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November 2001

29/11/01 Nigeria

Rights Group Assures of Fair Hearing for Safiyat Continua

29/11/01 Swaziland

Senate  wants 12 speedier executions Continua

29/11/01 North Carolina/USA

Pope asks clemency for John Hardy Rose, whose execution is scheduled on Nov. 30th Continua

29/11/01 Florida/USA

Save Money by Halting Executions Continua

29/11/01 Nigeria

Open letter to save Safiya (and the newborn) Continua

27/11/01 Oklahoma/USA

Police Chemist's Missteps Cause Okla. Scandal Continua

27/11/01 Sudan

Two burglars wPolice Chemist's Missteps Cause Okla. Scandalexecuted Continua

27/11/01 European Union

US argue and  press UE for extraditing suspect terrorists Continua

27/11/01 Spain

U.S. Death Penalty Stops Spain Extraditing Suspects Continua

24/11/01 Nigeria

According to Misna, Safiya Tungar Tudu, sentenced to death by stoning, got a stay Continua

23/11/01 Nigeria

Nigerian Ambassador in Italy claims that Safiya Hussaini will not be executed Continua

23/11/01 Kenya

Another execution for theft Continua

23/11/01 Cuba

Cuba Government is considering abolition of death penalty Continua

23/11/01 Pennsylvania/USA

Mumia Abu-Jamal's New Trial Rejected Continua

23/11/01 Zimbabwe

Mugabe threatens death sentence for anti-government plotters Continua

22/11/01 USA

Amnesty International: Time to reject the culture of death Continua

North Carolina/USA

Pope called governor to grant clemency to John Hardy Rose (execution scheduled: Nov.30th) Continua

22/11/01 Illinois/USA

Death penalty changes proposed Continua

22/11/01 Illinois/USA

Inmate sentenced to death by “Hanging Jury” will remain on Death Row Continua

22/11/01 Italy

Save those human lives! The Italian newspaper “La Nazione” reports the appeals of the Community of Sant'Egidio  Continua

21/11/01 Thailand

The executions of  drug-traffickers can be broadcasted Continua

21/11/01 USA

Catholic Bishops Renew Call to End the Death Penalty Continua

21/11/01 Italy

Gorbaciov,  Andreotti and Gonzalez celebrate in Florence the anniversary of the abolition of death penalty in Tuscany Continua

20/11/01 Ohio/USA

Governor abolishes electric chair Continua

20/11/01 Georgia/USA

Fred Gilreath, 63, was executed Continua

20/11/01 Pennsylvania/USA

Another Death Penalty Conviction Overturned Continua

19/11/01 Italy

From Rome to Venice: in the year 2002 a monument will be lit up for life, against death penalty. Mario Marazziti speaks out Continua

19/11/01 New-Mexico/USA

New Mexico Governor Convinced that Innocent People Have Been Executed Continua

19/11/01 Italy

Venice for life. The Council and the Community of Sant’Egidio present the initiative against the death penalty Continua

19/11/01 Italy

Not in our name! In Trieste George and William, special testimonials against death penalty, meet students and people    Continua

19/11/01 Italy

George White, the founder of the Association of Murder Victims Families met University students in Milan  Continua

16/11/01 Georgia/USA

U.S. appeals court stays execution of Georgia killer  Continua

16/11/01 Texas/USA

Texas executes man who received Sept. 11 reprieve  Continua

16/11/01 Nigeria

The Sokoto State government has declared that the Federal Government can not change the judgement of death sentence by stoning passed on Hajiya Safiyatu Husseini by the Gwadabawa Upper Sharia Court.  Continua

14/11/01 Usa

Mgr. Wilton Gregory, the new President of U.S. Catholic Episcopal Conference, is in he front line against the death penalty   Continua

13/11/01 Turkey

Turk has performed miracles: end of death penalty Continua

13/11/01 Ohio/USA

Judges Squabble Over Proceedings Surrounding Ohio Man's Stay of Execution (Washington Post) Continua

