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October 8 2010

Mozambique celebrating the anniversary of the peace agreement. All the events promoted by the Community of Sant’Egidio.

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The Community of Sant’Egidio of Mozambique organised hundreds of events, among assemblies, conferences, marches and ecumenical prayers along the country, to celebrate the 18th anniversary   of the peace agreement signed up in Rome, after 27 months of negotiating in the Community headquarter.

Many students, born after the end of the conflicts, could know the atrocity of a suffering time that must not be replicated, and the efforts that brought a stable and longlasting peace, allowing the economic development of the country

Remembering every year the anniversary on 4th October is the mean for the Community not to forget the end of violence and death in the country. Remembering the peace agreement means actively working not to waste the gift of peace through lynchings e revenges spreading violence and blood in some cities along the country.

This is the reason why that these initiatives – not only in the cities but in the villages also - had great visibility through the media, where the Community members were interviewed and where the message the communities gave in the official events were spread.

Words from Nampula: “This year the 4th October celebration was a stunning success of our city, and we have the feeling of this success through the news on TV and radio, mentioning the events all over the countries. These days we better understood how importanti is the role of the Community of Sant’Egidio in building peace and the responsibility each of us have in doing so.” 

October 4 2017

A Conference remembering the 25 years from the signing of the peace in Mozambique: The Italian model that has given hope to Africa

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October 4 2017

25 years of peace in Mozambique: the history of a country getting out of war and poverty

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April 6 2016

Mozambique: with the death of Mons. Jaime Gonçalves, Africa loses a man of dialogue and peace

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October 6 2014

The cities of Mozambique in celebration for peace: a history of 22 years and commitment of today

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July 8 2016

Andrea Riccardi meets The president of the Republic of Mozambique Felipe Jacinto Nyusi

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October 5 2016

5th October, World Teacher’s Day: All to school…of peace!

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October 4 2017

Quando il Mozambico scelse pace e sviluppo

October 13 2017

La pace è unità

October 5 2017

Il Mozambico rinato: quella pace che ha fatto storia

October 4 2017

Il Mozambico celebra le nozze di pace d’argento: 25 anni fa lo storico accordo

October 4 2017

Esteri: 25 anni di pace in Mozambico. Riccardi, ci fu un ruolo decisivo del governo italiano

October 4 2017
L'huffington Post

I 25 anni dalla fine della guerra in Mozambico dimostrano che la pace è sempre possibile

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November 6 2017 | MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE

Celebrare la memoria guardando al futuro. Con mons. Matteo Zuppi

November 5 2017 | TREVISO, ITALY

Preghiera per la pace. Presiede mons. Mario Salviato

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Libya: The humanitarian agreement for the region of Fezzan, signed at Sant'Egidio on June 16th 2016 (Arabic text)

Nuclear Disarmament Symposium on the 70 th anniversary of the atomic bomb. Hiroshima, August 6 2015

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