty (Christian Science Monitor).Continua

10/06/01 Italia

Rick Halperin  speaks out about “Bush’s circus.Continua

07/06/01 European Union

After Martinez, European Union wants to save Gerardo Valdez Maltos.   Continua

05/06/01 Florida/USA

"Joaquim Josè Martinez, out of the death row because found innocent.

Is travelling in these days through the main Spanish cities to meet and greet all those who supported him in his struggle to be freed.

After visiting Madrid, on Thursday, June 12th 2001 he will be in Catalonia to meet the Community of Sant'Egidio of Barcelona."

05/06/01 Texas/USA


Press review inside   Continua

05/06/01 USA

Public Lives: A Lawyer Who Fights for Life Over the Death Penalty.   Continua

02/06/01 USA

Methodists oppose Mc Weigh’s executions and invite to pray for Oklahoma victims, for Mc Weigh and “for all those who insist on death penalty as a remedy to violence. Continua

02/06/01 USA

“Why we oppose the death penalty”, article on the Boston Globe by legislator Cheryl A. Jacques and Rabbi e Harold S. Kushner.   Continua

01/06/01 USA

U.S. Will Oppose Any Request to Delay McVeigh Execution, says Ashcroft.   Continua

01/06/01 Yemen

Man executed by firing squad. Continua