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February 1 2014 | MILAN, ITALY

In Milan together to remember the Holocaust: the testimony by Liliana Segre and Vera Vigevani

Day of Memory: the initiative of the Community of Sant'Egidio with the Jewish Community of Milan at "Platform 21" of the central station, from where the trains set off to Auschwitz 70 years ago

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30 January 1944 - 30 January 2014: seventy years after the departure of the convoy that led to Auschwitz Liliana Segre and 604 other deportees, on the evening of last 30 January, many, including many young people, gathered at the Memorial of the Shoah
(Platform 21), the place in Milan's central station from which trains departed to the extermination camps.

Since 1997, every year the Community of Sant'Egidio, along with the Jewish Community of Milan and many citizens loyal to this appointment, has remembered the victims of the Shoah and all genocides of the 20th century

The testimony by Liliana Segre moved the audience with the memory of her father Alberto, deported with her, her only 13-years-old daughter and Susanna, a simple woman, not a Jew, who worked in the home of her grandparents, who were deported too. Susanna’s love and affection for Liliana Segre’s grandparents is an example of the
"banality of good" and a choice for the good that everyone can do.

Another exceptional witness, Vera Vigevani Jarach, an Italian Jewish woman that fled to Argentina with the family following the racial laws, who later became "mother and grandmother of Plaza de Mayo", as she has defined herself, spoke with enthusiasm and hope to the young people giving a loud call: "Nunca mas! (never again) but also solidarity “yes always”.

In the words of Minister of Heritage and Culture Max Bray, who attended the commemoration, Primo Levi’s warning echoed: "If it is impossible to understand, it is necessary to know".

The meeting was accompanied by Jovica Jovic’s music, Roma musician that remembered the extermination of the Roma and Sinti during World War II.

November 15 2016

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November 8 2016

La memoria dissipa il maltempo. Marcia silenziosa a Firenze per ricordare la deportazione degli Ebrei

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December 23 2016
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Le storie della Shoah non finiscono mai e una mostra a Roma le racconta per immagini

December 10 2016
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Un giocattolo per aiutare l'Africa che soffre

October 17 2016
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October 15 2016
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Roma, marcia silenziosa in memoria della deportazione degli ebrei, al corteo anche Raggi e Zingaretti

October 14 2016
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Deportazione degli ebrei di Roma, una marcia per ricordare perchè “Non c’è futuro senza memoria”

August 25 2016
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Sisma, Sant’Egidio invita alla preghiera

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January 18 2017 | LIVORNO, ITALY

Pietre d'inciampo: a Livorno la marcia della memoria della Shoah

November 12 2016 | BARCELONA, SPAIN

Marcia in memoria della deportazione degli ebrei

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The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty - XIII world day against the death penalty

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September 24 2015

Pope Francis calls on Congress to end the death penalty. "Every life is sacred", he said

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December 11 2014

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December 3 2014

5th Circuit Court of Appeals stops execution of Scott Panetti!

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Milano, 30 gennaio 1944

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