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December 20 2012 | ROME, ITALY

Presentation of the Guide "Where to Eat, Sleep, and Wash" 2013

The long crisis: Human Costs, Solutions, how we can get out of it starting from the last ones.

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 It is a chance to reflect on Rome and Italy observing the changes in the condition of poverty. The various initiatives of the Community of Sant'Egidio with the poor in Rome, and in Italy on the occasion of the Christams festivity.



Thursday December 20th 11.30 am

Piazza di S. Egidio 3a, Rome


Piazza di S.Egidio 3/a – 00153 Roma - Tel 39.06585661  -  Fax 39.065883625   Email –

October 21 2014

A soup kitchen in the heart of Germany

Established by the Community of Sant'Egidio in the city of Mönchengladbach
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October 14 2014

Sant'Egidio seeks "social support" from the Ivorian government for the families of the demolished slums

Plan of evictions for the poor, in Abidjan, after the rainy season. Sant'Egidio asks the Minister of Environment for alternative housing and requests an audience with the Prime Minister
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August 9 2014

#solidaritysummer: In aid to the widows of the miners of Marikana

Two years after the massacre of the miners in the mine of South Africa, the Communities of Pretoria and Johannesburg have visited their families, bringing them aid as a sign of solidarity and memory
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July 31 2014

The Solidarity Summer of the Youth for Peace with the poor in Veneto

The youth of Sant'Egidio on holiday with the elderly, the children and the homeless friends, to say NO to the "culture of waste"
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July 10 2014

"Warmth for our Cities": the Summer of Solidarity reaches South Africa's winter

A campaign of the Community of Sant'Egidio of Pretoria for the homeless of the city during these winter months in South Africa
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June 5 2014

Sant'Egidio and the poor in Cameroon: a story of friendship

with the elderly, children, in prisons: signs of hope in the Africa that changes
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November 22 2014
Famiglia Cristiana

Per i più poveri non c'è un euro

November 14 2014
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Die Ersatzfamilie

November 14 2014

Lavare le sofferenze e trovare la carne di Cristo

November 14 2014
La Nazione

Mensa per chi non arriva a fine mese

November 13 2014
La Stampa

Le docce per i clochard sotto il colonnato di San Pietro

November 12 2014
La Repubblica - Ed. Genova

Scatta l'allarme senzatetto. Le onlus fanno gli straordinari "Strutture aperte 24 ore su 24"

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November 28 2014 | RAPALLO, ITALY

"Un Pianoforte per Natale", concerto benefico del Maestro Marco Vincenzi a sostegno dei Pranzi di Natale

November 20 2014 | BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA

Preghiera per quanti hanno perso la vita per il freddo e le condizioni di vita difficili

November 13 2014 | ROME, ITALY

Presentazione del libro "Giovanni Paolo II: linee di un pontificato"

November 12 2014 | PADUA, ITALY

Presentazione del libro "Il senso della vita - Dialoghi di Bergoglio con Abraham Skorka e Marcelo Figueroa

All meetings of prayer for peace
Seraphim Kykkotis
Believers, friends of the poor - From the Christian point on view by Seraphim Kykkotis
Alan Edwin Thomas Harper
Mary Tanner
Unity and love of the poor by Mary Tanner
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La sorpresa del Papa Francisco

Andrea Riccardi

San Pablo

L'uomo dell'incontro

Andrea Riccardi

San Paolo
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