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NO to the Death Penalty
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       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

October 2002

31/10/02  Italia     

S.E. Jan Sergiusz Gajek M.I.C., Minsk (Bielorussia) signed the appeal supporting the International Campaign of Sant’Egidio Community  for a World moratorium of the death penalty.

31/10/02  Saudi Arabia

Saudi executes Palestinian who set father on fire.  (EN)

31/10/02  USA

Former inmates tour to denounce death penalty.  (EN)

31/10/02  Florida/USA

Florida Might Edit Death Penalty Law.  (EN)

31/10/02  Missouri/USA   Urgent Appeal

Sign and send the appeal for William R. Jones (Nov. 20th execution date scheduled)  (EN)

29/10/02  Zambia

Belief in Witchcraft Rescues Prisoner From Death Sentence.  (EN)

29/10/02  Arizona/USA

Ariz. Court Overturns Death Sentence.  (EN)

28/10/02  Jamaica

If leader wins elections, he will resume hangings.  (EN)

28/10/02  Florida/USA

Group organizes rally against death penalty.  (EN)

26/10/02  Florida/USA

FL. Ct. Rules: No Clergy on Jury.  (EN)

26/10/02  Ohio/USA

"I'm Angry & Innocent". K. Richey describes the 16-year hell of Death Row.  (EN)

25/10/02  Illinois/USA

Death penalty on trial. 142 death sentenced could be commuted.   (IT-EN)

25/10/02  Japan

Death sentence for Japan gas maker.   (EN)

25/10/02  China

Chen Zhenping was executed by firing squad.   (EN)

25/10/02  Nigeria

Bishop attack sharia law and death penalty.   (EN)

24/10/02  Afghanistan

First post-Taliban death sentence.   (EN)

23/10/02  USA

Divided Supreme Court: they Won't Review Juvenile Death Penalty.   (IT-EN)

23/10/02  Italy

On Oct. 26th Concert to save 3 inmates on death row.   (IT)

23/10/02  South Africa

230 Death row Prisoners Still Awaiting Sentence Substitution.   (EN)

22/10/02  Ohio/USA

Don't execute daughter's killer, parents plead.   (EN)

22/10/02  Cina

Deng Chenhui was executed for embezzlement.   (EN)

20/10/02  Texas/USA

Death case tests jury racial makeup;U.S. Supreme Court.   (EN)

20/10/02  Saudi Arabia

Ayman Hazazi was executed.   (EN)

19/10/02  Indonesia

Government to use death penalty against terrorism.   (IT)

19/10/02  China

Court overturns death sentence of a Christian leader.   (IT-EN)

19/10/02  Nebraska/USA

Nebraska to use lethal injection: the electric chair will disappear.   (IT)

18/10/02  Florida/USA

Death Row itself is death enough, survivor says.   (EN)

18/10/02  Nigeria

Nigerians Unaware of Stoning Decree.   (EN)

17/10/02  Armenia

Two death sentences.   (EN)

17/10/02  Taiwan

First step toward the abolition for juveniles.    (EN)

16/10/02  Idaho/USA

Possible new trial for Mark Lankford.    (EN)

16/10/02  Florida/USA

Aileen Wuomos, 46, was executed.     (IT-EN)

16/10/02  Texas/USA

The U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments in the case of Thomas Miller-El.    (EN)

15/10/02  USA

Nobel Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter, who today is against the death penalty.     (EN)

15/10/02  China

Court overturns death sentence of a Christian leader.    (IT)

15/10/02  Florida/USA

Critics say Jeb Bush is using Wuornos to get re-elected. (BBC).     (EN)

14/10/02  Italia/USA

A book of Bianca Cerri with the letters from U.S. death rows.   (IT)

13/10/02  Iran

Iran hanging stalled by heart attack.   (EN)

12/10/02  USA

Death penalty doubts. No interest to Attorney General Ashcroft.  (EN)

11/10/02  Nigeria

Obasanjo: Amina won't be stoned for adultery.  (IT-EN)

11/10/02  Florida/USA

Court grants Gerald Murray new trial – again.   (EN)

10/10/02  Tajikistan

Deadly secrets: The death penalty in law and practice.   (EN)

10/10/02  Iran

Italian Government is asked to intervene for the respect of human rights in Iran.  (IT)

10/10/02  Japan

Death row is not knowing when.   (EN)

09/10/02  Texas/USA

James Rexford Powell, 56, was executed.  (EN)

09/10/02  Florida/USA

Bush stays the execution of Aileen Wuornos.  (EN)

09/10/02  Iraq

Iraqi Group Say Gov. Executed 15.  (EN)

08/10/02  Virginia/USA

Earl Washington (pardone d after 10 years on death row) files civil lawsuit.  (EN)

08/10/02  Florida/USA

Executions start again. Rigoberto Sanchez-Velasco, 43, was executed.  (EN)

08/10/02  USA

BBC: US condemned for youth executions.  (EN)

07/10/02  New Mexico/USA

Candidates favor death penalty for child killers.  (EN)

07/10/02  Myanmar

4 relatives of the ex dictator, were sentenced to death.  (IT)

07/10/02  Nigeria

For the Prosecutor the appeal of Sarimu Mohammed, must be rejected.  (IT)

06/10/02  Council of Europe/Armenia

Council of Europe calls Armenia to abolish he death penalty.  (IT)

06/10/02  Texas/USA

After the 800th execution, how many others?  (IT)

06/10/02  France

Last executioners in Algeria publishes his memoirs.  (IT-EN-FR)

05/10/02  Europen Union

EU Foreign Affairs Ministers criticize stoning.  (IT)

05/10/02  Florida/USA

Lawyer representing Aileen Wuornos asked state SupremeCourt to evaluate his client's mental competency.  (EN)

05/10/02  Illinois/USA

Commutation Is Justice, Not Mercy.  (EN)

04/10/02  Turkey

Turkish Court Lifts Death Sentence on Ocalan.  (IT-EN)

04/10/02  Amnesty International/Tajikistan 

Amnesty International criticizes death penalty practices.  (EN)

04/10/02  Nigeria 

President Obasanjo: Amina will not be stoned.  (EN)

04/10/02  USA 

Juveniles and death penalty on the American newspapers.  (EN)

03/10/02  Texas/USA    Urgent Appeal

Rickey Lynn Lewis40 years old (EN)

03/10/02  Florida/USA 

Introduction to Death Row-By Richard E. Shere Jr.Florida Death Row.  (EN)

03/10/02  Uganda 

Uganda: Is the State Allowed to Kill? - Father Agostoni criticises the death sentence.  (EN)

02/10/02  Iran 

Public display. Thousands gather to see 5 rapists executed.  (IT-EN)

02/10/02  Florida/USA  

New trial for William Kelley, after 18 years on death row.  (EN)

02/10/02  Arkansas/USA  

Judge likens juveniles to mentally incompetent and therefore they cannot be executed.  (EN)

01/10/02  Philippines  

President Arroyo stays all the executions. Colosseum is lit up for Philippines.  (IT-FR)

01/10/02  Texas/USA  

Texas executions are so routine that few notice.  (EN)

01/10/02  Arkansas/USA  

R. Halperin encourages people to rid of the nightmare of death penalty.  (EN)