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Prison: A world apart

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Prison: A world apart

Prison is a world apart, but it is never as one would imagine it to be. Prison is, par excellence, a place of marginalisation. A visit to an inmate means rejecting marginalisation and isolation. For the prisoners, we are the outside world and our visits create a bridge, a link with it. And as we bring the outside world behind bars, at the same time we bring to the free world that which happens behind prison walls.
The situations of injustice and of serious hardships which we observe are, in fact, many and almost ignored. 

Whoever loses freedom loses also a bit of personal dignity

Remaining close to people who have been condemned means guiding them through difficult periods and situations in their lives. The prisoner cannot be identified with his/her crime. The absence of listening and of response may lead to extreme gestures. Depression and the choice of the means with which to fight, such as strikes, rejecting therapy or gestures of self-injury are frequent. They are the sign of the uneasiness experienced behind prison walls; they represent the request for being listened to and respected.

For the person condemned, and therefore distanced from society, speaking with someone -a relative, a lawyer or judge, means being recognised as a person, respected and, in a certain manner, "re-integrated." For the person who has crossed the threshold of prison, receiving a visit, having a conversation, means being able to forge a bond of friendship..

In Italian prisons, many inmates have neither clothing nor personal linen, nor do they receive any from the administration. It could happen, in fact, that those arrested during the summer are still in their undershirts even in December. Sensitising those responsible, the legislators and the public opinion, forwarding to them instances of humanity and of justice, is an important task.


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November 7 2016

When violence is met with forgiveness, even the hearts of those who have done wrong can be conquered by the love

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Nigeria: humanitarian aid to the women detained in Suleja Prison

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June 1 2011

Cameroon: Growing effort to let the life in prison be more humane

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May 10 2011

Palermo - The gates of the prison Pagliarelli have been opened

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March 1 2011

Solidarity and friendship in the prisons of Cameroon: big party in Garoua, Douala and Maroua for the distribution of mattresses to inmates

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