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Outdoor Activity with Youth and elderly of Sant’Egidio Philippines watching the "Aawitan Kita" Theatre Show in Makati City. The school of peace in Cainta

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A project of Vice President Binay for "Aawitan Kita” Theater Show at Makati University last April 12, 2013 showcased the positive ideas of exploring the traditional values of elderly towards friendship, courtship and marriage.  This is a monthly theater show in the City of Makati that gives the elderly people, senior citizens a free admission to be entertained with music and cultural shows. This is an initiative that is also proposed to spread in all cities and towns of the country to help the growing numbers of old people to combat loneliness and turn it into an atmosphere of joyfully spending time of having this kind of free monthly shows that would also help the young generation to adhere the good values of the past.
Attended for FREE by the hundreds of senior citizens and young people of Sant’Egidio Community in Manila, by the invitation of Mr.  Emmanuel Villafuerte- Sectoral Representative of National Anti-Poverty Commission -  we have regained an awareness that resulted in a new sense of responsibility that makes today the elderly leading role in the first person of this proposal. The years of our encounters with the old people contributed to the realization of a more human society. A 'need for a "reconciliation" between different generations: young people and adults need of the elderly and vice versa. A society where there is no place for the elderly is inhumane. For this reason, the Community of Sant'Egidio involves young people in the meeting with the elders, with visits in institutions for a couple of years. Truly, elders can help change the current mode of envisioning life, the way we think and the way we face old age. That the life of the elderly is of great value and full of inspirations that young people should consider towards a real meaning of love, friendship, the meaning of life.

School of Peace in Karangalan (Cainta, Rizal)
It was a year ago, after the Visit of Marco Impagliazzo, President of Community of Sant’Egidio when the School of peace started. Celebrating the first year of the School for Peace, second place of service for the children of Sant’Egidio Community in the town of Rizal which opened last year of May 12, 2012.  Youth who also used to be one of the choir groups in the village are involved in educating and building friendship with the little children of poor families in the village. YMM Friends in their years of being enthusiastic with the life of the community have started the weekly meetings in the chapel of Our Mother of Perpetual Help for the School of Peace. Spending time for the children for weekly activity, educational support, feeding and fundraising efforts to raise money to provide the kids with needed supplies & materials. Now, we have two School of Peace in the province of Rizal:  Antipolo City (Muntindilaw Village which is formerly part of Cainta, Rizal) and Karangalan Village in Cainta, Rizal.

February 3 2017

Letter from Goma, Congo: We are the spokesperson of poor and neglected elderly of the outskirts

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December 7 2016

In London there is a table ready for the poor: it's called ''Our Cup of Tea''. The video by BBC

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October 5 2016

5th October, World Teacher’s Day: All to school…of peace!

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July 30 2016

In Manila, the Jubilee Year of Mercy for Children and Young People with Sant'Egidio

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July 5 2016

The 'thrown away' elders of Mozambique on a pilgrimage, from loneliness to the mercy of the Jubilee

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July 2 2016

Education is a right for all: the children of the School of Peace of the refugee camp of Mugunga "draw" it

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February 2 2017
Il Secolo XIX

Gli anziani siano un'opportunità, non un problema

December 21 2016
Radio Vaticana

Sisma: anziani, protocollo tra Sant'Egidio e Comune di Amatrice

December 20 2016

Terremoto: Comunità Sant’Egidio, firmato protocollo a sostegno anziani

December 5 2016
Corriere della Sera

La chiave sotto una campana di vetro. Misteriose opere di artisti disabili

November 6 2016
Würzburger katholisches Sonntagsblatt

Von Gott berührt

October 31 2016
La Nazione

Giubileo degli anziani e festa di Sant'Abramo in Santissima Annunziata a Firenze

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February 25 2017 | ROME, ITALY

Corso di formazione del programma "Viva gli Anziani!" una città per gli anziani è una città per tutti

All meetings of prayer for peace
October 26 2014

Sant'Egidio with the Pope for the commitment against the death penalty

October 25 2014


October 10 2014

1st Asia Pacific Dialogue on human rights and respect for human dignity International Conference: No justice without life

go to no death penalty

Appeal "No justice without life" Manila 2014

Il Giappone proporrà l'abolizione della pena di morte

No justice without life 2014,Tokyo - Intervento di Alberto Quattrucci

No justice without life 2014,Tokyo - Intervento di Mario Marazziti

Intervento di Irma, anziana romana, durante la visita di papa Francesco a Sant'Egidio

Programma della Campagna della Cortesia verso gli anziani "Vive les Ainés"

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La fuerza de los años

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