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April 18 2006

Rome, 19th April, Basilica of St Bartholomew on the Tiber: consignment of mementos of Msg. J.B. Sproll and E. Bolz

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On 19th April 2006 at 8 pm, mementos of Joannes Baptista Sproll, Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and of Eugen Bolz will be handed over to the Basilica of St.Bartholomew on the Tiberine Isle, place of custody for the memory of witnesses to faith of the 20th century. The ceremony will be led by the Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Msg Gebhard Fürst. The two witnesses to faith were Germans living under Nazism. Bishop Sproll opposed Nazism and was forced into exile. Eugen Bolz, a Catholic politician, was imprisoned on Hitler’s orders a few months after his accession to power, and was killed in prison in Berlin.

April 14 2014

Ecumenical prayer in memory of the witnesses of the faith of our time

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May 12 2016

The memory of martyrs before the cross broken by bombs

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June 3 2011

Rome: In the Basilica of San Bartolomeo, the delivery of the stole of Ragheed Aziz Ganni, Chaldean priest killed in Mosul in Iraq

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April 6 2011

Rome - The Bible of Shabaz Bhatti, the pakistani minister has been delivered to the basilica of San Bartolomeo, memorial of martyrs and witnesses of faith in XX and XXI century

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September 17 2010

Rome: In the Basilica of San Bartolomeo, memory of a Cambodian bishop, victim of the Khmer Rouge genocide

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April 22 2017

Pope Francis' prayer in memory of the martyrs of our time. Photogallery of the visit

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October 22 2015
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Bisbe Taltavull: "Volem compartir el dolor dels qui clamen des de la persecució i el martiri"

March 20 2015
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Obispo Taltavull: "Queremos compartir el dolor de los que claman desde la persecución y el martirio"

January 25 2015
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