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September 2003

28/09/03  North Carolina/USA        Urgent Appeal

Edward Ernest Hartman - 39 years old- Sentenced to death - Execution set on October 3rd 2003   (EN)

28/09/03  Missouri/USA

Death sentence for juvenile killer overturned. (EN)

27/09/03  Nigeria/Sant'Egidio

The acquittal of Amina is the end of a nightmare. That's a first important step, but the struggle to save the life of the other persons sentenced to death continues. (IT)

27/09/03  Nigeria

Man sentenced to be stoned for sodomy. (IT)

27/09/03  Nigeria

Archbishop of Lagos: "Satisfaction for Amina. The death penalty offends God." (IT-EN)

27/09/03  Uganda

Corporal P. Gimaro, sentenced to death for cowardice, was not executed (as previously reported by some sources). President has commuted death sentence. (EN)

25/09/03   Nigeria

Amina Lawal was acquitted. (IT-EN)

25/09/03  India-Nigeria

Sona Khan, lawyer and expert of Islamic law, has been working on the case of Amina. She explains why Amina will not be executed. (IT-EN)

25/09/03  Tennessee/USA

Workman's execution postponed. Gov. grants reprieve till Jan. 15 because of federal investigation. (EN)

25/09/03  Louisiana/USA

State to expand death row with 59 new cells and new death house.  (EN)

23/09/03  Nigeria

Catholic Archbishop of Lagos Okogie, has called on those supporting stoning sentence passed on Amina to see reason.  (EN)

23/09/03  Nigeria

In Africa pressure is mounting on the Nigerian government to spare the life of Amina. President Mbeki intervenes too.   (EN)

23/09/03  Arizona/USA

Ariz. to Fight Decision that overturned the sentences of nearly 3/4 of the inmates death row.  (EN)

23/09/03  Texas/USA

Larry Allen Hayes, 54, was executed.  (IT-EN-ES)

22/09/03  USA

Following the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision (more than 100 death sentences overturned) numerous press accounts reported on the effect of the decision to be retroactive.  (EN)

22/09/03  Nigeria

Sharia in Zamfara state: Gov. Ahmed Sani answers to BBC. (EN)

21/09/03  Armenia

Parliament voted to abolish the death penalty.  (IT-ES-EN-FR)

21/09/03  Japan

Shinji MUKAI, 42, was hanged. Human rights organizations react and protest. (EN)

21/09/03  USA

Bush chiede al Congresso di maggiori possibilitÓ di ampliare la gamma di reati connessi col terrorismo in cui Ŕ prevista la pena capitale. (IT-EN)

19/09/03  Japan

Tsuneki Tomiyama, 86, the oldest inmate sentenced to death, died after spending 40 years on death row. (FR)

19/09/03  UE-Cuba

EU Ministers urge Cuban Govt. to restore moratorium of the death penalty. (IT-ES)

18/09/03  USA

Federal Judge Expresses Concern About Death Penalty:it "will inevitably result in the execution of innocent people.  (EN)

15/09/03  Brasile-Nigeria

Brazil offers asylum to Amina.  (IT)

15/09/03  Japan

Man gets life as court overturns death sentence.  (EN)

14/09/03  Taiwan

President announces: Taiwan to abolish the death penalty.  (IT)

14/09/03  Iran

Six death sentences overturned.  (IT)

14/09/03  Unione Europea-Nigeria

EU invites Nigerian Govt. to intervene in favour of Amina's acquittal.  (IT)

14/09/03  Louisiana/USA

Man sentenced to death for rape. The sentence renews debate on the death penalty.  (IT-EN)

13/09/03  North Carolina/USA

Henry Lee Hunt has been executed.  (EN)

13/09/03  Kazakistan

The President announces: by 2004 the bill for the abolition at Parliament. (IT)

13/09/03  USA

How death row changes. (IT)

13/09/03  Texas/USA

Court stayed the execution of Mark Robertson. (EN)

09/09/03  Germania

The Abolition of the Death Penalty: a Target for the XXI Century  (EN)

07/09/03  Kazakistan

Govt. to introduce life sentence, in view of a moratorium on death penalty.  (EN)

07/09/03  USA

Federal Judge Expresses Concern About Death Penalty:it "will inevitably result in the execution of innocent people.  (EN)

05/09/03  Florida/USA

Paul Hill, 49, was executed. He had killed abortion doctor.  (EN)

05/09/03  USA

Muhammad Team Attacks Death Penalty.  (EN)

03/09/03  Arizona/USA

U.S. Court Overturns Some 100 Death Sentences. (EN)

03/09/03  Saudi Arabia

Saudi beheaded for murder.   (EN)

02/09/03  North Carolina

Abolistionists meet to plan push for a moratorium. (EN)

02/09/03  Kenia

Condannati a morte per il furto di un cellulare. Si spera nella commutazione. (EN)

02/09/03  Thailand

Lethel injection replaces execution squads. (EN)