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ZAFRAN BIBI (Pakistan)

 aged 26

Sentenced to death by stoning after she gave birth to a daughter following an extra-conjugal relation.

07/06/02 - Zafran Bibi exonerated by court - News

Her story

 Sentenced to death by stoning for adultery after being arrested more than one year ago, a young woman is now prisoner in an isolation cell inside the jail of  Kohat ( northwest Pakistan). 

Zafran Bibi, aged 26, is subjected to islamic law (sharia) and still in danger of losing her life.

The death sentence on her behalf was pronounced by the Islamic court of Kohat last April, 17th 2002. The young pakistani woman, who in the meantime gave birth to a daughter that she is now nursing in prison, rejected the accusation, saying she was victim of a rape carried out by her brother-in-law.

According to Uzma Mehboob, legal adviser of the Aurat Institution, a local organization struggling for women’s rights defence and which is engaged to spare Zafran Bibi’s life, the young woman was raped by her relative while her husband Naimat Khan was jailed for a murder. 

When Zafran denounced the rape, her father-in-law, aiming to save his son, accused her to have been carrying out a relation with another man, with whom he is in rivalry. As for the Police, it ignored Zafran’s denounce.

Anyway, Zafran’s husband has exculpate her, saying the baby is of his own. Actually, he and Zafran, according to his witness, met one another during the time of the conceiving, in spite of his detention, thanks to an expedient arranged by him. 

Due to this crucial testimony, the Islamic Federal Court –whose duty is checking that the sentences   delivered by judges are in compliance with Islamic law- accepted the appeal advanced by Zafran’s legal adviser and decided a stay of the penalty last May 6th

The jail director, Mohammed Anwar, said the woman will be put to death by stoning if  the court would reject her appeal, but he added she would be probably discharged. Actually, since 1979, the year that marks the establishment of the death by stoning as a penalty inside pakistani law, no woman has so far been put to death.


The appeal to save Zafran

 The Community of Sant’Egidio invites everybody to share its appeal aiming to spare Zafran’s life from death by stoning, sending the following text to the major pakistani authorities or else by diplomatic sites of Pakistan , as occurred in the past, by fax or e-mail.


His Excellency General Pervez Musharraf,

President and Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

[email protected]


His Excellency Dr. Khalid Ranjha,

Minister of Law, Justice and Human Rights:

 [email protected]

Fax (dall'Italia): 0092-06997




Your Excellencies

 We are writing to express our deep concern over a ruling that sentenced to death by stoning Mrs.Zafran Bibi, now detained in the city of Kohat, after finding her guilty of extra-conjugal relations.

We urge you to intervene on her behalf to prevent this cruel and inhuman punishment from being meted out against her.

We implore you to ensure that this cruel and inhuman sentence is not carried out.

Respectfully Yours

(signature and date)