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September 27 2011 | RAVENNA, ITALY

There is no Future without Memory. In 70 Years after the Massacre in Babyn Yar. Kyiv Municipal Teacher’s House, 10 a.m.

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Community of Sant’Egidio
Association of Jewish Religious Organizations of Ukraine
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine
10 a.m.
Session I: The Memory of Babyn Yar
§        It took place 70 years ago… – Jakob Dov Blaikh, Head Rabin of Kyiv and Ukraine
§        Memory and Future… – Adriano Roccucci, Professor of the University “Roma Tre, General Secretaryof the Community of Sant’Egidio
§        Babyn Yar : Why should we continue to remember? – Tymophiy Kokhan, Deputy of Minister of the Culture and Tourism of Ukraine
§        Babyn Yar: crucial page of Kyiv’s history – Myroslav Popovych, Academician, Director of the Institute of Philosophy behalf of G.Skovoroda of the National Academy of Science
§        Babyn Yar and Shoah in Ukraine – Anatoliy Podolskyi, Director of the Ukrainian Center for Study of Holocaust History
1 p.m.
Session II: For the Future without Discrimination and Violence
§        Humanity in the abyss of hell – Zhanna Kovba, Ph.D. in History
§        Oleksandr and Oleksij Glagolev: Christians friends of Jewish people – Kostiantyn Sigov, Director of the European Humanities Research Centre of the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
§        Memory and history: life in the shadow of death – Borys Zabarko, Head of the Ukrainian Association of former prisoners of Ghetto and concentration camps
§        Youth for the world without violence – Danylo Poliovyi, Friends of the Community of Sant’Egidio

September 29 2011

Kiev (Ukraine) - “No future without memory. Seventy years after the massacre in Babij Jar”

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March 18 2015

Long-distance adoptions: the centre for children and war refugees in eastern Ukraine is reopened

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March 3 2014

Ukraine: at Maidan Square to pray for peace with Sant'Egidio

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January 26 2017

Holocaust Remembrance Day: No to indifference, let us not be accomplices of intolerance and new forms of racism

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January 10 2017

Christmas with the poor in Russia and Ukraine: the warmth of friendship in the cold winter

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January 26 2015

Sant'Egidio: "Do not let the peripheries alone to fight racism and anti-Semitism" #dayofmemory

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January 31 2014
Corriere della Sera - Ed. Milano

«Ho visto il Male e vi dico di credere nella speranza»

January 26 2014

Storia di un "ri-trovarsi"

October 16 2013
Il Messaggero

Shoah, marcia silenziosa a Trastevere in ricordo del rastrellamente al ghetto

October 12 2013

Antidoto memoria. 16 ottobre 1943

February 3 2013
Famiglia Cristiana

II dovere di ricordare perchè non si ripeta più

January 31 2013
Corriere della Sera - Ed. Milano

In 900 al Memoriale contro l'indifferenza

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November 16 2017 | FLORENCE, ITALY

Marcia in memoria della deportazione degli ebrei di Firenze

November 5 2017 | GENOA, ITALY

Marcia in memoria della deportazione degli ebrei di Genova

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