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August 14 2008

Summer of solidarity in Rome: “Watermelon fest” celebration at the soup kitchen for the poor of the Community

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More than 1500 people - poor off the streets; friends of the Community; groups of volunteers from Rome, the rest of Italy and also from France who came to spend a summer of solidarity - celebrated the traditional

  "cocomerata" (watermelon fest)
on 15 August at the soup kitchen on Via Dandolo 10 in Rome.

Present also was the Vice Mayor, Mauro Cutrufo 

Sant’Egidio’s "friendship with the poor" continues on through the summer holiday season. The soup kitchen on Via Dandolo in Rome remains open, and the “itinerant dinners,” in the stations and many other places where homeless people downtown and outside Rome’s city limits stay, go on non-stop. During this period, service to the “friends off the street” is enriched with a new presence: hundreds of youth come for the summer season to spend their vacations in Rome with the Community, to meet and serve the poor. 
And, on ferragosto, around 1500 people celebrated together for the Watermelon Fest, which is a traditional mid-summer festival in Rome. Everyone was there: Sant’Egidio’s "friends off the street", the homeless, elderly people left on their own, volunteers from Italy and from France, the immigrants of "People of Peace".


June 30 2011

Conakry (Guinea) - Letter to the Community of beggars in Conakry

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May 26 2011

Lima (Peru) - "The Party for Hope" with friends living on the street

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January 11 2011

Christmas with the Community of Sant'Egidio in Italian prisons

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December 20 2010

The celebrations and the Christmas lunches with the Community of Sant'Egidio. In Italy and all over the world

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May 4 2009

Rome: 1 May Party for the homeless

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January 12 2009

Epiphany party at the C.I.E. (Centre for Identification and Expulsion) in Ponte Galeria (Rome - Italy)

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