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November 16 2008


A delegation of representatives belonging to different faiths crosses the green line which divides the island of Cyprus.

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Video: The peace crosses the wall (2' 27'')

Forty religious leaders crosses the last wall that divides an European capital and the President of Cyprus announces the dialogue with the leader of the Turkish part: it is a good news in the first day of the Intenational Meeting Peoples and Religions, promoted by the Community of Sant'Egidio and, for the first time, by the Orthodox Archdiocese of Cyprus.

The XXII Meeting gathers more than 200 religious leaders from more than 60 countries. About a quart of century since John Paul II invited in Assisi the leaders of the World Faiths to pray together for the peace.
According to Andrea Riccardi, founder of the Community of Sant’Egidio, that gesture was not neither the utopia of a mystical pope nor the consolatory dream facing the power of two empires in the cold war. 

It was a prophetic gesture: the Pope spoke about the workshop of peace. Opening the Meeting, Andrea Riccardi said«This is our workshop, we work in this workshop since 22 years». Today this workshop produced two important signs for the islands divided in two parts since 1974, when a coup organized by the greek regime of the colonels against the Cyprus government gave to Turkey the occasion to invade the North part of the island.
Today, for the first time, a delegation of 40 leaders belonging to different religions crossed the Lidras Street check-point: it is one of the two passages from the greek zone to the turkish zone. The island is crossed from the last wall of Europe.
The delegation met at the Lidras Street check-point at 12.00 and then went to the turkish part of Nicosia showing the passport to the authorities of the self-proclaimed republic to have the visa to enter.Procedures were carried out fast and very politely.
The multicolor procession went to the bazar immediately beyond the check-point in the North zone of Nicosia and arrived to the Selimiye Mosque, the ancient Catholic Catedral of Saint Sophia, one of the most important examples of gothic art in Cyprus. The Catedral was founded in 1209 from the reigning dynasty of Lusignano, and was transformed in a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of the town in 1570.

March 31 2017

In London, after sorrowful and deadly events, "our cup of tea" strengthens commitment for peace

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February 28 2017

Abuna Matthias, Patriarch of Ethiopian Church, sent a letter of gratitude and appreciation to Sant'Egidio

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January 9 2017

Zygmunt Bauman: a great humanist has passed away. He engaged in dialogue between nonbelievers and believers, aimed at living together and peace

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October 8 2016

Letter of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to Marco Impagliazzo, president of the Community of Sant'Egidio

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September 20 2016

Christians are called to be trees of life that absorb indifference: Pope Francis at the prayer for peace in Assisi

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September 20 2016

The words of Pope Francis at the Closing Ceremony of Thirst for Peace in Assisi

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May 21 2017
Deutsche Welle

Bundesregierung will Religionen stärker in die Pflicht nehmen

May 14 2017

Die "Uno von Trastevere" wirkt auch in Berlin

May 11 2017
Famiglia Cristiana

Il dialogo: scelta non debole ripiego

April 30 2017
Corriere della Sera

L’intervento. Il patto con l'islam che aiuta l'unità tra cristiani

April 28 2017

In Egitto l’abbraccio del Papa con il Grande Imam di Al-Azhar: Francesco, fratello caro

April 1 2017

Armi nucleari. Il realismo efficace del disarmo

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