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NO to the Death Penalty
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       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

June 2002

30/06/02  European Union     

E.U. President Prodi: “No extradition to U.S. even for Sept. 11th terrorists.”. (IT)

30/06/02  Texas/USA     

Another execution in 24 hrs: Jeffrey Williams, 31, was executed. (IT)

30/06/02  Nigeria     

Man sentenced to death for adultery by stoning. (IT)

28/06/02  Texas/USA     

Robert Coulson, 33, was executed. (EN)

28/06/02  Burundi     

Court sentences 11 people to death for taking part in 1993 massacres. (EN)

28/06/02  New York/USA     

New York City calls to halt death penalty. (EN)

26/06/02  USA     

Only juries can impose death penalty, again Supreme Court rules. (IT-EN)

26/06/02  Georgia/USA     

W. Fugate was Sentenced to Death in 27 Minutes (on June 18th he is scheudled for exec.) (EN)

25/06/02  USA     

A door open. After the decision of High Court death penalty is not a taboo. (EN)

25/06/02  Illinois/USA     

Illinois Gov.: 'No Regrets' for Death Penalty Halt. (EN)

25/06/02  Virginia/USA     

The tragic end of a paradox: Walter Mickens, 47, was executed.  (IT-EN)

24/06/02  USA     

Almost 1/2 of foreigners on death row in U.S. are Mexican.  (EN)

22/06/02  USA     

Supreme Court bars executing mentally retarded - Press Review  (IT-EN-FR-ES-DE)

22/06/02  Egypt     

Amnesty concerned at big rise in Egypt executions. (EN)

20/06/02  Lebanon     

Ex-SLA militiamen sentenced to death in absentia. (EN)

20/06/02  Texas/USA     

Judge confirmed: new trial for C. Burdine, whose lawyer slept during first trial. (IT-EN)

19/06/02  USA     

US Catholic Church  renews call for end to executions. (EN)

18/06/02  Zambia     

Zambian Rights Groups Fight the Death Penalty. (EN)

18/06/02  Texas/USA     

Other protests after the execution of Beazley. (EN)

17/06/02  Europen Union/Japan/Korea     

European Parliament invites Japan, Korea and Taiwan to abolish the death penalty. (IT)

17/06/02  Texas/USA     

Daniel Reneau, 27, was executed.  (IT)

16/06/02  USA     

A new book by Gardner C. Hanks, "Capital Punishment and the Bible".  (EN)

16/06/02  Cina     

6 peasants were executed in Bejing.  (IT)

15/06/02  USA     

Bad attorneys vs. death penalty.  (EN)

14/06/02  Texas/USA     

Bobby Moore, 42, has spent – up to now - 22 years on death row. (IT-EN)

13/06/02  Vietnam     

Nguyen Van Phu, 37 was executed by firing squad. (EN)

13/06/02 Maryland/USA     

Ehrlich Calls for End to Death Penalty Halt.  (EN)

12/06/02 Palestinian Autority     

2 men were executed by firing squad. (IT)

12/06/02 USA     

Inside a Modern Death Row, the Prisoners Can Only Wait. (New York Times) (EN)

12/06/02  Texas/USA     

Killing hope, confirming hypocrisy. AI against the execution of N. Beazley. (EN)

11/06/02  China     

Chinese Sentence Communist Official. (EN)

11/06/02  Texas/USA     

Amnesty International protests for the case of Saldano. (EN)

10/06/02  Turckey     

Turkey's far-right party says it will leave government before accepting end to death penalty. (EN)

10/06/02  Florida/USA     

Womos, female inmate on death row, is waiting for  the Supre Court’s decision. (EN)

10/06/02  Zimbabue     

Edmore Masendeke, A. Muuzhe and N. Rukanda, were executed by firing squad. (ES)

10/06/02  USA     

Is capital punishment cruel and unusual when few are executed? (San Francisco Chron.) (EN)

10/06/02  Texas/USA     

The case of Preston Hughes, 13 yeras on death row. (IT-EN)

09/06/02  Council of Europe     

Council of Europe condemns the execution of Napoleon Beazley. (IT-EN)

09/06/02  New Jersey/USA     

The majority wants moratorium. The abolitionists exult and hope. (EN)

08/06/02  Tennesee/USA     

High court restores Gary Cone’s death sentence. (EN)

08/06/02  South Carolina/USA     

Inmate writes to the High Court: he wants the execution soon. (EN)

07/06/02  Pakistan     

Zafran Bibi, who was sentenced to death by stoning, was exonerated by Court. (IT-EN-FR)

07/06/02  Texas/USA     

The new trial of Johnny Paul Penry: Jurors selected slowly. (EN)

06/06/02  Uganda     

Fr. Agostoni: “My challenge: to abolish the death penalty in Uganda.” (IT)

04/06/02  Nigeria     

Amina Lawal is free until 2004. On July 8th the new sentence. (IT-EN-ES)

04/06/02  Texas/USA     

C. V. Burdine,   Whose Lawyer Slept at Trial, Gets New Trial. (IT-EN)

03/06/02  China     

Chen Zhiqing, treasury official of the Central Bank, was executed for embezzling money. (IT-EN)

03/06/02  Maryland/USA     

“The lottery” of the death penalty. The debate. (EN)

02/06/02  Turkey     

Powerful military willing to accept abolition of death penalty, if Ocalan is never freed. (EN)

02/06/02  Texas/USA     

Stanley Baker, 35, was executed. (IT-EN)

01/06/02  Japan     

Death Penalty Campaigners Target Japan during the World Football Championship. (IT-EN-FR)