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Memory of the Apostles

The Everyday Prayer

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Old Town Centre


Münster 2017 - Paths of Peace

Prayer for Peace
in various locations, according to the different religious traditions

September 12 2017 17:00  

Ecumenical Prayer Of Christians

September 12 2017 17:00  

Peace Procession
from the prayer locations, in procession towards Marktplatz

September 12 2017 18:30  


October 15 2017
Herder Korrespondenz
Sant'Egidio: Auf der Suche nach der Gemeinsamkeit
September 28 2017
Credere La Gioia della Fede
Bogotà e Munster: la pace e il dialogo
September 21 2017
Credere La Gioia della Fede
Nel 2018 l'Incontro per la pace torna in Italia
September 18 2017
Vatican Insider
Le religioni mondiali unite nel costruire “Strade di Pace”
September 17 2017
La Vanguardia
Corredores de paz
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