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NO to the Death Penalty
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       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

May 2002

31/05/02  Italy     

Death penalty. The unfair  row of justice (V. Andreoli). (IT)

31/05/02  Texas/USA     

Many newspapers in the world on the execution of Napoleon Beazley.  (IT-EN)

30/05/02  Russia     

Pravda: Russians on the issue of the death penalty.  (EN)

30/05/02  Michigan/USA     

Death-penalty case defense cost $730,000.  (EN)

29/05/02  Texas/USA     

Napoleon Beazley was executed for a murder committed at 17. (IT-EN)

29/05/02  Nigeria     

The appeal for Amina Lawal will be examined on June 3rd. (IT)

29/05/02  European Union     

Europe, one currency and one common root: to reject racism and death penalty, President Prodi said. (IT)

29/05/02  Illinois/USA     

Clemency push for all 160 on Death Row. The opinion of Gov. Ryan. (EN)

29/05/02  Maryland/USA     

Death penalty issue No. 1. (EN)

28/05/02  Texas/USA     

Interview with Napoleon Beazley, whose esecution is scheduled in a few hours. (EN)

28/05/02  USA     

230 in House back bill to reform death penalty. (EN)

28/05/02  Maryland/USA     

Abolitionists find a new momentum, also with the support of Jesse Jackson. (EN)

28/05/02  Pakistan     

The case of Zafran Bibi, sentenced to death for adultery, on the New York Times. (EN)

28/05/02  UN     

UN children's forum concludes after bitter debate. (IT-EN)

27/05/02  Mali     

The government of Mali  approved a draft law suspending the application of the death penalty for 2 years (Misna). (EN)

27/05/02  Maryland/USA     

Eliminating Questions of Life or Death (the Washington Post) (EN)

26/05/02  USA     

The first page of New York Times reports the case of Richard Rossi, sentenced to death in Arizona by a judge who uses drug.  (IT-EN)

26/05/02  Italy     

The catalog of the executioner : the statistics of the death penalty in the world. (il sole 24 ore). (IT)

26/05/02  Vietnam     

Chen Chi Tien, 48, a Taiwan man, was executed for drug-production. (EN)

26/05/02  Hungary     

Prime minister says Hungary should consider reinstatement of death penalty. (EN)

25/05/02  Vaticano     

H.E. Archbishop Francesco Monterisi, Secretary of the Congregation for the Bishops signed the appeal  for the Wordl moratorium of the death penalty.

25/05/02  USA     

U.S. Senators Call for Moratorium on Executions. (EN)

25/05/02  Iran     

Six men were hanged in one day. (IT-EN)

25/05/02  Georgia/USA     

Judge Notes Expensive Bottom Line in Capital Cases. (EN)

24/05/02  Texas/USA     

Martinez executed despite plea from victim's mother. His last words for giving thanks to her. (IT-EN)

24/05/02  Texas/USA     

Archbishop Desmond Tutu writes a  letter to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles regarding Napolean Beazley (whose execution is scheduled on May 28th). (EN)

24/05/02  Texas/USA     

Death row inmates seek competent representation. (EN)

24/05/02  Pakistan     

Zafran Bibi was raped, but a Pakistan judge decided it was adultery - now this young mother will be stoned to death (The Guardian, The International Herald Tribune). (EN)

24/05/02  USA     

Who Gets the Death Penalty? And how's this for a mistake in a death penalty case? (New York Times). (EN)

24/05/02  Saudi Arabia     

Afghan beheaded for drug smuggling. (EN)

24/05/02  Texas/USA     

Pending executions renew debate on retarded -- Advocates urging state to re-evaluate policy on killing inmates. (EN)

23/05/02  Pakistan     

Zafran assured of support in stoning to death case. (EN)

23/05/02  USA     

Reform Judaism Magazine Addresses Capital Punishment: the faith's historical reasoning for opposing capital punishment. (EN)

23/05/02  Texas/USA     

Martinez  'grateful' for letter - Victim's mother trying to stop man's execution. (EN)

23/05/02  Illinois/USA     

Illinois Governor Proposes Death Penalty Revisions. (EN)

23/05/02  Texas/USA     

On Tex. Death Row, Old Issues Renewed (Washington Post). (EN)

23/05/02  Maryland/USA     

Doing race to death.Moratorium in Marland after many cases of death sentences with an evident racial bias. (EN)

23/05/02  USA     

Death penalty deception. (The Washington Times). (EN)

23/05/02  Nigeria     

Sariyyu Moham-med Baranda was convicted to death by stoning. (EN)

