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September 18 2008

For a World without Violence: young people from around Europe went on a pilgrimage to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Images and the Appeal for Peace

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“For a Wold without Violence: Young People at Auschwitz against Racism and Anti-Semitism”: the pilgrimage made by Communities of Sant’Egidio from Eastern Europe took place last week. They visited sites scarred by the Holocaust as a way of symbolising their personal commitment to a Europe and a world without racism, anti-Semitism or violence.

More than five hundred young persons took part: from Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Italy, as well as a delegation from Georgia.


Here some images of some of the most significant stages:

These were days of encounter,
exchange and reflection.

The meeting with Rabbi David Brodman, Chief Rabbi of Savyon (Israel), survivor of the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp.
At Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, a silent march was held along the "death track"
In the Place of Memorial to the Extermination,
two floral wreaths were laid in memory of the Jews and of the Gypsies who met with their deaths in the camps

The Appeal against Violence, Racism and Anti-Semitism is proclaimed and assumed by each participant.
A peace-gathering devoid of borders: a Georgian and a Russian participant exchange a sign of peace
On gathering for prayer in the evening – by the Icon of the countenance of Christ, images of the Concentration Camps recall
the victims of genocide
Meeting with the Cardinal of Cracow,
Stanislao Dziwisz, one-time secretary
to Pope John-Paul II

March 1 2017

Ash Wednesday, Lent season begins

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February 28 2017

Abuna Matthias, Patriarch of Ethiopian Church, sent a letter of gratitude and appreciation to Sant'Egidio

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November 26 2016

Daily comments to pray with the Word of God on the website and facebook

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October 8 2016

Letter of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to Marco Impagliazzo, president of the Community of Sant'Egidio

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September 15 2016

The breviary of Fr. Jacques Hamel to be kept in St. Bartholomew in Rome among the memories of the martyrs of our time

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September 1 2016

September 1st, memory of Saint Egidio. The Community that took his name give thanks in every part of the world

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