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May 2001

31/05/01 Texas/USA

Texas Retooling Criminal Justice. Continua

31/05/01 Russia

Moratorium of executions could end by 2002, says Putin. Council of Europe replies. Continua

30/05/01 USA

Amnesty International Raps U.S. on Death Penalty.  Continua

30/05/01 Hawai/USA

Chong, one man on death row in Hawaii: I Don't Deserve The Death Penalty.  Continua

30/05/01 Turkey

Turkey's Choice: European Union or the Death Penalty.   Continua

30/05/01 China

Amnesty calls China's Jiang rights "scoundrel. Continua

29/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

Vincent Allen Johnson, 42, was executed by lethal injection Continua

29/05/01 Iran

A teen ager was executed.   Continua

29/05/01 USA

Mc Weigh asks for a stay.   Continua

29/05/01 Arabia Saudita

3 Saudis executed   Continua

28/05/01 USA

Bisho of Arlington (VA)  Loverde speaks out against deaht penalty.   Continua

28/05/01 USA

CACP (Catholic Against Capital Punishment): The McVeigh execution: some reflections.   Continua

27/05/01 Perù

Candidate Garcia, if becomes President will introduce capital punishment for corrupt public officals   Continua

27/05/01 Texas/USA

Texas may ban executing retarded Continua

26/05/01 Rwanda

Rwandan Court Sentences 10 to Death Continua

26/05/01 Alabama/USA

Gary Wayne Drinkard, 45,  5 5 years spent on death row, was set free  after a jury found him innocent Continua

25/05/01 Delaware/USA

Abdullah Hameen, 37, was executed by lethal injection.   Continua

24/05/01 USA

Ashcroft Vows No Delay in McVeigh's Execution Continua

24/05/01 USA

When The Evidence Lies (Time). Continua

23/05/01 Missouri/USA

Mo. Convict Executed for 1987 Death.  Continua

23/05/01 Texas/USA

Jim Willett's story, sadly famous as "King of death row". He participated in the execution of 89 people in 3 years.  Continua

23/05/01 USA

Why the Death Penalty Should Be Killed.An article published on the Black Press-USA.  Continua

22/05/01 Iran

Woman convicted of  being a porno-actress,  was stoned to death.  Continua

22/05/01 Florida/USA

Prison-warder who killed an inmate on death row, was arrested  Continua

22/05/01 Iran

Iran Hangs Ex-Air Force Officer for Spying for U.S  Continua
20/05/01 Ukraine

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma signed a new Criminal Code that formally abolished the  death penalty  Continua

20/05/01 USA

Mc Weigh’s case and other 3,500 on death row  Continua

20/05/01 USA

George Tenet, Director of CIA, opposes to Hanssen’s execution  Continua

20/05/01 China

29 executions in one day  

20/05/01 Iran

Death sentence overturned Continua

20/05/01 China

15 men convicted of robbery, were executed  Continua

19/05/01 USA

Catholic Prelates Press Effort Against Execution (New York Times)  Continua

19/05/01 USA

USA & Death Penalty: Law of retaliation shows its anachronism. (La Stampa)  Continua

18/05/01 Indiana/USA

Faith fuels drive to end death penalty. Growing opposition to the death penalty reflects a new activism by many religious communities. (Indianapolis Star) Continua

18/05/01 Italy

Sunday, May 27th at Città della Pieve the Rally "Fitness for life", another initiative to back the campaign of Sant'Egidio, against the death penalty.  Continua

18/05/01  Saudi Arabia

Seven Saudis Beheaded Continua

18/05/01 China

China's Execution Rate Rises.  Continua

18/05/01 Taiwan

“Time to abolish death penalty”, says the Justice Minister  Continua

18/05/01 USA

Moratorium and Legislation News from around the Nation  Continua

16/05/01 USA

McVeigh Errors Raise Doubts About Other Capital Cases Continua

16/05/01 USA

Accused Spy Hanssen Could Face Death Penalty Continua

15/05/01 USA

A Perfect Killing? McVeigh Proves Why We Need a Moratorium on the Death Penalty (the American Prospect. Continua

15/05/01 Texas/USA

Texas House Rejects Parole Option.  Continua

15/05/01 USA

Europe's View of the Death Penalty (New York Times) Continua

15/05/01 USA

A national advocacy organization working for the abolition of the death penalty in the U.S: Catholics' growing understanding of Church views on death penalty …""  Continua

15/05/01 USA

Conservatives urged to rethink the death penalty, just after Mc Weigh’s case.  Continua