23/05/02  Texas/USA     

“I do not want another mother suffers as I did”, wrote the victim’s mother appealing to the Court of Texas, but her plea to halt the execution  was refused. (IT-EN)

23/05/02  Uganda     

The Chief of Military Intelligence and army MP, Lt.Col. Noble Mayombo Supports Death Penalty. (EN)

23/05/02  Saudi Arabia     

A Saudi woman and an Ethiopian man were beheaded. (EN)

22/05/02  Texas/USA     

The execution of Napoleon Beazley will be carried out next May 28th. Napoleon was sentenced to death when he was juvenile, 17 years old. We call for everybody to subscribe our urgent appeal so that his life is spared. (EN)

22/05/02  USA     

Digging a grave for capital punishment? - State moratoriums have some in the U.S. predicting the end is near. (Toronto Globe). (EN)

22/05/02  Maryland/USA     

Death penalty debate revived, after the decision of the Governor.  (EN)

21/05/02  Russia     

Officials urge Putin to reinstate death penalty.  (EN)

21/05/02  Bangladesh     

Mofazzal Hossain, 45, was executed by hanging. It was the first execution after 14 years.  (EN)

21/05/02  Louisiana/USA     

Leslie Martin was executed. (IT)

21/05/02  Florida/USA     

Amnesty International wants U.S. to investigate Frank Valdes’ death on death row. (EN)

21/05/02  Giordania     

A man and a woman executed together by hanging, after being convicted for the murder of her husband. (IT)

21/05/02  USA     

Time to kill death penalty? U.S. opposition to `national shame' of Death Row grows. (EN)

21/05/02  USA     

Events give 101 reasons to end death penalty, cardinal Mc Carrick, Archbishop of Washington, says. (EN)

20/05/02  Missouri/USA     Urgent Appeal

William R. Jones, has been for 7 years on death row. He asked for our help. You can send the petition and use the form on the web-site (in English, French, German).

20/05/02  Philippines

Under Oreta Aquino’s initiative, death penalty for juveniles will be banned.  (EN)

20/05/02  Texas/USA

Ronford Styron, 32, was executed.  (IT-EN)

20/05/02  Saudi Arabia

Two men were beheaded in Riyadh.  (EN)

19/05/02  Texas/USA

Johnny Martinez. His date of execution is scheduled on May 22nd. Victim's Mom asks parole board to spare son's murderer. (EN)  (see our urgent appeal)

19/05/02  Alabama/USA

Lynda Lyon Block, 53, was the last person to be executed with the electric chair, that in July will be abolished in Alabama. (IT-EN-FR) 

19/05/02  Texas/USA

Reginald Reeves, 28, was executed. (IT-EN) 

19/05/02  Pakistan

Zafran, the woman condenned by lapidation with the accusation of adultry has presented a request for acquittal. (IT) (see our urgent appeal)

19/05/02  Kenya

Not Hanging Could Be Cruel? (The Nation – Nairobi). (EN) 

19/05/02  New York/USA

For Death Penalty, a Day of Reckoning. (EN) 

18/05/02  Pakistan

2 Afghan nationals hanged. (EN) 

18/05/02  Japan    Urgent Appeal

Seijiro Yamano - aged 64. (EN) 

18/05/02  Missouri/USA  

Missouri Supreme Court delays Christopher Simmons execution to June 5. (EN) 

18/05/02  Kenya/UN  

Kenya Shuns UN Vote On Death Penalty. (EN) 

18/05/02  Georgia/USA  

How many innocent people on death row? (The Atlanta Journal Constitution).   (EN) 

18/05/02  New York/USA  

19 law professors who oppose the death penalty, signed a brief which shows how the State Constitution bans every cruel and unusual punishment. (EN) 

17/05/02  Texas/USA   

Henry Dunn was granted a reprieve by the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals, only few hours before the execution.  (IT-EN)  (see our urgent appeal)

17/05/02  USA   

Take it from one who knows: death penalty system is broken.Ray Krone describes his terrible experience.  (EN)

17/05/02  Iran   

A man was hanged with a public execution.  (IT)

17/05/02  Italy   

Nothern Italy newspapers describe the meetings organized by the Community of Sant’Egidio in several cities with Bill Pelke, prominent American abolitionist.  (EN)

16/05/02  Indonesia   

Indonesia sentences Malaysian to death for bombing.  (EN)

14/05/02  Uzbekistan   

The death sentence for 2 young men was commuted into 12 years sentence, thanks to the intervention of the Association "Mothers against death penalty".  (IT-EN)

