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Grazia Moscato - At home - 2001
Marilena Galassi
"La visita" - 2001

Home visiting is the first way the Community of Santí Egidio can express solidarity towards those who are mentally disabled, a visit which involves also the whole family.
The visit is an answer to solitude, it fills the empty day and interrupts the monotony. It expresses a personal relationship which is faithful and continuous and which is not interrupted even if there is a change of residence or the disabled person is put into a Home.

Friendship with the mentally impaired is expressed through support in the difficulties of daily life, in particular:

  • care of the person and his or her accommodation
  • accompanying the patient to the doctor
  • assistance in hospital
  • help in applying for disability allowances
  • protection of the personís rights
  • help in finding employment, both at the Employment agency and regarding specific jobs in the public or private sector
  • request for social and health services for the disabled
  • socialization through recreation, meetings, excursions and summer holidays

At home
At home

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The holiday