13/11/01 USA

Death-penalty doubts Continua

13/11/01 Asia

Appeal of Amnesty International to the Asiatic Countries in Bali:  Death penalty is not the answer Continua

13/11/01 Iran

Hossein Talkhabi,  26 and Abolfazl Dehgan, 19, were hunged Continua

13/11/01 USA

Washington Post: Executions Decrease For the 2nd Year: lowest number since 1996 Continua
13/11/01 USA

Public outcry can stem executions, says opponent of death penalty  Continua
11/11/01 South Korea

Cardinal Kim to press politicians for abolition of death penalty Continua
11/11/01 Florida /USA

Bishop takes on death penalty - Call for moratorium goes to the pews Continua
11/11/01 China

U.N. Official Fears China Uses Terror War as Front for Executions of  members of Turkish minority and Falun Gong Continua
11/11/01 Ghana

Acting Chief Justice Edward Kwame Wiredu challenges Parliament stating his preference for capital punishment Continua
09/11/01 Nigeria

A South African news agency reports that the woman convicted to death would have fled her home - 08/11/01 Continua
09/11/01 Kenya

Another death sentence for theft - 06/11/01 Continua
09/11/01 India

SC commutes Bhai Thakur's death sentence - 06/11/01 Continua
09/11/01 Florida/USA

Florida Judge Overturns Death Row Inmate's Conviction - 05/11/01 Continua
08/11/01 Texas/USA

Urgent appeals - Emerson Rudd is scheduled for execution on November 15, 2001 - 08/11/01 Continua
08/11/01 New Mexico/USA

First execution after 40 years: Terry Clark was executed - 07/11/01 Continua
08/11/01 Georgia

Jose Martinez High, 43, was executed - 07/11/01 Continua
08/11/01 Guatemala

Death sentence - 06/11/01 Continua
07/11/01 China

18 executions in one day - 06/11/01 Continua
07/11/01 Pennsylvania/USA

Married couple convicted to death - 05/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 Jugoslavia

Parliament abolishes capital punishment - 06/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 Nigeria

Pregnant woman appeals against death sentence. Senate President Condemns Woman's Death Sentence - 06/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 Japan

Death penalty asked for Chinese in murder trial - 05/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 USA

Court Reviews Death Penalty Case: Walter Mickens - 05/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 Pakistan

Ali Sher, 21 anni, è stato messo a morte tramite impiccagione - 05/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 Japan

Shizuka Kameim new head of death penalty abolitionists - 03/11/01 Continua
06/11/01 USA

Capital Punishment Debate Sees Shifts in U.S. States - 31/10/01 Continua
New Mexico/USA

Pope’s appeal to save life of Terry Clark - 02/11/01 Continua
05/11/01 USA

Death penalty highlighted in U.S. Catholic bishops' proposed pro-life plan - 02/11/01 Continua
05/11/01 Kentuchy/USA

Kentucky Death Sentences Reversed; Governor Supports Ban on Executing Juveniles - 31/11/01 Continua
03/11/01 Nigeria

Urgent appeals - Safiya Hussaini Tungar - Tudu (Nigeria)  - 03/11/01 Continua
03/11/01 New Mexico/USA

The imminent  Execution of Terry Clark  Haunts Ex-Governor  - 01/11/01 Continua
03/11/01 China

Two executions  - 01/11/01 Continua
03/11/01 Pakistan

Death sentences of 10 changed into life term  - 31/10/01 Continua
03/11/01 Francia

Ex Minister  in favour of reintroduction of death penalty  - 31/10/01 Continua
03/11/01 South Korea

Debate on Abolition of Death Penalty  - 31/10/01 Continua
03/11/01 Cuba

UE asks Cuba to abolish death penalty  - 29/10/01 Continua
01/11/01 Algeria

One hundred death sentences are coul be commutated to life imprisonment - 31/10/01 Continua
01/11/01 California/USA

Governor Asked to Halt Executions - 31/10/01 Continua
01/11/01 South Korea

Parliament moves to abolition - 30/10/01 Continua
01/11/01 Texas/USA

Marchers with Bishop gathered at Capitol demand end to death penalty - 29/11/01 Continua