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September 6 2015 | MINEO, ITALY

CARA di Mineo: The migrants hosted by the welcome centre for asylum seekers pray for the spouses killed in Palagonia

The Community of Sant’Egidio: “Do not exploit the tragic event: many migrants volunteer in very useful services to the communities”

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CATANIA (Italy) – The youngsters hosted by Mineo’s CARA (the welcome Centre for asylum seekers) involved for a long time in activities of solidarity and support to the poor, together with the Community of Sant’Egidio, express their deepest sympathy for the tragic occurrences that happened in Patagonia (where Mercedes Ibanez and Vincenzo Solano have lost their lives) and want to share their solidarity with the victims’ families.

Having perceived this act as inhuman and horrible, they welcome everyone to their prayer in memory of Mercedes Ibanez and Vincenzo Solano on Monday, 7th Sepstember at 5:00 PM. This wants to be our answer, together with the migrants that love peace and – by escaping wars and violence – have had to abandon their land.

“We need to strongly condemn this and any other act of violence so brutal” – said Emiliano Abramo from the Community of Sant’Egidio – “likewise, we need to avoid to fall in the trap of exploiting the tragic deaths for political interests or any other nature, without considering the positive example that the majority of the migrants are giving, most of whom have been volunteering for helpful services to the people. With pride we defend the choice of welcoming that continues to gather concrete positive fruits, contributing to building the culture of living together, which is in the heart of Italian and European civilization. The invitation of the youth hosted by CARA to a prayer in memory of the victims of Palagonia is a human and supportive answer in a world that too often seems to have forgotten human compassion”.

April 22 2017

Pope Francis' prayer in memory of the martyrs of our time. Photogallery of the visit

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March 11 2016

The new life of the Syrian refugees arrived through the humanitarian corridors

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February 3 2016

USA-Italy Migration Conference: Integration strengthens democracy and builds a common culture

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January 23 2016

New York Times on Humanitarian Corridors

January 14 2016

Immigration, inauguration of the first course for European mediators: building bridges against fear and exclusion

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December 15 2015

What are the humanitarian corridors? Interviewing Daniela Pompei

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May 20 2017

Marcia pro migranti. A Milano in centomila per abbattere i muri e costruire ponti

May 18 2017
Famiglia Cristiana

La sfida dei migranti per i leader del mondo

May 18 2017

"I corridoi umanitari? Sono alternativi agli sbarchi"

May 11 2017
Il Messaggero Veneto

Rogo camper. Obiettivo integrazione: il rimedio mai adottato

April 22 2017
Famiglia Cristiana

«Se accogliessimo due migranti per comune in Italia ci sarebbe posto per tutti»

April 7 2017
Vatican Insider

Giornata dei Rom, Sant’Egidio: “Antigitanismo ancora diffuso contro un popolo di bambini”

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May 17 2017 | ROME, ITALY

I profughi e noi. Incontro con Alejandro Solalinde, difensore dei diritti dei migranti in Messico

May 14 2017 | MILAN, ITALY

''Le rotte dell'accoglienza'', un incontro per parlare di migrazioni e dei corridoi umanitari

All meetings of prayer for peace
October 7 2015

The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty - XIII world day against the death penalty

October 5 2015

Fallece un preso japonés tras pasar 43 años en el corredor de la muerte

September 24 2015

Pope Francis calls on Congress to end the death penalty. "Every life is sacred", he said

March 12 2015
Associated Press

Death penalty: a look at how some US states handle execution drug shortage

March 12 2015

Arabie: trois hommes dont un Saoudien exécutés pour trafic de drogue

March 9 2015

Australia to restate opposition to death penalty as executions loom in Indonesia

March 9 2015

Le Pakistan repousse de facto l'exécution du meurtrier d'un critique de la loi sur le blasphème

March 9 2015

Peine de mort en Indonésie: la justice va étudier un appel des deux trafiquants australiens

February 28 2015

13 Ways Of Looking At The Death Penalty

February 15 2015

Archbishop Chaput applauds Penn. governor for halt to death penalty

December 11 2014

C’est désormais officiel: Madagascar vient d’abolir la peine de mort!

December 3 2014

5th Circuit Court of Appeals stops execution of Scott Panetti!

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Appello al Parlamento ungherese sui profughi e i minori richiedenti asilo

Corso di Alta Formazione professionale per Mediatori europei per l’intercultura e la coesione sociale

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