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 Alakor (Madina) Lual Deng


Sentenced to death by stoning

Her story

Madina was sentenced to death by stoning by the Penal Court of En-Nahud, in the central region of Kordofan, because she had a relation with a man who was dinka-ethnic just like her. Indeed, he is not her husband. Nevertheless, she had a son from him. He is just about one year old so far (May 2004). Madina has got other four children, who were born when she was living with another man she was not married with. So she was denounced for adultery in July 2003. Now she is jailed in El Obeid town with her baby, waiting for the verdict of the Supreme Court, after her appeal.


The appeal to save Madina

The Community of Sant'Egidio with Amnesty International , invites everybody to share its appeal aiming to spare Madina's life from the execution by stoning, sending the following statement to the competent authorities of Sudan by fax.


Urgent appeal brought in by the Community of Sant'Egidio and Amnesty International to save the life of Madina sentenced to death by stoning


Excellency I am writing to express my deep concern over a ruling that sentenced to death by stoning Ms.Alakor (Madina) Lual Deng, even though she did not really commit the crime of adultery.

I urge you to intervene on her behalf to prevent this cruel and inhuman punishment from being meted out against her. I implore you to ensure that this cruel and inhuman sentence is not carried out.

Respectfully (signature and date)


His Excellency


Aĺ Mohamed  Osman Yassin

Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Ministry of Justice, Sudan

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