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September 29 2013

Speech of Prime Minister Enrico Letta at the Opening Assembly

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Speaking at the conference “The courage to hope" organized by the Community of Sant'Egidio, the Prime Minister of Italy Enrico Letta has emphasized the timing of the meeting:

"Your meeting takes place on the right time, and is of great importance. The threads of global peace are tying up, just as we were heading towards a terrible tragedy".

The innovation of what has happened and is still happening in New York is "a sign that peace is possible, that dialogue is possible, that politics can play a vital role". “The United Nations Assembly has shown signs we haven’t seen since a long time, signs of listening, signs of interest. The United Nations are again at the centre of the international politics and of the choices that we have to make”.

“The signs that came from New York City show the desire for peace of so many political representatives. I was also impressed by the opening to Iran and by seeing the difficulties of the Iranian president when he returned back home. These signs show that if everything stays still, there will be no peace, but if someone is willing to pay a price, peace proceeds with concrete steps."

"All of this would be impossible without the power of hope, which brings you here in these days. We were fortunate to hear the preaching of Pope Francis against the globalization of indifference, which is the basis of any condition that leads to war, against which we should all fight. And you have the task of bringing the cry for peace to the world, in the hope that this can stop indifference. "

"Peace is not ingenuous, it is strong. Peace means not to accept resignation. We were on the edge of tragedy, but the words of hope prevailed.

Assisi’s Spirit is lingering today ..., and thanks to that spirit we can say today that we are determined to follow this path. And if in these days a little prayer for Italy could slip in, that would be most appreciated..."..

March 31 2017

In London, after sorrowful and deadly events, "our cup of tea" strengthens commitment for peace

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September 20 2016

Christians are called to be trees of life that absorb indifference: Pope Francis at the prayer for peace in Assisi

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August 18 2016

Pope Francis on 20 September in Assisi for the Meeting "Thirst for peace. Faiths and Cultures in Dialogue ",

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March 29 2016

Prayer for the victims of the terrorist attack in Lahore and for peace in Pakistan

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August 24 2015

Major religions will meet in Tirana to launch a strong appeal: peace is always possible #peaceispossible

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April 13 2015

In Burundi, religious leaders, politicians and representatives of civil society united in the "Spirit of Assisi"

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November 28 2016

La preghiera per la pace da Wojtyla a Bergoglio in un libro di Paolo Fucili

September 20 2016
Vatican Insider

Germania, il prossimo incontro di S.Egidio avverrà nei territori della pace di Westfalia

September 9 2016

Cei: il 20 settembre Giornata di preghiera per la pace in concomitanza con l’incontro di Assisi

August 19 2016

Il Papa nella città del Poverello «celebra» lo spirito di Assisi Il 20 settembre sarà all'incontro "Sete di pace"

August 19 2016

Comunità di Sant’Egidio: Impagliazzo, “gioia” per la presenza di Papa Francesco il 20 settembre ad Assisi

August 18 2016

Dialogo e pace, il Papa ad Assisi il 20 settembre

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