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The "Where to Eat, to Sleep, to Wash" Guide

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The GUIDE "WHERE to eat, to sleep, to wash oneself" 2009
19th edition

This booklet is a compass to hold in pocket to orientate oneself in the city.  There are listed the places where in Rome one can have help and be welcomed.
These are also the places where in Rome one can help and welcome.
Someone of these, however, could be escaped. Any suggestions that can make the guide more complete are appreciated. 

For reports and update write to: [email protected]

In Italy the guide is published in:
 Rome, Milan, Genoa, Naples

In Spain in Barcelona

Dedicated to Modesta Valenti

Modesta Valenti lived at the Termini Railway Station in Rome. On January 31 1983 she felt ill and died without assistance: the staff of the ambulance, arrived in time, refused to take her on board because she was too filthy. Since then, January 31 became the day of memory of the persons that died on the street. On proposal of the Community of Sant'Egidio, the Commune of Rome named after Modesta a virtual road, via Modesta Valenti, for the personal registration of the homeless.

Documentation 2009 (ITA)

La povertà relativa in Italia

La povertà degli anziani

La fatica di vivere (storie)

Sant'Egidio e i poveri a Roma

La guida per i senza dimora: DOVE MANGIARE, DORMIRE, LAVARSI 2009

Rapporto sulla povertà nel 2008

WHERE to eat, to sleep, to wash oneself

19 years together


Comunità di Sant'Egidio - Dove Mangiare, Dormire, Lavarsi edizione 2008 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 2007 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 2006


Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 2005 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 2004 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 2003


Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 2002 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 2001 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 2000


Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1998/1999 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1997/1998 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1996/1997


Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1995/1996 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1994/1995 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1993/1994


Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1992/1993 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1991/1992 Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi ed. 1990 


Telefono della Comunità Telephone of the Community (Rome)


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Mon. - Wed. - Fri. 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Tue. - Thu. 3.00pm to 7.00pm

Friends on the street

May 23 2016

A Sign of Mercy in Hong Kong: homeless cross the Holy Door with their friends of Sant'Egidio

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March 8 2016

The memory of Lilia and of the poor who died on the street in Moscow

IT | EN | DE | FR | RU
January 31 2016

Hundreds remember Modesta and those that died because they were rejected. Appeal of the President of Sant'Egidio for solidarity

IT | EN | ES | FR | PT | CA | RU
January 27 2016

Poland is cold, but not indifferent

IT | EN | ES | DE | FR | PT | RU | PL
January 25 2016

Overcoming indifference during blizzard in Washington DC

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December 1 2015

Thanksgiving of Mercy in New York with Community of Sant'Egidio

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October 18 2016
Affari Italiani

A Roma non c'è spazio per i nuovi poveri. Mense affollate e pochi dormitori

October 7 2016

Comunità di Sant'Egidio: nessuno è vaccinato contro la povertà

September 7 2016

«Clochard aggrediti, è emergenza»

August 15 2016
Cronache di Napoli

Folla alle mense, la povertà non va in vacanza

August 3 2016
Italia Oggi

La Lega fa sgombrare i barboni

July 31 2016
Il Piccolo

Sdegno Pd per l’ordinanza anti-barboni

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October 22 2016 | ROME, ITALY

Pranzo solidale con i senza tetto, i rifugiati e i bambini

All meetings of prayer for peace
October 7 2015

The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty - XIII world day against the death penalty

October 5 2015

Fallece un preso japonés tras pasar 43 años en el corredor de la muerte

September 24 2015

Pope Francis calls on Congress to end the death penalty. "Every life is sacred", he said

March 12 2015
Associated Press

Death penalty: a look at how some US states handle execution drug shortage

March 12 2015

Arabie: trois hommes dont un Saoudien exécutés pour trafic de drogue

March 9 2015

Australia to restate opposition to death penalty as executions loom in Indonesia

March 9 2015

Le Pakistan repousse de facto l'exécution du meurtrier d'un critique de la loi sur le blasphème

March 9 2015

Peine de mort en Indonésie: la justice va étudier un appel des deux trafiquants australiens

February 28 2015

13 Ways Of Looking At The Death Penalty

February 15 2015

Archbishop Chaput applauds Penn. governor for halt to death penalty

December 11 2014

C’est désormais officiel: Madagascar vient d’abolir la peine de mort!

December 3 2014

5th Circuit Court of Appeals stops execution of Scott Panetti!

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La guida "Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi a Napoli e in Campania" 2016

La Guida Dove mangiare, dormire, lavarsi - Genova 2016: alcuni dati

La Comunità di Sant'Egidio e i poveri in Liguria - report 2015

Sintesi, Rapporti, Numeri e dati sulle persone senza dimora a Roma nel 2015

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Lannoo Uitgeverij N.V

Rapporto sulla povertà a Roma e nel Lazio 2012

Francesco Mondadori
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