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NO to the Death Penalty
International Campaign
       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

September 2002

30/09/02  Italy  

Gilda Tedesco celebrates her 100th birthday. She collected with us hundreds of signatures against the death penalty.  (IT)

30/09/02  Nigeria  

Appeal Against Death Sentence By Stoning Adjourned. (EN)

30/09/02  Texas/USA   

Calvin King, 48, was executed. (IT-EN)

30/09/02  Caribean   

Several governments in the region change the constitution in an effort to beat rise in violent crimes. (EN)

30/09/02  Texas/USA   

Texas Shrugs Off Debate on Executions. Death Row Routine Marches On. (Washington Post) (EN)

29/09/02  USA   

800th execution in the US. The abolitionists speak out. (EN)

29/09/02  Italy/Nigeria   

Italian Government to promoto an international iniziative to save Amina. (EN)

29/09/02  Illinois/Usa   

Ryan's saving grace. (EN)

28/09/02  Texas/Usa   

Rex Mays, 42, was executed. (IT-EN)

28/09/02  Kenya/Uganda   

Jail Chiefs Oppose death penalty. (EN)

28/09/02  Florida/USA   

When Does the Death Penalty Become Cruel And Unusual? (Floridian newspapers). (EN)

27/09/02  Maryland/USA   

Md. Death Penalty Report Delayed Until After Elections.  (EN)

27/09/02  Texas/USA   

Ron Shamburger, 30, was executed.  (IT)

27/09/02  USA   

"Hate can literally destroy you. I still oppose the death penalty." Anne Coleman, Journey of Hope 2002. (EN)

26/09/02  Italia   

Initiatives and proposals within the campaign against the death penalty illustrated by Sant’Egidio at Italian Senat (IT)

26/09/02  USA    

Federal district judge declares death penalty law unconstitutional. (IT-EN-ES)

26/09/02  Philippines    

Supreme Court rejects petition to stop 30 executions. (EN)

26/09/02  Germany/USA    

Germany Won't Seek to Extradite Suspect Terrorists. (EN)

26/09/02  Iran    

Five people executed, other six in a few days. (IT)

26/09/02  Texas/USA    

Executing the mentally retarded must cease, the U.S. Supreme Court says. Now comes the tricky part. (EN)

26/09/02  USA    

Dignity Denied: New Report Reveals Bias Against Surviving Family Members Who Oppose The Death Penalty. (EN)

25/09/02  Jamaica    

Prime Minister, if re-elected, will change Constitution for a resumption of hanging. (EN)

25/09/02  Alabama-Nevada/USA    

Two death sentences overturned in Alabama and Nevada. (IT-EN)

25/09/02  Nigeria/USA    

American newspapers report the case of Amina. (EN)

25/09/02  Texas/USA    

Perry in Mexico defends execution - Says death of Suarez not racist. (EN)

23/09/02  China    

Ten people executed for common crimes. ( (IT-ES)

23/09/02  Europe/USA    

Europe and US still do not agree on extradition & death penalty. (IT-EN)

22/09/02  Texas/USA    Urgent Appeal

James Rexford Powel56 years old (EN)

22/09/02  California/USA

Court appoints guardian for condemned mentally retarded man (EN)

21/09/02  Texas/USA

Ron Shamburger, 30, was executed.  (EN)

21/09/02  Kenia

Death row convicts' horrid lives.  (EN)

21/09/02  Thailand

Man from Scotland faces a possible death penalty in Thailand for smuggling drugs.  (EN)

21/09/02  USA

75 years ago Sacco and Vanzetti were executed.  (EN)

20/09/02  Texas/USA

A sudden rise of executions just in view of elections.  (IT)

20/09/02  Texas/USA

Jesse Joe Patrick, 44, was executed.  (IT-EN)

20/09/02  Philippines

Arroyo likely to defer rapist's execution on cardinal's birthday.  (EN)

20/09/02  Texas/USA

American newspapers  debate on the execution o Medina.  (EN)

