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What is the School of Peace?


The Schools of Peace, as our free-of-charge centres throughout the world are called, offer a family-like environment to support children and adolescents in their scholastic efforts. The Schools help families in their child-raising tasks and propose an educational model open to people of all kinds, promoting solidarity with the less fortunate and enabling children to overcome social barriers and discrimination.


Generally the activities of the School of Peace are run several times a week. Visits, field trips, parties, excursions and summer camps are an essential part of the School of Peace activities.


Every year more than thirty thousand children and adolescents regularly attend the Sant'Egidio School of Peace.


The Youngest

21 Сентября 2017

'At the School of Peace' is now in Italian bookshops: a book that gives a voice to thousands of children in the global world.

3 Марта 2010

The news of BRAVO! In Uganda, birth registration are the sign of a season of peace for a new generation in Uganda

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8 Июля 2011

Garoua (Cameroon): At the School of Peace children learn to be in solidarity with the poor: a visit to the city's public neglected children in the institution

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