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September 25 2014

All to school! At the beginning of the school year a wish to the children of the long distance adoption programme

From Malawi to Pakistan, from Vietnam to Colombia "our" children return to school. They are the future of their families and their countries.

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September 2014: the bell rang for the millions of children that returned to school, not only in Italy. From the Congo to Malawi, from Vietnam to Colombia and in many countries school attendance is still too low and school, because of the high cost of registration, is a luxury for many. It is estimated that in sub-Saharan Africa 32 million children are illiterate, who added to the 19 millions in South Asia, constitute 75% of illiterate children worldwide.

That of literacy is a battle that the long distance adoption programme of the Community of Sant'Egidio has undertaken since the beginning. In recent years, thanks to the help of many supporters, we have helped thousands of children to attend school, equipped with a backpack, books and teaching materials. So... good school to all!

Children adopted by the long distance programme have a future and they are the future of their countries!

You too adopt a child by the long distance adoption programme with the Community of Sant'Egidio!  GO TO OUR PROGRAMME

Ho chi Minh, Vietnam

La Ceja, Colombia

March 18 2015

Long-distance adoptions: the centre for children and war refugees in eastern Ukraine is reopened

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October 31 2014

Sant'Egidio in Ivory Coast gives health education to prevent the spread of Ebola

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October 29 2014

Peace is made with long-distance adoptions in the Donetsk region, the Ukraine that suffers from war

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January 12 2014

Four years after the earthquake in Haiti, with the children of the Sant'Egidio family home

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December 12 2013

At Christmas, reserve a seat at the table ...

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