19/09/02  Japan

Tetsuya Tamoto, 36, and Yoshiteru Hamada, 51, were hanged.  (IT-EN)

19/09/02  Florida/USA

The death sentence of Spanish citizen Julio Mora, 75, was overturned.  (ES)

19/09/02  China

8 executions.  (ES)

19/09/02  Texas/USA

David Atwood (Texas Coalition) replies to Scalia.   (EN)

18/09/02  Arizona/USA

Two inmates sentenced to death may save thierselves after Supreme Court ruling.   (EN)

18/09/02  Texas

In 2002c Texas Executions Far Surpass Any Other State.   (EN)

18/09/02  Nigeria

CRP asked for the intervention of the Federal Government to save Amina.   (EN)

18/09/02  USA/California

Charles Andy Williams was sentenced to 50 years.   (EN)

18/09/02  USA/Florida

King brothers' trial delayed to October 17th.   (EN)

16/09/02  Nigeria/Great Britain

Queen May Boycott Death-Sentence State.   (EN)

16/09/02  USA

EU Justice Ministers, Ashcroft to Discuss Death Penalty, Extradition.   (EN)

15/09/02  South Carolina/USA

Michael Passaro, 40, (volunteer) was executed.  (IT-EN)

15/09/02  Kenya

Woman,22, to hang for a few dollars robbery.  (EN)

15/09/02  California/USA

Federal appeals court clears for execution inmate nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.  (EN)

14/09/02  New York/USA

New York City Premiere of "Dead Man Walking" Opera.  (EN)

14/09/02  China

Eight men executed in one only day.  (FR)

14/09/02  USA

Death penalty: U.S. among nations marked by extremism.  (EN)

13/09/02  Texas/USA

Tony Walker, 36, executed.  (EN)

13/09/02  Nigeria

President Obasanjo confident on Amina’s fate.  (EN)

12/09/02  Illinois/USA

Gov. Ryan proposes changes on death penalty law.  (EN)

10/09/02  Italy/Nigeria

Rome: Honorary citizenship to Safiya:”Thanks to everybody. Now save Amina!”  (IT-EN)

09/09/02  Italy/Nigeria

The Unions join the appeal to save Amina.   (IT)

09/09/02  Vietnam/Australia

Australian woman sentenced to death.   (IT-EN)

08/09/02  Philippines

President Arroyo deferred the execution of three rapists by 3 months.   (EN)

08/09/02  USA

Justices: Re-Examine Teen Executions   (IT-EN)

07/09/02  Nigeria

No Miss World Contest, if the death sentence for Amina is not reversed.   (IT)

06/09/02  Italy/Nigeria

Safiya was given the freedom of the city of Rome.   (IT)

06/09/02  Sudan

The appeal for 88 death sentences was rejected.   (IT)

05/09/02  Illinois/USA

Illinois prisoner review board will tackle all death cases in four days.   (EN)

05/09/02  Great Britain

“The death penalty is a dead issue”. The debate after the murder of the two children.   (EN)

04/09/02  Italy

International Meeting Peoples and Religions - Palermo 1-3 settembre 2002 - Round tables - Third Millennium without the Death Penalty?  (IT-EN)

04/09/02  Rep. Centro Africa
Former President Kolingba and 20 soldiers sentenced to death.   (IT)

03/09/02  Nigeria
Two other death sentences for adultery.   (IT-EN)

03/09/02  Texas/USA
Toronto Patterson, 24, juvenile, was executed.   (IT-EN)

02/09/02  Pakistan
Six Sentenced to Death for Gang Rape in Pakistan.   (IT-EN)

02/09/02  Mexico/Nigeria
Mexico's president to fight death penalty in Nigeria.   (EN)

02/09/02  Ohio/USA
Judge reverses no-death ruling: he may face lethal injection.   (IT-EN)

01/09/02  Nigeria
Other reactions after the case of Amina.   (EN)

01/09/02  USA/Messico
Mexican Government to apply to the International Court for Medina’s execution.   (IT)