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September 23 2013

One Nation for Peace, "LIGHT A CANDLE OF PEACE FOR ZAMBOANGA," a call to end Violence in Mindanao.

Community of Sant'Egidio among the promoters of the vigil prayer for peace that gathered thousands of people

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A peaceful night of prayer vigil for peace for Zamboanga happened on September 21 in Liwasang Aurora in Quezon City Memorial Circle in celebration of the International Day of Peace. Joining people from different civil society organizations, Young Moro Professionals Network, Urban Poor Associates, Women Engaged in Action on 1325 and Community of Sant'Egidio were united to call for one voice, a single cry for peace, a peace for all Filipinos - women, man, children, young and old. 

Together with our Muslim brothers, Christians brothers and brothers from indigenous groups lit a candle showing our love and sympathy, our prayers for our fellow Filipinos in Zamboanga who are greatly affected with violence.

The Community of Sant’Egidio deeply believes in the strength of dialogue and of peaceful cohabitation. We will continue to pray for peace, for the end of violence in Zamboanga, in Mindanao, but also in Syria, in Egypt, everywhere in the world!

We shall cry “war never again” with all our strength, with our prayers, our friendship, our dialogue, our love for the poor and abandoned ones. This is the only path that can lead to peace in Mindanao, this is the only path that can lead to peace in all lands.



A peaceful night to our fellow brothers and sisters.

We come together tonight for our common purpose - it's for peace in the country.
So we from the Young Moro Professionals Network, Urban Poor Associates, Women Engaged in Action on 1325 and Community of Sant'Egidio and other civil society organizations have united to call for peace in our country.
We sent out our solidarity and sympathy with all the ordinary people of Zamboanga who were greatly affected in the ongoing chaos happening.
Let this candle we lit on may gradually dissolve the disarray and crisis in Zamboanga. We hope that the path we are heading leads us to achieving true peace in our country.
Our hope for peace is one that is inclusive to everyone regardless of creed or background, a peace for all Filipinos, women, men, children, young and old. Peace is for each of us.
We speak with one voice, in spite of the different traditions and stories we come from. It is a voice that has different sources, but merges into a single cry for peace.
We urge the public, the Filipinos community to join us in this cry for peace and to continue working together for the pecae we collectively want, direly need and greatly deserve.
Together, we hope, women and men, young or old. Muslims, Christians and other indigenous groups to peace in our society to continuously work hand in hand because we believe that all things are Peace-ible!
Thank you very much.

July 21 2017

Opening 'Paths of Peace' in a world marked by too many conflicts: the International meeting of world religions for peace

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October 4 2017

A Conference remembering the 25 years from the signing of the peace in Mozambique: The Italian model that has given hope to Africa

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October 4 2017

25 years of peace in Mozambique: the history of a country getting out of war and poverty

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May 13 2015

In Matlang, the village of the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan, the new school is about to open

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September 25 2017

The Spirit of Assisi in Nigeria: in Jos Christians and Muslims in dialogue to open new Paths of Peace

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September 15 2017

Let's open #pathsofpeace for Mindanao. Homily of Card. Quevedo at prayer with Sant'Egidio

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