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January 17 2015

Sant'Egidio asks to avoid planned execution of 6 people. This isn't the way for just and equal society in Indonesia

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As has been reported in many media, in the month of January 2014, the government will carry out the execution of the six death row inmates in drug cases. They are:
     Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira - citizens of Brazil
     Namaona Denis - citizens of Nigeria
     Daniel Enemuo alias Diarrassouba Mamadou-citizens of Nigeria
     Ang Kiem Soei aka Kim Ho aka ance Tahir alias Tommi Wijaya - Dutch citizen
     Tran Thi Bich Hanh - Vietnamese citizen
     Rani Andriani aka Melisa Aprilia - Indonesian citizens

We are all aware that the dangers of drug abuse in Indonesia has reached a very disturbing level and has great potential decimation of public life. Various efforts to combat drug trafficking in Indonesia has been done and we must give appreciation for these efforts as a way to protect the public about the dangers of drugs. However, efforts to combat drugs by executing need to be reviewed to be applied. Drug issues can not be stopped by applying the death penalty. Governments struggle to make the country free of crime do not need to adopt the death penalty. Just as slavery that already belongs to the past, the law of death is also a past can be left behind as well. It is not time to give a sense of security and justice by applying the death penalty. There are still a lot of
more human efforts to provide security and justice to the community. We recall the poverty alleviation programs and mental revolution that is being announced by the present government. Do not forget that poverty and injustice is a factor that is very strong and dominant as a trigger of crime and crime.
Community of Sant'Egidio, a Catholic lay community as well as part of the "Task Force against the Death Penalty" at the UN wants to support the abolition of death penalty in Indonesia. And along with the efforts of other agencies that also have the same attention to the abolition of the death penalty in Indonesia, the Community of Sant'Egidio unifies its support and asks the government to cancel the planned execution of death row inmates. We are confident and ready to support all efforts taken by the government to create a dignified justice.
Jakarta January 17, 2015
Ign. R. Teguh Boediono
Person in Charge
Community of Sant'Egidio Indonesia

April 4 2017

Let's ask to stop the 8 executions planned in Arkansas by April. Sign the Appeal!

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November 30 2016

Celebrating all over the world Cities for Life: Give a look to the events. Follow us! Streaming h.6,30pm 1GMT

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July 5 2016

Death penalty: an important step towards abolition in Guinea-Conakry

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A congress of the teenagers grown up with the program of long distance adoption

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Conference in Jakarta (Indonesia): "It is beautiful being with the elderly"

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May 24 2010

Bojonegoro (Indonesia) - "The children as a hope for our future”: a seminary for the long distance adopted children parents.

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