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April 23 2010

Don't forget Haiti: a new centre for the School of Peace, while the rainy season is beginning

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Three months after the quake that hit the Island of Haiti, bringing to a collapse the whole nation and its frail economical system, the emergency is not over.

Most of the fallen building have not yet been cleared and there are still bodies under the rubbles. In various camps and in the tent camp of  Canapé Vert, in the capital, where the Community has a School for Peace, it is already 20 days that food and water are not distributed any more. 

In this difficult situation, the Communities of Sant'Egidio of Haiti, both in the Capital and in Anse-a-Aveau and CapHaitien celebrated Easter. It was the chance of renewing energies of love and solidarity towards those who had been struck by the tragedy

Now the rainty season is approaching. The Community continued the Schools of Peace and thanks to two nes large tents in  Port-au-Prince and to the availability of a new centre in Anse-a-Aveau, many more children will be able to study and play, thus returning to normality, nothwithstanding the rain.

Two containers of aid from Rome have reached Santo DOming and are on their way to Haiti.

We hope to be able to distribute this aid in a few days. They will be handed out in Port-au-Prince and in Anse-a-Aveau, where there are about 19.000 displaced who have lost their house.

The aid will also be distributed in the jail of  Anse-a-Aveau,where the young people of the community regularly visit the inmates finding intollerable suffering. The poverty of the country is even more traginc in jails. 


July 13 2010

Haiti – Life starts again in the school Lakay Mwen, in Port au Prince

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January 27 2010

Haiti: News from Lakay Mwen, the school for the children supporting by the Community of Sant’Egidio’s long distance adoption program became a shelter for people who have lost their homes.

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June 29 2010

Haiti: The Community of Sant’Egidio’s continuous commitment to help peoples affected by the devastating earthquake

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June 7 2010

Haiti: Two Containers of basic supplies sent by the Community reached the country and are being distributed in Anse a Veau

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March 12 2010

Haiti: Two Months after the earthquake, the first meeting of the Communties of Sant'Egidio of Haiti, while initiatives of solidarity and distribution of aid continue.

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May 9 2010
Corriere di Livorno

Livorno - "Non abbandonare Haiti" - L'impegno della comunità di Sant'Egidio

March 17 2010
Il Mattino

Dogana-Sant’Egidio la merce sequestrata ai terremotati di Haiti

February 22 2010
Corriere della Sera


February 19 2010

Haiti - Des étudiants debout dans le malheur

February 4 2010

«La ricostruzione spetta al popolo di Haiti»

February 4 2010
Corriere della Sera

«Ad Haiti no agli aiuti militarizzati»

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