15/05/01 Ohio/USA

Ohio Man Spared Execution for Second Time in Month  Continua

15/05/01 Nebrasca/USA

Death Row Inmate to Be Set Free.  Continua

15/05/01 Ohio/USA

Ohio Man Spared Execution for Second Time in Month  Continua

15/05/01 Washington/USA

Mental illness defense can't save triple murderer: the case of dayva Cross  Continua

14/05/01 USA

Killing McVeigh teaches us nothing. It doesn't teach him a lesson…(Time)  Continua

14/05/01 Texas/USA

Memoirs of a retired executioner in Texas: “I am sorry, we killed also some innocent people!”)  Continua

14/05/01 Yemen

Three men executed by Firing Squad. Continua

13/05/01 Council of Europe

Bruno Haller Segretary General, Council of Europe parlamentary assembly writes to New York Times: Europe's view of the death penalty  Continua

13/05/01 USA

According to Washington Post 'Eye for an Eye' Challenges Faithful  Continua

12/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

FBI Kept Files From McVeigh's Lawyers: Bush Backs Ashcroft's Delay to June11.  Continua

12/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

“I want Mc Weigh to live, even if he killed my daughter”, says the father of a victim.. Continua

12/05/01 USA

Only a few years ago, few lost causes seemed quite as irretrievably lost as opposing the death penalty....(An article - New York Times) Continua

11/05/01 Missouri/USA

Missouri Bill to Ban Execution of Mentally Retarded Passes Legislature; Awaits Governor's Signature.  Continua

11/05/01 USA

Several death row cases come with a twist, in the last weeks, days, hours, minutes. Even last meals don't mean it's over. Continua

10/05/01 European Union

The Swedish Presidency of the European Union made a demarche to the U.S. Administration presenting the EU positions of principle on the death penalty. Continua

10/05/01 USA

The Declining Support for Execution. Continua

10/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

Cloud of scandal hangs over 12 Death Row cases. Continua

08/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

Truth is blurred by witnesses in Death Row cases (An article on "The Chicago Tribune") Continua

07/05/01 Oman

2 Pakistani men sentenced to death with drug traffic. Continua

06/05/01 Thailand

Death penalty and struggle to drug traffic. Continua

05/05/01 USA

Cardinal asks Governor for Death Penalty Break (Source:NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER)  

05/05/01 USA

Some U.S. States Having Doubts on Executions. Continua

05/05/01 U.N. Rights Group

U.S. Voted Out of U.N. Rights Group  Continua

05/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

Episcopalian prison ministers said the execution made the time ripe for a moratorium on the death penalty. Continua

04/05/01  Europen Union

European Union asks for clemency in favor of a Polish man convicted to death in Illinois. Continua

04/05/01 Texas/USA

Death Penalty - It's time for Texas lawmakers to enact reforms. Continua

04/05/01 Louisiana/USA

Warden Who Presides Over Executions Recounts the Process (ABC News). Continua

04/05/01 Georgia/USA

Audio Tapes of Georgia Executions Air on NPR, ABC-News Nightline, and Pacifica national radio. Continua

04/05/01 Florida/USA

Florida Bill Bans Executing Retarded. Continua

03/05/01 USA

The Americans who favor replacing the death penalty with life in prison has been increasing  a lot. Continua

03/05/01 Texas/USA

Texas Watch: Texans need death penalty moratorium. Continua

02/05/01 United States Catholic Conference/USA

"The Approaching Execution of Timothy McVeigh", a statement presented by Cardinal Roger Mahony,Archbishop of Los Angeleand Cardinal William Keeler Archbishop of Baltimore, United States Catholic Conference.  Continua

02/05/01 Indiana/USA

Two interventions of Card. Dulles, against death pebalty. Continua

02/05/01 USA

ABC News Poll Finds Drop in Support for Death Penalty and Majority in Favor of Moratorium. Continua

02/05/01 Japan

An interview of the Washington Post with Sakae Menda, released after 34 years spent on death row. Continua

02/05/01 USA

As McVeigh's Execution Looms, Death Penalty Foes in Tough Spot. Continua

02/05/01 Florida/USA

Fla. Judge Sets Aside Death Sentence of a man scheduled to die the next day. Continua

01/05/01 USA

Sr. Helen Prejean asks and the live-broadcast of  Mc Weigh’s execution. Continua

01/05/01 Texas/USA

Lawmakers back off moratorium on death penalty, but it must be considered as a success, anyway. Continua

01/05/01 Oklahoma/USA

Marilyn Kay Plantz, 40, was executed by lethal injection