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NO to the Death Penalty
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       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

March 2003

31/03/03  Uzbekistan

Commuted to 20 years' imprisonment the death sentence pending on Ilchomzhon Chakimzhon Karimov (see our urgent appeal).  (EN)

31/03/03  Texas/USA

Execution of youths under 18 subject of hearing.  (EN)

29/03/03  Nigeria

Sant'Egidio: we invite to send your appeal to save Amina.    (EN)

29/03/03  Texas/USA

Executions: The Needle Paused in Texas, the case of D. Banks.(The Economist )  (EN)

28/03/03  Indiana/USA

Bush spurns Indiana archbishop`s plea to spare life of federal death row inmate Louis Jones.  (EN)

28/03/03  Georgia-Oklahoma/USA

John Michael Hooker, 49, and Larry Moon, 57, were executed.  (EN)

27/03/03  Nigeria

Amina's appeal delayed by judge's absence to June 3.  (IT-EN-ES)

25/03/03  USA

Ashcroft Says Retarded Man No Longer Faces Death Penalty.  (EN)

24/03/03  Florida/USA

Privatizing death row appeals will surely accelerate executions.  (EN)

22/03/03  Uzbekistan

EBRD issues Uzbekistan with reform ultimatum: Govt. has to abolish torture and death penalty.    (EN)

22/03/03  Japan

The Osaka High Court rejected Seijiro Yamano's appeal for a new trial. Now a decision by the Supreme Court is waited.    (IT)

21/03/03  Texas/USA

Keith Clay, 31, was executed. Before the execution a vigil was organized by the Sant'Egidio Community in Rome near the Colosseum with the students.  (IT-EN)

21/03/03  Oklahoma/USA

Walanzo Deon Robinson, 31, was executed.  (IT)

21/03/03  Uganda

Government: Executions were necessary.  (EN)

20/03/03  Maryland/USA

Maryland Defeats Death Penalty Moratorium (EN)

20/03/03  Oklahoma/USA

Louis Jones was executed.  (EN)

20/03/03  Kenya

Pregnant female spared death penalty (EN)

19/03/03  China

Yan Liang, 31, was executed.  (IT-ES)

19/03/03  European Parliament/Nigeria

Parliament adopted a resolution on the case of Amina, urging the Nigerian Govt. to ensure that all executions are halted.  (IT-EN-FR-ES-FR)

19/03/03  Malawi

2 Malawians to hang for tourist's murder  (EN)

18/03/03  Texas/USA

Texan newspapers: Texas needs a moratorium.  (EN)

18/03/03  China

Death delivered to the door. (EN)

17/03/03  Kenya

Gibson Njau Githaria was set free after spending 16 years on death row for an offence he says he did not commit.  (EN)

17/03/03  Texas/USA

Bobby Glen Cook, 41, was executed. (EN)

17/03/03  USA

On March 1st The Abolition Day, in some U.S. States  (EN)

15/03/03  Tajikistan

Rights Groups Say Executions Increasing (EN)

15/03/03  Alabama/USA

Michael Eugene Thompson, 43, was executed. . (EN)

14/03/03  Usa/Community of Sant'Egidio

The Community of Sant’Egidio backs “Under our wings” and the Rev. Masters, calling for the abolition of the death penalty for the juveniles. (EN)

14/03/03  Kenya

Tough life after Kenya's death row. (EN)

14/03/03  Texas/USA

US Supreme Court blocks the execution of Delma Banks, just few hours before the scheduled lethal injection.  (IT-EN)

13/03/03  Indonesia

The parliament has passed anti-terrorism legislation which authorises the death penalty and detention even without trial.  (EN)

13/03/03  Texas/USA

Texas set for 300th execution since revival of death penalty.  (IT-EN)

13/03/03  Alabama/USA

Gov. Riley said won't stop the execution of M. Thompson on Thursday. (EN)

12/03/03  Uganda

Abolish Death Penalty - Envoy  (EN)

12/03/03  USA

Death penalty: How foolproof is justice? (EN)

12/03/03  Illinois/USA

House committee votes to abolish death penalty. (EN)

11/03/03  Pennsylvania/USA

Supreme Court's Committee Calls for Moratorium. (IT-EN)

11/03/03  USA

The Death Row Syndrome. (EN)

11/03/03  Maryland/USA

Anguish, Anger on Both Sides Of Md. Death Penalty Debate. (EN)

10/03/03  Alabama/USA

Clergy: End youth executions.Interfaith group pens letter to stateofficials. (EN)

10/03/03  Missouri/USA

Prosecutors See Limits to Doubt in Capital Cases. (EN)

08/03/03  Italy-Nigeria

In the Square for Amina with the Mayor of Rome, on the Woman’s Day. (IT)

07/03/03  Italy-Nigeria

In Rome the Woman's Day is dedicated to Amina Lawal. The participation of the Sant'Egidio Community. (IT)

07/03/03  Pennsylvania/USA

Supreme Court's Committee Calls for Moratorium. (IT-EN)

06/03/03  Alabama/USA       Urgent Appeal

Michael Thompson - 43 years old -  Sentenced to death - Execution set on March, 15th 2003 (EN)

06/03/03  Uganda

3 soldiers executed. (EN)

06/03/03  Italy

Meeting at Sant'Egidio with "Under our wings", against the death penalty for the juveniles. (IT-EN)

05/03/03  USA

A Federal Court Approves Forcible Antipsychotic Treatment for Mentally Incompetent Convicts. (EN)

04/03/03  Qatar

Qatar court upholds death sentence on Jordanian "spy". (IT-FR-EN)

03/03/03  Italy

The trend of abolition in the world.  (IT)

03/03/03  Illinois/USA

Illinois jury issues first death sentence since former governor emptied death row.  (IT-EN)

02/03/03  Abkhazia/Georgia

Tbilisi Protest Against Death Penalty in Breakaway Abkhazia.  (EN)

02/03/03  Florida/USA

Amos King, 48, was executed.  (IT-EN)

01/03/03  Council of Europe

New protocol against terrorism: no extradition for convicted to death.  (IT)

01/03/03  Arizona/USA

Panel: Change Death Penalty Rules (banning for juveniles).  (EN)

01/03/03  Texas/USA

Richard Head Williams, 33, was executed.  (IT-EN)