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Who are our Young People?

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Who are our Young People?

Often they are people whose life stories are full of trouble; people who, young as they are, feel much older than their acge. They are defenceless and lonely. They spend much of their time on the streets (in Africa, Asia and Latin America, they sometimes actually ive on the streets); they live in family strife or squalor, at at the margins of society. We deal with so-called "problem" children and "truant" adolescents, who struggle to learn in school. We deal with children who are ill or permanently disabled. Some of the children we help are truly alone: even when they do have parents, the family is divided and unstable and cannot look after them. They are young people who lack points of reference, and lack the love and security they need if they are to grow.

But we deal also with ordinary kids, with no particular difficulties, who want to be with other kids. These are children and teen-agers who want to learn to live in friendship with others. Some are schoolmates of the children in our Homes; others are children of the Community's members; others are children and teen-agers who simply asked to participate in our activities.

We want to give all of them the chance to live happy lives and have a better future.

The Youngest

July 8 2011

Garoua (Cameroon): At the School of Peace children learn to be in solidarity with the poor: a visit to the city's public neglected children in the institution

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June 10 2011

Manila (Philippines) - School supplies to the children of the School of Peace of Cainta

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November 4 2010

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - "We stand in solidarity!" This appeal was made by the children of the Country of Rainbow during the spring feast.

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December 6 2011

Give a distance adoption as a present for Christmas

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October 31 2011

A congress of the teenagers grown up with the program of long distance adoption

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