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29/12/02  Illinois/USA

Ryan Pardons Two Men sentenced to death.    (EN)


28/12/02  Iran

Iran stops stoning of women adulterers and could abolish this kind of executions.   (IT-EN)


11/12/02  Ucraina

Parliament approves European Protocol on human rights and death penalty.   (IT)


06/12/02  Florida/USA 

Execution halted for DNA testing. Bush rapped on stay of death.   (IT-EN)


03/12/02  Nevada/USA 

Commutation Granted to a Mentally retarded man on death row.   (EN)


27/11/02  Turkey 

180 death sentences were commuted.   (IT)


24/11/02  Turkey 

Appeals Court commuted 2 death sentences. (EN)


15/11/02  Florida/USA  

Divided Florida Supreme Court Overturns Teen's Death Sentence.  (EN)


14/11/02  Philippines  

S.C. saves 4 from death penalty. (EN)


09/11/02  Texas/USA     

Court Blocks Execution of man with severe mental illness. (EN)


09/11/02  Iran     

She runs away and escapes from stoning. (IT)


02/11/02  Iran     

A man was saved by the victim's mother, just before execution. (IT)


01/11/02  Jordan     

Court overturns death sentence of a Jordanian-American citizen. (EN)


29/10/02  Arizona/USA

Ariz. Court Overturns Death Sentence.  (EN)


19/10/02  China

Court overturns death sentence of a Christian leader.   (IT-EN)


17/10/02  Taiwan

First step toward the abolition for juveniles.    (EN)


15/10/02  China

Court overturns death sentence of a Christian leader.    (IT)


11/10/02  Florida/USA

Court grants Gerald Murray new trial – again.   (EN)


09/10/02  Florida/USA

Bush stays the execution of Aileen Wuornos.  (EN)


04/10/02  Turkey

Turkish Court Lifts Death Sentence on Ocalan.  (IT-EN)


02/10/02  Florida/USA  

New trial for William Kelley, after 18 years on death row.  (EN)


01/10/02  Philippines  

President Arroyo stays all the executions. Colosseum is lit up for Philippines.  (IT-FR)


26/09/02  USA    

Federal district judge declares death penalty law unconstitutional. (IT-EN-ES)


25/09/02  Alabama-Nevada/USA    

Two death sentences overturned in Alabama and Nevada. (IT-EN)


19/09/02  Florida/USA

The death sentence of Spanish citizen Julio Mora, 75, was overturned.  (ES)


08/09/02  Philippines

President Arroyo deferred the execution of three rapists by 3 months.   (EN)


05/09/02  Illinois/USA

Illinois prisoner review board will tackle all death cases in four days.   (EN)


29/08/02  Malaysia 
Court of Appeal frees man on death row.   (EN)


28/08/02  Pakistan 
Supreme Court  Orders Christian Freed.   (IT-EN)


26/08/02  Philippines
12 youthful convicts moved from death row.    (EN)


25/08/02  Jordan 
Death penalty overturned.    (EN)


21/08/02  China  
Saved 4 minutes before the execution. (IT)


19/08/02  Texas/USA  

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stays the esecution of a mentally retarded man.  (EN)


16/08/02  Missouri/USA  

The execution of Daniel Basile stayer at the last minute.  (IT-EN)


14/08/02   Philippines  

Supreme Court removes 107 convicts from death row.  (EN)


13/08/02   Philippines   

Supreme Court orders removal of 12 minors from death row.  (EN)


07/08/02   Kentuchy/USA    

Larry Osborne,22, is the 102nd  death row inmate freed.  (EN)


06/08/02   Turchia    

Parliament abolishes the death penalty. The Colosseum lits up 2 days.  (IT-EN)


30/07/02  Guatemala   

Guatemala Heeds Pope's Plea on Death Penalty. Then the abolition?   (IT-EN)


23/07/02  Vietnam    

6 men convicted to death for theft, were pardoned and got a life sentence.   (IT)


07/07/02  Georgia/USA     

Stay of execution: Wallace Fugate.    (EN)  


02/07/02  Montenegro     

Parliament abolishes death penalty. (EN)


26/06/02  USA     

Only juries can impose death penalty, again Supreme Court rules. (IT-EN)


22/06/02  USA     

Supreme Court bars executing mentally retarded - Press Review  (IT-EN-FR-ES-DE)


20/06/02  USA     

Supreme Court bars executing mentally retarded. (IT-EN)


20/06/02  Texas/USA     

Judge confirmed: new trial for C. Burdine, whose lawyer slept during first trial. (IT-EN)


07/06/02  Pakistan     

Zafran Bibi, who was sentenced to death by stoning, was exonerated by Court. (EN)


04/06/02  Nigeria     

Amina Lawal is free until 2004. On July 8th the new sentence. (IT-EN-ES)


04/06/02  Texas/USA     

C. V. Burdine,   Whose Lawyer Slept at Trial, Gets New Trial. (IT-EN)


18/05/02  Missouri/USA  

Missouri Supreme Court delays Christopher Simmons execution to June 5. (EN) 


17/05/02  Texas/USA   

Henry Dunn was granted a reprieve by the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals, only few hours before the execution.  (IT-EN) (see our urgent appeal)


14/05/02  Uzbekistan   

The death sentence for 2 young men was commuted into 12 years sentence, thanks to the intervention of the Association "Mothers against death penalty".  (IT)


11/05/02  Texas/USA  

Gov. Glendening Declares Death Penalty Moratorium. (EN)


10/05/02  Texas/USA  

Brian Edward Davis, 33, mentally retarded, got a stay from US Supreme Court, few hours before the execution. (EN)


