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May 24 2015

Beatification of Mons. Romero: Sant'Egidio at the celebration of the people of El Salvador around their shepherd

Hundreds of thousands of people at the liturgy in San Salvador. The relic is the shirt the bishop was wearing on the day of martyrdom. And a rainbow appears in the sky around the sun

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A huge crowd. The moving words of the postulator of the cause of beatification, Mons. Vincenzo Paglia and the announcement of the proclamation of Oscar Arnulfo Romero as Blessed, made by the person who was near to him, his young secretary, Father Jesus Delgado.

Yesterday in San Salvador we celebrated a great feast for the Church and the people of El Salvador and the universal Church.

The Community of Sant'Egidio, together with Andrea Riccardi, joined the joy of the people of El Salvador and of the whole Church.

Some pictures:

Hundreds of thousands of people at the the liturgy

The people of Sant'Egidio celebrating

The shirt the bishop was wearing on the day of his death

A rainbow surrounding the sun

Andrea Riccardi with Mons. Romero’s brother

Andrea Riccardi with the representatives of Cuba

March 14 2014

Andrea Riccardi in El Salvador: the Youth for Peace and the legacy of mons. Romero

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October 9 2017

Dialogue among religions and commitment to refugees in the talks with the Foreign Minister of Indonesia at Sant'Egidio

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October 4 2017

A Conference remembering the 25 years from the signing of the peace in Mozambique: The Italian model that has given hope to Africa

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October 18 2017

Scuole della pace, palestre d'inclusione

October 17 2017

Scuole di pace: Riccardi (Comunità di Sant’Egidio), “un cammino di quasi mezzo secolo per le strade di Roma e del mondo”

October 12 2017
Famiglia Cristiana

Andrea Riccardi: Ma la secessione non è una risposta

October 5 2017

Il Mozambico rinato: quella pace che ha fatto storia

October 4 2017
L'huffington Post

I 25 anni dalla fine della guerra in Mozambico dimostrano che la pace è sempre possibile

October 4 2017

Esteri: 25 anni di pace in Mozambico. Riccardi, ci fu un ruolo decisivo del governo italiano

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