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June 1 2000

Maputo - A report from Chiara Turrini

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Chiara Turrini of the Community of Sant’Egidio is in Maputo to coordinate the aid of the Community and to locate the area where the houses for the families that have been hit by the flood could be rebuilt.

The situation in the camps where those who had been hit by the flood are gathered is still tragic. In the camp of Magoanine, on the outskirts of Maputo still live 1300 families. 900 of them were already allocated a piece of land the other 400 are still waiting and many continue to live under communal tents (up to 5 families for every tent).


Up to 400 families are concentrated in a "welcome centre" that was realized in the 3 buildings of a abandoned factory. They are there since the beginning of the rain waiting for a piece of land where they can start rebuilding. The food is also insufficient: each day they receive millet sufficient for a meal.


A school of canes was built. It welcomes 2000 children in three turns. There are 8 rooms but there would be the need of two more.

In Boane, not far from Maputo, there is also a camp in condition of neglect. In this camp all families still live under communal tents.

We are trying to locate an area where the houses can be rebuilt. We would like to build a small village of houses that, respecting the traditional criteria (a zinc roof with pressed clay bricks as walls) may however be stable and be furnished with toilets.

Polana Caniço (Maputo)


Benfica (Maputo)



The Community of Maputo continues to be close to the people in the camps especially to the families of the Polana Caniço and of Matola. These people lost everything and the Community provides a regular distribution of food.Moreover a meal is provided to street children and homeless, who would otherwise be left out from any form of organized assistance.


April 25 2017

Youth, Africa and interreligious dialogue at the centre of the meeting between Andrea Riccardi and Angela Merkel

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March 20 2017

Congress of the representatives of the Communities of Sant'Egidio of Africa and Latin America took place in Rome

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February 3 2017

Letter from Goma, Congo: We are the spokesperson of poor and neglected elderly of the outskirts

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October 31 2016

Sant'Egidio in Iraq: humanitarian aid and national and interreligious dialogue to overcome the crisis

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October 13 2016

A delegation of the Community of Sant'Egidio meets the President of the Central African Republic Touadéra

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August 30 2016

The lesson of Mozambican refugees in Luwani to the Youth for Peace: Hope is stronger than evil

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April 22 2017
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Telemedicina: nuova frontiera per la cooperazione in Africa

March 17 2017
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October 31 2014

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October 12 2014
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