09/05/02  Pennsylvania/USA  

Thomas H. Kimbell is the 101st former death row inmate who was exonerated and freed. (EN)


08/05/02  European Union  

Council of Europe Rule Out Death Penalty even in Wartime.US and Japan invited to cease the cruel punishment. (IT-EN)


03/05/02  Iran     

Gholam Ramazanifar, was granted a stay of the execution and then a commutation, on request of the victim’s family, when the rope was already on his neck.   (IT)


02/05/02  Texas/USA     

Supreme Court halts execution of Curtis Moore, 34,mentally retarded.   (IT-EN)


01/05/02  ONU     

UN Human Rights Commission approved resolution for the abolition of death penalty presented by EU. (IT-EN)


22/04/02  Oklahoma/USA
Senate passes ban on executing the mentally retarded.  (EN)


18/04/02  Tanzania
Mkapa Commutes 100 Death Sentences to Life.  (EN)


11/04/02   Arizona/USA
Ray Krone is the 100th Death Row Inmate Exonerated. (IT - EN)


09/04/02   Fiji  - EN
Parliament votes to abolish death penalty.


07/04/02   Alabama/USA - IT - EN
Supreme Court Halts Ala. Execution: electric chair is too cruel.


05/04/02   Singapore/Germania
German woman has drug-trafficking charges reduced; avoids death penalty.


05/04/02   Usa/Gran Bretagna
Krishna Maharaj, British millionaire, after 15 years spent on death row, was sentenced to life in prison.


25/03/02   Nigeria


23/03/02   Texas/USA
The execution of Rodolfo Hernandez (rthe man who had asked an artificial leg) was stayed just some minutes before the time scheduled.


19/03/02   Oklahoma/USA
An appeals court in Denver overturned the murder conviction of James T. Fischer, a death-row inmate, because judges concluded his lawyer was "grossly inept and sabotaged his client's defense”.


18/03/02   Texas/USA
A jury spared the life of Andrea Yates, sentencing the mentally ill Houston mother to life in prison for drowning her 5 children in their bathtub.


08/03/02    Illinois/USA
Ryan Weighs Clemency for All on Illinois. Death Row.


28/02/02   Serbia
Serb Parliament abolishes death penalty.


26/02/02   Georgia/USA
Georgia Spares Life and commutes death sentence of Alexander Williams, Condemned Mentally Ill Man.


23/02/02   Virginia/USA
A House of Delegates panel voted stop the executions of mentally retarded until the U.S. Supreme Court decides.


23/02/02   Fiji
Fiji Leader Commutes Death Sentence.


22/02/02   Texas/USA
Thomas Miller El was granted a stay by Supreme Court.


22/02/02   Council of Europe
Ministers of Council of Europe sign a new proptocol for the abolition of death penalty in any circumstance.


21/02/02   Georgia/USA
Mentally Ill Juvenile Offender Receives Stay of Execution.


16/02/02   Fiji
The government has said it wants to abolish the death penalty. 


14/02/02   California/USA
A federal appeals court  overturned the  death sentence  David Ghent, who spent 23 years on death row and whose execution was scheduled in some days


14/02/02   Louisiana/USA
The execution of Leslie Dale Martin was called off by the U.S. Supreme Court less than half an hour before he was scheduled to die


13/02/02   Maryland/USA
Md. court delays Oken's execution

10/02/02   Florida/USA

Another Florida Execution Stayed by Supreme Court

09/02/02   Florida/ USA

“This is a judicially imposed moratorium on the death penalty in Florida," said death penalty opponent Michael Radelet, a sociology professor and leading authority on capital punishment in Florida

07/02/02   USA

Legislative updates in some States

05/02/02   California/USA

Federal Appeals Court commuted death sentence of Benjamin Wai Silva

29/01/02   Florida/USA

Supreme Court overturned the death sentence to Spanish man Julio Mora, 75 years old

28/01/02   Virginia/USA

Va. Death Row Inmate May Get Retrial

28/01/02   Florida/USA

Supreme Court suspends execution of Amos King

26/01/02 Nigeria

Hafsatu Abubakar, 18, was acquitted and released  Continua

25/01/02 Iran

Saved just bifore the execution: the victim family forgives him, when rope is already on his neck  Continua

24/01/02 Cuba

De Facto Moratorium on Executions in Cuba is a success. Now The Commission on Human Rights and Reconciliation wants the commutatipons for the 50 inmates on death row  Continua

23/01/02 Turchia

Prime Minister Yilmaz: Turkey Sees End to Death Penalty  Continua

21/01/02 Japan

Some of the 98 abolitionist parliamentarians protest against the Ministerof Justice   Continua

18/01/02 Florida/USA

Florida Capital City Passes Death Penalty Moratorium Resolution   Continua

16/01/02 USA

High Court to Rule on Challenge to Death Penalties in 9 States and 800 death sentences  Continua

14/01/02 South Carolina/USA

Supreme Court Overturns a South Carolina Death Penalty Continua

14/01/02 North Carolina/USA

N.C. Gov. Commutes Death Sentence Continua

10/01/02 Taiwan

Legislature abolished a law that required the death penalty some violent crimes Continua

05/01/02 Louisiana/USA

In Louisiana in 2001 no executions Continua

04/01/02 Florida/USA

Juan Roberto Melendez  was Freed After 18 Years on Death Row. He is the 99th person to be exonerated from death row since 1973 Continua

04/01/02 USA

The Chicago Tribune calls for an extension on the moratorium on executions Continua

03/01/02 Uganda

Churches of Uganda ask for commutations of all death sentences Continua

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