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28/06/04   New York/USA

New York's death penalty is dead, for now. Court declared the state's capital punishment law unconstitutional.  (IT-EN) 


21/06/04   Pakistan

High Court has commuted death sentence to Rehmat Shah Afridi, editor convicted for drugs pushing charges.  (EN) 


16/06/04   Philippines

6 death row convicts get 90-day reprieve.  (EN) 


14/06/04   Illinois/USA

Gordon Steidl, after he was wrongly convicted, sentenced to die and after spending 17 years on death row, was freed.  (EN) 


07/06/04   Massachusetts/USA

Laurence Adams, 51, was released after 30 years spent on death row.  (EN) 


03/06/04   Tajikistan

A further step towards moratorium: Lower House Passes bill proposed by the President.   (EN) 


31/05/04  Kenya
Music and dance at the High Court when six men sentenced to hang were set free by a two-judge appellate court.  (EN) 


23/05/04  Birmania

Burmese Court Overturns Death Sentence For 9 Prisoners.  (EN-ES) 


17/05/04  Oklahoma/USA-Messico

Just days before the scheduled execution of Osvaldo Torres, a Mexican foreign national on Oklahoma’s death row, Governor Brad Henry granted a request for clemency.   (IT-EN) 


10/05/04  Zambia

President Mwanawasa commuted 15 death sentences.   (FR) 


27/04/04  Uzbekistan

Evgenij Gugnin, already sentenced to death, was given 20 years of prison (see our urgent appeal).  (IT) 


12/04/04  Texas/USA

Federal appeals court overturns death sentence to Victor Saldano, Argentine laborer sentenced to death, "because he was hispanic". The Community of Sant'Egidio in Argentina had supported the case several times. Now a new (and fair) trial is expected.  (EN-ES) 


05/04/04  Pakistan

President stays execution of four prisoners on death row. (EN) 


01/04/04  Bhutan

Capital punishment abolished.  (EN) 


26/03/04  Samoa Occidentali

Death penalty abolished  (FR) 


26/03/04  Nigeria

Islamic Court of Appeal overturned death sentence by stoning for sodomy, given some months ago to Jibrin Babaji. (see our urgent appeal)  (FR-EN) 


19/03/04  Texas/USA

Cancelled the execution date of Efrain Perez and Raul Omar Villareal, waiting for U.S. Supreme Court decision on juvenile crimes.  (EN) 


18/03/04  Texas/USA

Gov. Rick Perry has commuted the death sentence of Robert Smith, a mentally retarded man. First death sentence put aside in Texas since the U.S. Supreme Court banned executions for the mentally retarded in a 2002 ruling.  (IT-EN) 


18/03/04  USA

South Dakota, Wyoming Abolish Juvenile Death Penalty; Bill Advancing in New Hampshire.  (EN) 


15/03/04  Kenya

President Kibaki has commuted all death sentences to life imprisonment.  (EN) 


11/03/04  Texas/USA

Supreme Court overturns death sentence to Delma Banks and orders a new trial. Last year his execution was halted 9 minutes before the time scheduled.  (IT-EN) 


08/03/04  Texas/USA

The execution of Yokamon Hearn was halted, just 17 minutes before the time scheduled.  (IT-ES) 


28/02/04  Zambia

President announces the commutation of death sentences for 44 soldiers, who had organized coup in 1997.  (EN) 


25/02/04  New Jersey/USA

Corte blocca tutte le esecuzioni, in attesa di esaminare la costituzionalità dell'iniezione letale.  (EN) 


22/02/04  North Carolina/USA

Alan Gell Is Nation's 113th Death Row Exoneree.  (IT-EN) 


05/02/04  Texas/USA

Scott Panetti, who was scheduled to be executed today, was granted a 60-day stay. (IT - EN)


14/01/04  Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz president extends death penalty moratorium.  (EN)


08/01/04  Virginia/USA

Lee Malvo sentenced to life without Parole, after general mobilization.  (EN)


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