14/05/02  Italy   

The World Coalition against death penalty was born in Rome yesterday, with the participation of the Mayors of Rome, Washington, Barcelona, Grenoble and numerous personalities.  (IT-EN-FR)

13/05/02  USA   

Freed man talking: La CNN intervista Ray Krone, recentmente liberato dal braccio della morte.  (EN)

12/05/02  Tailand   

Amnesty International urged the Thai Prime Minister to scrap the death penalty, following five executions last week.  (IT)

12/05/02  Pakistan   Urgent Appeal

Zafran Bibi (Pakistan) - aged 26 -  was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery.  (EN)

11/05/02  Maryland/USA  

Gov. Glendening Declares Death Penalty Moratorium. (EN)

10/05/02  Italy  

Altogether to abolish capital punishment everywhere. On May 13th numerous Leaders of abolitionist associations meet in Rome, on the invitation of the Sant’Egidio Community, to found the World Coalition against the death penalty. (IT)

10/05/02  Texas/USA  

Brian Edward Davis, 33, mentally retarded, got a stay from US Supreme Court, few hours before the execution. (EN)

10/05/02  Italy  

The book of Aldo Forbice “I signori della morte” was presented in Rome. (IT-EN)

09/05/02  Germany  

On May 3rd in Berlin there was a public meeting organized by the Sant'Egidio Community, at the biggest university in the city, within the campaign to abolish the death penalty. Sam Sheppard, among the founders of the association "The Journey of hope", spoke about his experience as a murder victim. (IT-EN)

09/05/02  Pennsylvania/USA  

Thomas H. Kimbell is the 101st former death row inmate who was exonerated and freed. (EN)

08/05/02  Indiana/USA  

H.E. Mgr. Joseph Dale MELCZEK, the Catholic Bishop of GARY, Indiana (USA) signed the appeal supporting the International Campaign of Sant’Egidio Community  for a World moratorium of the death penalty.

08/05/02  European Union  

Council of Europe Rule Out Death Penalty even in Wartime.US and Japan invited to cease the cruel punishment. (IT-EN)

07/05/02 USA  

Judge Questions the Constitutionality of Federal Death Penalty on the ground that innocent people are being sentenced to death "with a frequency far greater than previously supposed. (IT-EN)

06/05/02 Italy  

On May 7th Mario Marazziti will present the new book of Aldo Forbice “I signori della morte”, a map of the countries which still use death penalty. (IT)

06/05/02 Italy  

Bill Pelke, president and cofounder of “Journey of Hope”, one of the most important associations against death penalty in the US, will be in Northern Italy on May 6th-10th with the Community of Sant’Egidio, for a series of public conferences (Verona, Bologna, Piacenza, Parma, Novara, Torino). (IT)

06/05/02 Sud Carolina/USA  

Richard Charles Johnson, 39, was executed. (IT-EN)

05/05/02 Texas/USA  

Nine executions in Texas in next 4 1/2 weeks.  (IT-EN)

05/05/02 USA  

According to New York Times Democrats should take the high ground on capital punishment, as a gutsy Republican Governor George Ryan of Illinois did.  (EN)

04/05/02  Maryland/USA  

The death penalty deception. The case of  Wesley Eugene Baker  illustrates the racist and arbitrary nature of death row.  (EN)

04/05/02  China  

Ten people were executed in Eastern China.  (IT)

04/05/02  Illinois/USA   

Another look at capital punishment Penalty: An Illinois panel's study again raises the question whether state-sanctioned killing is a fair form of punishment.  (EN)

03/05/02  Nigeria   

Islamic prosecutors seek death penalty for Christian converts, but judge avoids death sentence.  (EN)

03/05/02  Saudi Arabia   

Eid bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Assiri was beheaded.  (EN)

03/05/02  Iran     

Gholam Ramazanifar, was granted a stay of the execution and then a commutation, on request of the victim’s family, when the rope was already on his neck.   (IT)

03/05/02  Tennessee/USA     

Corte Suprema esaminera' caso del Tennessee che potrebbe avere riflessi su numerosi appelli pendenti.   (IT-EN)

02/05/02  Texas/USA     

Supreme Court halts execution of Curtis Moore, 34,mentally retarded.   (IT-EN)

02/05/02  Texas/USA     

Texas Executes Rodolfo Hernandez, 52, the One-Legged Inmate, after denying him a request to be fitted with a prosthetic device (so he could walk to his death "like a man"). (IT-EN)

01/05/02  UN     

UN Human Rights Commission approved resolution for the abolition of death penalty presented by EU. (IT-EN)

01/05/02  European Union/USA     

EU to propose an agrement with US on extradition, only without death penalty. (IT)