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June 2004

30/06/04   China

11 people convicted of drug trafficking were executed ahead of International Anti-Drugs Day.  (EN) 

30/06/04   Arabia Saudita

Govt. defends its death penalty.Beheadings acceptable in some contexts.  (EN) 

28/06/04   New York/USA

New York's death penalty is dead, for now. Court declared the state's capital punishment law unconstitutional.  (IT-EN) 

28/06/04   USA

US S.Court ruled that its 2002 decision requiring juries rather than judges to decide about death sentences, does not apply retroactively, clearing the way for the eventual execution of more than 100 death row.  (IT-EN) 

28/06/04   Libia-Bulgaria

Bulgarian Medics in Libya May Be Left to Mercy of Infected Children's Parents: Official.  (EN) 

25/06/04   Italia

"Italy relaunches the moratorium", President of Republic Ciampi says.  (EN) 

25/06/04   Filippine

President, 2 days after her new election, sets date of execution. Reactions of the Catholics.  (EN) 

24/06/04   Indonesia

Authorities may soon begin the execution of the many drug offenders currently on death row, the Nat. Police Chief said.  (EN) 

24/06/04   Council of Europe

“Death Penalty – Beyond Abolition”, a book published by the Council of Europe.  (EN) 

21/06/04   Indonesia

Italian man could be sentenced to death for drugs trafficking.  (IT) 

21/06/04   Cina

Ma Jiajue, 22, was executed.  (EN) 

21/06/04   Pakistan

High Court has commuted death sentence to Rehmat Shah Afridi, editor convicted for drugs pushing charges.  (EN) 

19/06/04  Virginia/USA    Urgent Appeals

Mark Bailey - 34 years old - Sentenced to death.   (EN) 

19/06/04   Maryland/USA

Steven Oken, 42, was executed.  (IT-EN) 

16/06/04   Philippines

6 death row convicts get 90-day reprieve.  (EN) 

16/06/04   USA

Lethal injection drug still under attack.  (EN) 

14/06/04   Indonesia

Court sentences Brazilian to death.  (EN) 

14/06/04   Illinois/USA

Gordon Steidl, after he was wrongly convicted, sentenced to die and after spending 17 years on death row, was freed.  (EN) 

14/06/04   Russia

New reasons for Russia to ratify protocol on death penalty.  (EN) 

12/06/04   Maryland/USA

Court Asked to Sentence Russian Spies to Death  (EN) 

10/06/04   Maryland/USA

Cardinals ask governor to spare Oken from death penalty (execution scheduled: June 14-19).  (EN) 

10/06/04   Oklahoma/USA

William G. Zuern, 45, and Robert Leroy Bryan, 63, were executed respectively.in Ohio and Oklahoma. (EN) 

10/06/04   Iran

Supreme Court has lifted death sentence against Aghajari. (IT) 

09/06/04   Japan/USA

Renny Cushing, the executive director of Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation, expresses how bad the death penalty is bad for victims' relatives. (IT) 

09/06/04   Vietnam

Truong Van Cam, 57, was executed by firing squad.  (IT) 

09/06/04   Italy

A matter of principle. The new book by A. Marchesi on the death penalty. (IT-EN) 

07/06/04   Iraq

New justice minister: Iraq to restore death penalty, after June 30 sovereignty handover.   (IT-EN) 

07/06/04   Massachusetts/USA

Laurence Adams, 51, was released after 30 years spent on death row.  (EN) 

06/06/04  Uzbekistan    Urgent Appeals

Azizbek Karimov - 25 years old - Sentenced to death.   (EN) 

06/06/04   Kuwait

Kuwait hangs 3 for raping and killing child.  (EN) 

06/06/04   Pennsylvania/USA

Former death row inmate bears no ill will.  (EN) 

03/06/04   Tajikistan

A further step towards moratorium: Lower House Passes bill proposed by the President.   (EN) 

03/06/04   Japan
Five men could be executed in some days. Let us support the urgent appeal launched by Amnesty International Japan. (EN) 

03/06/04   Taiwan
Cardinal Paul Shan has said: “The Church is working to get the death penalty abolished in Taiwan and to promote full respect for life at eve level of society.”   (IT-EN-FR-ES) 

03/06/04   Texas/USA
After numerous protestes after execution of K. Petterson, the case of Walter Bell, mentally retarded, to return to Court.  (EN) 

03/06/04  Vietnam
Six people were executed by firing squad.  (ES)