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AUGUST 13 2014
In Bethlehem, the place of the birth of Jesus, Sant''Egidio prays for peace

JULY 30 2014
"Peace is the future": the international meeting 2014 in Antwerp, promoted by Sant'Egidio

JULY 3 2014
Deep sorrow for the sudden loss of Mahmoud Azab, advisor of the Grand Imam of al-Azhar for the interreligious dialogue

JUNE 22 2014
New voices join the call by Andrea Riccardi to save Aleppo.

JUNE 12 2014
A delegation of Sant'Egidio in Cairo meets the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch and the spiritual leader of al-Azhar

JUNE 11 2014
Appeal by Andrea Riccardi for the Christians of Mosul: a humanitarian catastrophe is under way in Iraq

MAY 28 2014
100 years after the First World War, young Cristians and Muslims meet in Sarajevo

MAY 25 2014
A delegation of the Community of Sant'Egidio in Jerusalem for the visit of Pope Francis

MAY 21 2014
In a letter to the Community of Sant'Egidio, pope Francis asks prayers for his pilgrimage to Holy Land

MAY 13 2014
Andrea Riccardi in Lebanon

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17:00Monaco Cathedral, München  place
 Meetings of prayer in different places
The religious communities gatheres in different places, in the city centre, for their own prayer
17:00Centre of München, München  place
 Ecumenical Prayer for Peace gallery
Filaret  biography
Orthodox Bishop, Ukrainian Church, Moscow Patriarchate

Nikolaus Schneider 
President of the Council of the Evangelical Church of Germany

Lluis Martinez Sistach 
Cardinal, Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain

18:20Centre of München, München  place
 Peace procession
The believers leave the prayer locations and join in a common procession towards Marienplatz
18:35Marienplatz, München  place
 Final Ceremony gallery
Greetings and Final Addresses, Testimonies Reading, signing and delivery of the Appeal for Peace 2011, Sign of Peace and Final Exit Procession
Reinhard Marx  biography
Cardinal, Archbishop of Munich and Freising

Andrea Riccardi  biography
Founder of the Community of Sant'Egidio

Gijun Sugitani  biography
Supreme Advisor of Tendai Buddhist Denomination, Japan

Christian Mælen Kvarme  biography
Lutheran Bishop, Norway

Edith Dunia Daliwonga 
Community of Sant’Egidio, DRC

Pero Sudar 
Catholic auxiliary Bishop of Sarajevo

Mustafa Ceric  biography
Former Rais al-Ulama of Bosnia and Herzegovina



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