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October 1 2013

Rita Prigmore, a Sintisa survivor of Porrajmos: "The propaganda of the new european right is a nightmare”

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ROME - "When I listen to the propaganda of the new European right-wing parties, with their antigitanism and antisemitism, for me, is like living a nightmare": these are some of the words of Rita Prigmore, German sintisa, escaped during the Second World War to Porrajmos, the extermination of gypsies in Europe.

Speaking today at the Panel "The Suffering of Peoples and Paths to Peace", mrs. Prigmore recalled the story of her family, victim of medical experiments of Mengele’s followers, but she also insisted on the importance of memory and the encounter with the new generations.

"When I meet young people I tell them not to blame for what happened in the extermination camps, but they have the great responsibility of knowing what happened and they have to be sure it’s not going to occure again. I remind everyone that happiness is not to escape suffering, but to recognize it, to deal with it, to experience real life”.

Rita Prigmore also described the difficulty of coexistence in everydays life, "the first big disappointment after the years of the war, was when my best friend stopped talking to me: we grew up together, but she found out I was Sintisa, a" gypsy "and stopped staying with me. Since then  I note with great disappointment as people change their attitude towards me after they "discover" that I am Sintisa." The witness concluded with these words: "Hate doesn’t defeat suffering, forgiveness does!”.

October 24 2011

The Spirit of Assisi: 25 Years of Prayer for Peace

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July 24 2010

Barcelona (Spain) October 3 -5. International Meeting of Prayer for Peace: "Living Toghether in a Time of Crisis. Family of Peoples, Family of God"

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September 20 2016

Christians are called to be trees of life that absorb indifference: Pope Francis at the prayer for peace in Assisi

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March 31 2017

In London, after sorrowful and deadly events, "our cup of tea" strengthens commitment for peace

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August 18 2016

Pope Francis on 20 September in Assisi for the Meeting "Thirst for peace. Faiths and Cultures in Dialogue ",

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March 29 2016

Prayer for the victims of the terrorist attack in Lahore and for peace in Pakistan

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October 11 2014

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October 6 2014

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Comunidad San Egidio organiza jornada por la paz

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May 14 2017

Die "Uno von Trastevere" wirkt auch in Berlin

November 28 2016

La preghiera per la pace da Wojtyla a Bergoglio in un libro di Paolo Fucili

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